Channeling one of the most productive bass fishing presentations, the Z Nail is Zoom's take on the ever-popular soft stick bait. Featuring a segmented, super soft plastic body and a tapered tail for additional action, the Zoom Z Nail is an extremely versatile bait. Effective year-around, stick baits count for a significant amount of the bass boated around the country, and the world. Available in several colors to suit the fishing conditions, the Zoom Z Nail is also salt impregnated so bass hold on longer.

Length Quantity
5.5" 10

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Customer Reviews

Comments: With all the senko-look-alikes these days, the ones that set themselves apart somehow seem to work best for me. Maybe it's just confidence that I'm not throwing what EVERYONE else is...but whatever these baits WORK. I had a day where I out-fished my buddy about 6-1. I had these (one random bag I didnt even know they existed, this was years ago) in watermelon and my buddy the 5" senko...I caught easily about 30 fish that day. Not giants but good pre-spawn fish w/ probably a solid 17-19lbs limit I was using ripped z-nails, fishing them backwards...nething to make them last because it WAS the bait as my buddy caught only about 4 or 5 fish for maybe 10.5-12.5lbs. Glad to see TW carrying these!

From: Tanner: S.E., Massachusetts

Comments: I love fishing these weightless and I dip the taperd end in chartuse and I kill the bass another great Zoom bait.

From: Seth: VA

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