The Zipper Worm Company has been putting out reasonably priced, high quality injection molded soft baits for a long time. Zipper uses top quality plastic, soft and tough, to create baits in time proven colors that you can count on bag after bag. The colors are consistent and true, the tournament proven designs of these baits will catch fish in your home water. Each bait is permeated with garlic to mask the scent of your hands and attract bass and make them hang on longer.

The Zipper Spider Grub features the ribbed body that bass love and the leading edge of the tails are textured as well, giving bass a reason to bite deeper and hang on longer. The body of the bait is thick, solid plastic that will will hold your hook securely. The Spider Grub's skirts are long and will flow easily in the water. Stock up at this price!

Length Quantity
4" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: ok bait - appendages have decent action but the front of the bait could be cut better. 

From: gman: NY

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