MSRP $129.99 - $139.99

The new E21 Wild Black Carrot Stix Casting Rods feature incredibly lightweight and sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks. The blanks are also non-sanded for increased strength, and all the graphics were moved down to the split grip handle for increased sensitivity and balance. The fewer labels and graphics at the front of the rods takes the practice of proper weight placement to the extreme and further enhances sensitivity. 8% lighter than the original Wild Carrot Stix, they also feature premium Fuji Micro Guides for a 10% increase in casting distance and enhanced accuracy.  Featuring comfortable, premium cork split grips and no fore grips, Pac Bay exposed blank reel seats also have all but the essential material removed. Available for a great price, its hard to miss with the E21 Wild Black Carrot Stix Casting Rods.

-Rods warrantied for 30 days after purchase by Tackle Warehouse. After 30 days, all warranty claims must go through Carrot Stix directly.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Took a 7' MH on a trip to Canada on a smallmouth trip for a week.  Held up great.  Mainly threw jerk baits.  Biggest I caught on it was 4lbs6oz.  The northern smallmouth fight a lot harder than around here in Ohio, and hit harder.  I switched out a shimano core 50 from a cumara to this rod.  The core is still on the carrot stix.  :)

From: Randy: OH 3/16/14

Comments: I had a bad time with the whole  e 21 line even snaped the origanal pg verison with was supposed to be the best. I wouldnt recomend this rod to a tournament fisherman. Maybe someone whose starting out. And even though they have a " lifetime warenty " there imposible to get a hold of. I recommend any Denali rods line of rods. Check em out on tw.

From: Connor: FL

Comments: Ive had this rod for 1 year now and its done me some good, I dont know about what any of those bad feed back on the bottom but, I took this rod to the max its light supper sensitive, caught over 60 bass range from 2 to 8lb, 7 muskie 18 to 25lb, 50+ big sheep head 10 to 50lb, and it just wouldent breake so yea its a rod ill buy again.

From: Bobby: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I own 5 carrot stixs.  For the money I don't think you can beat them.  I know they have a reputation of breaking but my experiences with them has been absolutely perfect.  I fish them cranking, t-rigging, jerking, and any other application the power of the rod dictates.  An added bonus on the Wild Black is the gorgeous paint job.  It is a beauty.  Try one they have a lifetime warranty.  Hopefully you have the same luck that I have had.

From: Eric: Houston, Texas

Comments: 2nd cast, 6lb bass deep in a tree top was no problem.  Lightest flipping combo I own paired w/ an okuma helios.  So far so good.

From: Justin: SC

Comments: Have had my Med-Heavy rod for just over a year and have been impressed so far.  I haven't had any issues with durability so perhaps I've been lucky.  After using it over a week long fishing trip 10-11 hours/day I would not hesitate picking up another of these rods. 

From: Chris: IL

Comments: great rod good sensitivity, loved it until i set the hook into a striper and the top guide popped right off. trying to get it replaced

From: Mike: greenville sc

Comments: Bought the 7â•ÂË™ Medium to replace a broken Rage rod.  First time out brought in a 20+ pound limit with it. A 6-10 was the biggest and most were caught in treetops. This rod is a huge upgrade from the Rage.  More sensitive, better tip action, plenty of backbone to get them out of the tops. I bought it for large cranks but first time out I was throwing Brush Hogs with it.  It did so well I will continue using it for worms and creatures.
I was concerned about the keeper being mounted below the reel but it didnâ•ÂË™t bother me at all on the four I was out with it. I have caught over 30 bass on this since I bought it and have not had any worries about getting them to the boat.

From: Jim: San Diego,CA

Comments: Loved The Wild Green Carrot stix, only had it for a short amount of time before it broke on a hook up! Didnt even set that hard. also no luck with customer service, look at other rods!

From: Kyle: Lakeland, FL, USA

Comments: Different Look Same Crap, dont buy any e21!!!! Flippin a 1 oz punch bait round lily pads set the hook and rod explodes into three pieces on a fish that weighed 2.64! that fish won the tournament but i hand reeled it in! No thanks to e21!

