Zoom G-Tail Worm 6" 10pk

Zoom G-Tail Worm 6

The Zoom G-Tail Worm features a thick body and a wide tail, a throwback to the gator-tail design made popular in the 70's and 80's. The G-Tail's square body shape and wide tail offers a larger presentation, making it a great choice when going after big fish. The Zoom Bait G-Tail Worm is a good fit for either Texas rigs or Carolina rigs but can also be fished weightless to create a buzzing action on the surface. The Zoom super soft plastic makes them extremely active in the water and they are a great choice for targeting bass in and around vegetation.

Length Quantity
6" 10

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: my dirty water KILLAH! Never had a worm 'spin' on me. WTF?

From: meatwad: uranus

Comments: Great worm!  Peg your sinker to eliminate twisting.  Bass don't 'drop' these...set the hook. I like flipping this bait with a 3/8oz sinker where everyone else is fishing a craw or beaver bait. June Bug works great in all but the clearest water.

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Tried with a 2/0 EWG, 3/0 EWG and a 5/16 bullet wt. The tail makes the worm spin when retrieved.

From: Rick: Philadelphia

Comments: Good action however I think bass hold power bait worms longer.

From: Will: Depere, WI

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