The Zip Baits Orbit 80 DR offers a smaller profile and silhouette in the water - perfect for those times when bass are keying in on smaller bait fish or just won’t commit to bigger baits. It was designed and crafted in Japan to provide a deadly wobbling and darting action thanks to its Mag-Drive weight transfer system complete with a magnet in the front of the bait. The Mag-Drive system also allows you cast it incredible distances, and keeps it perfectly balanced as it suspends on the pause. Incredibly detailed and realistic as well with its lifelike scale and gill patterns, its premium paint schemes and deep holographic eyes complete its winning presentation. Tested in the highly pressured waters and crowded tournaments of Japan, the Zip Baits Orbit 80 DR is a great choice when the fishing gets tough.

Zip Baits Length Weight Depth Class
Orbit 80 DR 3.25" 5/16oz 6-8ft Suspending

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