Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included.

A deadly way to target suspending bass, stripers and other gamefish feeding on baitfish, the Zorro Baits Rattlin' Aggravator Umbrella Rig is designed to actually simulate a school of baitfish. The unique rattles at the end of each arm provide added fish attraction, and help fish key in on the bait in dirty water or low light conditions. Fishing Rattlin' Aggravator is rather simple, cast it out, count it down to the correct depth and hang on! During testing it was very common to catch multiple bass on one cast. Even 5 bass have been captured on one cast!

Featuring a Tin head construction for the ultimate in strength and lightweight (Tin is much lighter than lead, yet much stronger than plastic resins), the entire Aggravator Umbrella Rig weighs slightly over 3/4oz for easy casting. For extra appeal and bulk, an attractive skirt has been added, a feature that is uncommon amongst similar umbrella rigs.  A realistic baitfish finish graces its head along with rattles affixed to each wire arm, providing extra attraction to draw fish into striking. Five durable wires with swivels extending behind it, you can affix your choice of swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits, jigs, etc. and create your own school of baitfish.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

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Comments: I bought 4 and the only one ive caught one on is sexy shad it weighted 9-10 pounds

From: Patrick

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