The Zoom Tubes have the same basic design as the original Gitzit tubes - with the added benefit of Zoom's super soft plastic construction and salt release system. The soft, pliant plastic imparts a tantalizing action to the bait, especially the tentacles, while the salt release system causes fish to hold on longer for a better catch ratio by giving them a burst of salt when they bite down.

Fish the Zoom Tubes deep on a Carolina-rig or Texas-rig, on a jig head or even weightless. The Zoom Small Tubes are perfect for pitching under docks and into trees, rigged weedless. The Zoom Big Tubes have thicker walls, making them tough enough for flipping the heaviest cover and bulky enough to ensure a slower rate of fall. Your imagination is the only limitation with these Zoom Tubes.

Tube Jig Heads

Length Quantity
3.5" (Small) 10
4.25" (Big) 8


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Customer Reviews

Comments: For the price of these tubes, you cant beat it. These things have caught me a TON of river smallies throughout the years. I love to fish them in the summer over rocky areas where crawfish live.

From: Henry: USA 4/17/14

Comments: I love these things, they stay in tact really good. Also, they are really affordable.

From: Adam: MIddletown, CT

Comments: These tubes are intredible! the smaller version with a 1/8oz internally weighted hook has the greatest spiraling action ive seen! skip under docks or cast along rock dropoffs and hold on!

From: Skipp: WI

Comments: these are the best tubes for smallies!!

From: Paul: WI

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