The Zoom Horny Toad Hooks feature heavy-duty strength and a 60-degree bend for more positive hook ups. These hooks were specifically designed to fit the popular Zoom Horny Toads, which work great when the frog bite is on. The screw like feature attached to the hook eye allows you to firmly secure your favorite soft plastic bait.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It does come in a 4/0.  Maybe Tackle Warehouse should carry them.

From: Bruski: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: Used these in conjunction with the Black or Green Pumpkin Pearl. Deadly colors in Kansas! Hooks are VERY sharp. Only negative with the red hooks is that the paint will chip off after a few hours or less of fishing them regardless of the cover. I even noticed with a new hook fished in open water, no obstructions, caught a 2 lb largie and her bite caused the paint to chip too. Other than that, they are great hooks!! I fished them during a fishing tourneyment and only had one instance were the toad came off the keeper. Going to buy more and try the black to see if they will chip  or not. Will report with the findings.

From: Rich: Manhattan, KS

Comments:These hooks are super sharp! I poked myself so many times...I would love it if they came out with a 4/0...

From:Buzand: Castaic Lake, CA

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