Spawned in the waters of the California Delta, Zombie Rod & Tackle has its roots in custom rod building.  The Zombie Rod & Tackle Casting Rods are based on their most popular custom designs, refined over time and years of on-the-water testing. Featuring high quality Toray graphite blanks, the series is specifically designed to excel at flipping and pitching applications. Optimum balance was a key component of each rod, helping to increase sensitivity and allowing anglers to flip and pitch comfortably all day long. Only top-shelf components were also used, including super tough Fuji SiC Guides with stainless-steel frames and premium Fuji Reel Seats. Custom-painted and outfitted with key metal accents that actually help with the balancing as well, the Zombie Rods & Tackle Casting Rods look as good on the water as they perform. Equipped with ample backbone and power, as well as, ideal application specific actions and tapers, anglers who love to flip and pitch all day will appreciate the Zombie Rod & Tackle Casting Rods.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Used the 7'4"mh for a season. Average at many different techniques, not great at one. If you've been searching for a really well balanced rod and dont mind sacrificing weight and sensitivity in the $300 range then this is the rod for you. Not even close to the Cumara, Zillion, LTB let alone high end Loomis, Dobyns and St Croix products in terms of sensitivity. Many cheaper and better options esp if you're looking for a jig stick.

From: Chris: NY

Comments: Tim: WI - One year no hassle warranty applied to original owner.

Comments: you get what you pay for....period

From: CO

Comments: I have been considering picking up a couple of these sticks, does anyone know if these rods carry a lifetime limited warranty?

From: Tim: WI

Comments: The 7'10" flipping stick is a thing of beauty. Great tip, all kinds of backbone, balanced, accurate.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: just got the 7.3. and it is a perfect frog rod! also if you throw the big lunker punkers this is your rod hands down!!!

From: Ryder: CA Delta

Comments: idk about the the 7'4" mh only being good for swimbaits and bigger cranks because I've used it for flippin, pitchin, big topwaters, and dragging football jigs. This rod passed all those tests with flying colors. Its got a great tip for pitching baits in tight places as well as anywhere you want really and when you stick a fish, the rod loads up nice and keeps em pinned. Ton of back bone so no worries there. This rod is an amazing jig rod. I used it all day yesterday for dragging a football jig and I was amazed at how well this rod performed. I felt every little thing on the bottom and actually had to get used to how sensitive the rod is. This is a workhorse of a rod no matter what you want to throw. Zombie rod and tackle, best rods on planet earth. Get you one or all, you won't regret it.

From:  Matt: Fresno, CA

Comments: the 7'4" mh is great for flippin/pitchin jigs and plastics. its got the perfect tip for making accurate pitches to tight places. this rod was designed for that purpose so idk how its not good for that. this rod is super light, unbelievably balanced, crazy sensitive, tough as nails, and looks amazing! i cant wait to have every rod zombie makes.

From: Matt: Fresno, CA

Comments: idk what the guy below me is talkin about but the 7'4" is an awesome jig and plastics rod its unbelievably balanced, light, strong, and sensitive and has the perfect tip for pitchin baits in any place you want. come next tournament im going to be draggin football jigs with it and have no doubts what so ever that it will perform flawlessly. this rod is just an all around bad ass.

From: Matt: Fresno, CA

Comments: 7'4mh is a great Swimbait and Bigger Crank rod imo. I wouldnt recommend the 7'4 for anything else. I was told it would be great for jigging, and swim jigs but i dont think so... I feel like my Cumara is 100x better for jigs even though it is a jig rod... my 2 cents.

Comments: Best feeling,performing flipping sticks I have ever used! And I have tried them all! Had a small issue with one and Justin simply replaced the rod, no hassel at all! Thanks TW and thanks Justin!

From: Trey: Bridge City, TX

Comments: Best rod EVER!!! good reels with it are the curado, smoke, calais.

From: Kevin: IL

Comments: Wow the color goes well with a Quantum smoke and may I add its so light every thump of the jig I feel with the tip of my rod I can sense it and know what direction my jig is going !!! 7ft 4in medium heavy ...im looking foward to purchasing the 7ft mh and 7ft 10in ! no hook older but that can be fixed with the scent pad I use for my jigs that holds it in place no biggie!

From: Brian: Lake Forest, CA

Comments:  I just received my first Zombie Rod yesterday and I can't stop looking at it!! It is soo Bad Ass!! I purchased the 7'4" based on numerous conversations with Justin from Zombie. I'm using it for Buzzjet's, Big Cranks, Lippless Cranks, Senkos, & Jigs. I must say that I researched these rods extensively and there aren't any rods in the business that are designed and built with the same amount of care. Justin at Zombie is the real deal and was so cool to help me with my selection. I WILL be ordering at least two more in the next few months. Sure, they aren't cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Cast & Destroy!! Bass Brigade representing!!

From: Paul: Haymarket, VA

Comments: The 7'10" Is a great punch rod , It has a ton of backbone but the tip has some flex to it so you don't rip the hook out. These are the best balanced rods I have ever felt, you wont feel tired after flipping all day. Plus they just plain look sick!

From: Eric: CA Delta

Comments: I have the 7'4" great for plastics, senkos and my favorite rod for a BUZZJET! This rod is so balanced its out of control! It feels so light but has the power to rip some lips!! I also have the 7'10" and 7 footer!! love them all!

From: Austin: Hayward, CA

Comments: I have the 7'4" Med Hv yrod.  This is the most balance rod I ever held.  I have had this rod for 4 months now.  I use it for pitching plastics and frogging.  Highly recommend this rod.  Excellent customer service from the manufacture too.

From: Alfred: Philips Ranch, CA

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