Introducing the E21 Carrot Stix Wild Casting Series Rods. Each rod features Element 21’s advanced Nano Carrot Fiber and Nano Silica blank construction. E21 even increased the nano bio fibers in each blank, resulting in even heightened sensitivity and increased flex strength. High quality Pac Bay Semi-Micro Guides with Zirconium inserts provide the increased casting distance and better load distribution associated with micro guides, and they are still large enough to allow knots and debris to pass through with minimal resistance.

Proprietary E21 Reel Seats also deliver direct access to the blank for increased sensitivity, and all but the essential material has been removed to help reduce weight even further.  Offering the advanced performance and sensitivity you expect from E21 - at a value-conscious price - the E21 Carrot Stix Wild Casting Rods. 

-Rods warrantied for 30 days after purchase by Tackle Warehouse. After 30 days, all warranty claims must go through Carrot Stix directly.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring advanced, new blank technology, as well as, premium Fuji components, the new top-of-the-line Carrot Stix Gen X Elite Casting Rods deliver ultra light performance like only Carrot Stix can.

  • Delivering top-of-the-line performance from Carrot Stix, the Carrot Stix Pro Grade TI Casting Rods feature advanced Graphite and Nano Cellulose Bio Fiber blanks and premium Microwave guides.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I own a few Carrot Stix, 2 wilds and 1 original carrot stix micro guide. In fact, I'm just about to order another Wild. These rods have to be the most sensitive rods I've used and I've use many different brands. I've caught several fish over 10lbs on these rods and they handled fish very well. They have great action and the grips feel good and comfortable.  The hook keeper is also sturdy and big enough for just about any rig. Way lighter than I thought and 10x stronger than I thought as well. I'd recommend these to anyone and with the price of them, they are well worth it!

From: Jay: Lake St. Clair, MI 12/2/14

Comments: Just picked up the 7ft med lite from TW. Outstanding finesse rod for tossing scroungers and small jig worms on light line up here in the north...Andrew has it right: light and comfortable, best buy around. This is my second CS Wild. I've had good experience with this rod series with no issues. For my money, it can't be beat.

From: John: Jefferson, NJ 11/2/14

Comments: Got the 7ft med lite. Love it. Casts light lures well and has the backbone to set the hook and get them in the boat. No issues at all. Light and comfortable. Can't get a better rod for the price.

From: Andrew: Macon, GA 10/16/14

Comments: The bandwagon to hate on these rods is getting full. One guy actually said it snapped just holding it. Whatever. I've never had an issue.  Landed several 6-10 lbs fish on them with no issue.

From: Jason: Irmo, SC 10/11/14

Comments: I bought a pair of these (heavy action) having broken my lighter carrot after much deliberation. I fish off a small dinghy inshore fishing for our sea bass (similar to stripers). They cast badly especially with a fixed spool reel - I had to cut off the little spike effort with a hacksaw. Despite all this I love these rods and have caught more bass since getting them than ever before. I am consistently out fishing my buddy who uses a softer rod and always used to beat me! I put this down to its action with soft lures and extraordinary sensitivity. If it lasts more than a season then I am quids in. It took less than 2 days to arrive in Channel Islands UK.

From: Jonny: Guernsey, Channel Islands UK 8/13/14

Comments: Ordered this rod in a 7'6 heavy about a month ago. Use it for topwater caught an 11.4 lber last week.  The rod handled the fish perfect.  No doubt a steal in my opinion for $68.88.

From: Matt: Keystone Heights, FL 7/20/14

Comments: I own two different Carrot Stix's. I have never had a problem with them. I have caught several 4# and a few 5-6 lb bass and they are still going strong! One of my rods is over 4 years old and the other is 2. I had an Abu snap in half and the tip broke off of my new St. Croix Mojo before I even got to use it! All good brands can have the same bad luck. I still prefer my Cartot Stix any day! :) 

From: Connie: Medford, OR 7/20/14

Comments: Just ordered this rod because of the sale price. Despite the poor reviews I couldn't resist the offer and wanted to give it a try myself. I got it last week and have used it 5 times since and have caught 40+ bass on it. I love it. I caught a 6-7 pounder yesterday on it and it helped me play the fish perfectly. Overall the sensitivity and feel of the rod is incredible, plus it weighs like nothing. Time will only tell if it will break on me like reviews say but honestly I've already got my moneys worth out of it. It feels pretty sturdy to me so far though.

