The Zoom Fluke Tail Goby with its goby-shaped head and long, slender fluke tail is quickly becoming a popular bait among weekend anglers and pros alike. This is because the Goby has fast become a favorite forage for bass across the Country, especially in Northern waters - and most notably the Great Lakes. Smallmouth Bass gorge themselves on Goby and this new lure accurately mimics their natural colors and movements.

According to Zoom, one tip while fishing the Goby on a drop shot – don't overwork the bait. Let the design of the tail and the pliable body work as it should and provide its own action. The Fluke Tail Goby is also effective on an open hook jig. Dragging the bottom can be key to catching those stubborn fish that won't come up to bite the drop shot.

Length Quantity
4-3/8" 15

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