Tubes have consistently been some of the most effective baits on the market since their introduction by Gitzit years ago. Zoom’s Salty Super Tubes have the same basic design as the originals - with the added benefit of Zoom's super soft plastic construction and salt release system. The soft, pliant plastic imparts a tantalizing action to the bait, especially the tentacles, while the salt release system causes fish to hold on longer by giving them a burst of salt when they bite down. Zoom’s Salty Super Tubes differ from the original Zoom Tubes because they are hand-dipped, which provides a thicker, more durable body. The added durability is a key feature for anglers looking to get a little more out of their baits when fishing craggy structure such as rip-rap, reefs or rock piles. For a tube bait that will go the distance, look no further, the Zoom Salty Super Tubes has what it takes - and more.

Length Quantity
3.75" 8
4.25" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: one the best tubes out there.  Super thick and great action. Caught tons of fish on these.  All colors are great especially disco.

From: Gman: Southern NY

Comments: This tube is what put the smallies in the boat for me to win the biggest tournament in my life. Great for flippin and pitching. Just get ready when you feel that big THUMP! Set the hook with all you're might and land those PIGS! Good Luck Everyone!

Comments: Great tube. Smallies love them. Extra thick construction means you have to bring large hooks to the party and be ready to cross their eyes. This is NOT a lure for finesse rigs. And be careful, they're so full of salt that you might turn a backyard pond into the ocean.

From: Grant: Somerset West, South Africa

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