The father of flipping, Dee Thomas, worked with Zombie Rods to build the ultimate flipping stick. Featuring the innovative Dee Thomas (DT) Guide System, these guides hold five US patents. Specifically designed to help with flipping applications, the DT Guides are lighter, stronger and more durable than conventional guides. Most importantly though, the DT Guides help braid and mono flow off the guides easier, greatly reducing the tangles and knots that plague conventional guides. Dee Thomas also wanted a high-quality tip guide to compliment the DT Guides. Consisting of a machined steel tube attached to a wire loop, the tip guide is laser welded to create a design that has no external welded supports. This greatly reduces line catch and allows line to slide off freely, especially in windy conditions. The high quality Toray graphite blank is optimally balanced to increase sensitivity, allowing anglers to flip and pitch comfortably all day long. Designed for the most discriminating anglers, the Zombie Dee Thomas Casting Rod is also doubles as great rod for fishing frogs, swimbaits and spinnerbaits.

No gimmicks. No hype. Once you hold a Zombie Rod in your hand, you’ll be a believer.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've got and had several other high quality rods. If you want a solid rod, that is made for fishing with braid, in weeds, for heavy fish this is the rod. This might be the best frog rod ever. The tip makes it easy to work the frog and te backbone keeps them on top of the water, and with the Dee Thomas guides it's easy to keep the braid from getting tangled after jerking and getting nothing but the frog back. It's easy to fish with braid in the wind wih this rod, also due to the no tangle guides. I've bought two from TW, saving for a third!!!

From: CJ: Boise, ID

Comments: These rods are the bomb, just don't break one.  The replacement and warranty is piss poor.  They apparently have no warranty and accuse you of mistreating their rods when you do happen to set the hook and break a tip.  Loomis, Falcon and many other manufacturers have better warranties without the hassle involved.  I own six zombie rods and nothing but great things to say until I broke one fishing this winter.  They usually don't answer the phone and very seldom even return your call.  I will spend my money with rod manufacturers that stand behind their products.  If they are going to charge 300-400 dollars for a rod, they need to have a better warranty system in place.  Notice they don't even advertise a warranty on their website anymore.

From: John: Lake Falcon, Zapata, TX USA

Comments: Can't believe there hasn't been a review on these beasts yet! First off the label for these rods at TW is wrong! These aren't casting rods; these are specialty rods pure and simple and just for flipping and pitching. They are the best flipping and pitching rods on the planet, bar none! You should see the power curve on these babies. You could pull a volkswagon out of the slop with this rod, 50# of salad on top too! The Dee Thomas guides rock because they don't allow line to hang up on the guides or tip, incredible. The build quality is total perfection. The photos don't do the rod justice. These aren't chinese rods; they're made in the US. You simply won't find a better flipping/pitching rod, anywhere, for any price, period!

From: TJ: CO

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