From: Alex: Brunswick, NJ 6/19/14

Comments:  I have used my carrot stix about 10 times now and I have caught 3 bass 3 pike 2 pickerel and a crappie one of the bass was a two pounder and the stix handled it just fine love the feel of the rod I can feel the blades on my spinner bait great so far I have had no problems but only time will tell

From: Brian: NY 5/22/14

Comments: This reel is smooth, there's no question there.  I threw anything from swim jigs to shakey heads and with proper adjustments it can still cast far.  With that being said though, had I known the curado I was coming out, I would've waited for that reel instead.  It's smaller with the same breaking system and a metal housing.  This reel is also bulky, the curado is like holding a baseball where as the ci4+ is equivalent to a softball.  I ended up selling this reel and opting for the rocket until I can get my hands on the curado I.  All in all, its not a bad reel but this ones not for me.  Fish on!

From: Eric: Modesto, CA 5/13/14

Comments: I got my stix today I have it paired with a lews super spool very light set up havent fished it yet but im sure it will be just fine only problem I had was I payed for the over night shipping and it took two days to get here but thats on fed ex

From: Brian: NY 5/3/14

Comments: I've fished one of these rods 2 years now and had no problem handling 3,4, and 5 pound bass with it. It works great flipping/pitching or casting. Great rod I would buy more.

From: Alex: IA 3/15/14

Comments: I have two that are older, probably around 7 years now. Not actually sure, but anyway, I must have gotten a few of the last batch of good rods. I fish the Xtra heavy and have no problems pulling fish out. Granted, the heaviest would have been, four#, I have had no problems. YES, the paint chips from doing nothing, but if im catching fish, phooey to what the rod looks like. As long as it is still orange I will still be happy. No one else on my team fishes one, and the basically ask me if it is true, what y'all are saying on here. I just tell them I am cautious. Am I cautious while fishing these? Yes. And I cautious when fishing my Daiwa, Abu, and custom rods? Yes. If you don't mess around with these, they won't mess around with you.

From: Jake: TX 3/2/14

Comments: Crispy Stix!  I was given two of these rods from a friend who didn't like them. One spinning and one casting. They are very light weight which is nice, but they both broke the first day on a fishing trip in Canada. We were pretty disappointed. My friend who gave them to me got a good laugh out of it though haha.

From: Chris: IL 3/2/14

Comments: I had this rod for about 3 months. I didn't use it that much so I always kept a rod saver on it. The first thing I noticed was that the paint chipped off worse than any rod I've ever owned. Finally I decided to use it one day, I casted a 3/8 spinnerbait and hooked a two pounder, 5 seconds into the fight the rod snapped just above the second guide! I lost the fish and my lure. When I tried to contact E21 the email bounced back and the phone number was no good. Luckily I spend a lot of money at my local sporting goods store. They gave me a store credit but it was at the sale price which was $60 when I originally bought it for $100. I spent the money on another Abu Garcia rod. I will NEVER buy anything from E21 again and I suggest no one else does either

From: Christian: New Jersey

Comments: Must of been one of the lucky ones. I throw a 3 ounce A-Rig on the 7'6 Heavy and pulled some pigs out on it-never had one problem. Had it for 3 months now. Never A Problem, good rod in my mind.

From: Rusty: OK

Comments:  I bought a 7 foot medium and it is outstanding I even did something risky and put a 8 inch shinner on it I pulled in a 14 pounder!!!!!! It held up greatly I have also caught many other fish on it held up great although I am a little upset because of all the reviews I am freaking out that every time I set the hook it might snap in half. I paired it up with a lews bb1 tournament reel best combo ever.

From:  Adam: FL

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