An excellent creature bait, perfect for flipping and pitching applications, the Zipper Monkey Bug delivers a wild, flapping, fluttering action on the fall that definitely attracts attention. Also featuring a signature zippered body, it displaces a lot of water and has a life-like texture that makes bass hold on longer. Zipper Worm Company has been putting out reasonably priced, high quality injection molded soft baits for years, and they only use top quality plastic, which is soft and at the same time tough for multiple uses. Available in a variety of time-tested colors, each Zipper Monkey Bug is also permeated with garlic to mask the scent of your hands and add further bass attraction.

Length Quantity
5" 8

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome Bait! Great for flippin and pitchin and very very affordable. Lock them up if you're looking for a creature bait!

From: Austin: Joplin, MO

Comments:I thought this bait looked pretty good and decided to give it a shot and it's a great lure. I used it ledge fishing on Guntersville and it out performed a Brush Hog big time. Warning though they do stink guess it helps though.

From:Adam: Bowdon, GA

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