Comments: These rods are super light and look amazing.  However, the blanks are just awful.  I've had the 7'6" explode in my face on a hook set and the 8' actually snapped in half on a cast!  Don't even try contacting e21... Please trust me, buy a different rod.

From: Kevin: Allentown, PA

Comments: I don't know what these other reviews are about but fished all last summer and this spring so far and i have the 7' 3" and it has held up tremendously. super sensitive! and very light, the hook keeper could have been better placed but have pulled several pigs out of the slop.

From: Buck

Comments: Never had to use their customer service but this rod has been outstanding. Caught many big bass with it and it has been perfect. With any rods, you will have problems. I know people who have broken G-Loomis rods at the base, and not just one but multiple. I would still purchase G-Loomis because of their quality. Just some rods have problems. Theres deficiences in any brand just less in others. Seems that this rod has many good qualities and some bad so take it or leave it. Good rod in my book.

From: David: Apopka, FL

Comments: This rod is awsome love the lightness/to strongness ratio and superb casting distance and accurateness.Hook keeper placement is not ideal but better than the new wild black carrotstix.Dont have any complaints. ive even thrown umbrella rigs with five 1/4 ounce 4" swimm shads on them too.PS:I bought the 7'0 medium heavy rod mached with a shimano caius.

From: Caleb: TN

Comments: Myself and three buddies each bought carrot stix at the same time.  I bought a carrot stix wild spinning rod, two buddies bought the wild black casting rods, and the other bought a wild casting rod. I broke my rod after about a month on a simple hook set. Two of the guys with the black rods broke both of theirs on the same fishing trip! The third buddy had his guide fall out at the end of his rod. Honestly buy anything else. Worst customer service I have dealt with in my life. 

From: Aaron: TN

Comments: anyone use the 7'6" Heavy action for an Alabama Rig? if so, how did u like it?

From: Nick: TN

Comments: i have 2 of these going on 3 and i havent had a problem with the hook keepers its really on there goesnt move att all its a decent rod

From: Lewis

Comments: I have a 7'3", super light, so far no issues. I have caught a few bass on it. Really like it, may get a 8' for flipping.

From: Boyd: Corryton, TN

Comments: Good lookin rod! I would consider buying one if it wasn't for that horrible hook keeper placement. And I'm not the type to go sawing off parts of a new rod, maybe if they fix it i'll buy one. Has that hook keeper killled anyone yet?

Comments: Since my first review I've bought five more a spinnng 6'9", 8' for flippin, the 7'6", 7'3" and another 7' all are great and replaced some very good rods on the front deck of my boat. The 7' ML seems to be in my hands the most time. I hope they keep up the good work at e21!

From: Matt: Chillicothe, MO

Comments: This rod is the best I've purchased for an off the shelf rod. Super sensitive feels like having an electric shock going through your hand when a bluegill or spotted bass hit your lure and for the big bass you can feel the subtle thump that gives the fish away. Element 21 has done this one right! 

From: Matt: Chillicothe, MO

Comments: I purchased the 7'ML to fish jerkbaits and have a ??? the rod does not have a clear coat over the gritty blank - to save on weight - when you hook a fish the tip bends causing line to shift through the guides and potentially rub against the blank/grit - has anyone experienced an issue with this ?

From: Gary

Comments: I have the 6'9" MH, bought thru TW. Came in from the left coast to NJ in less than a week. Strikingly pretty blank...and I mean pretty. Multi colored metal flakes glisten in the sunlight, a real beauty. Lighter than my Veritas and Lew's Tournament at the same length and action. Paired with a Curado 51E, the rod loads well, and tosses a 5 inch Senko a city block or more. Outstanding sensitivity...I swear I can feel a bass pick up the worm off the bottom using 10lb Floroclear. So far, five bass up to 3lbs or so, not monsters, but good enough to let me know this is going to become a "go to" rod if it holds up. I'm not prone to swinging anything into the boat, or making "striper" hooksets, so I'm not expecting any problems. Well worth the risk, if you ask me. If I manage to break it, I'll post an update. So freakin' pretty...

From: Johnny: Jefferson, NJ

Comments: Cracking rod,i use the 7' extra heavy paired with a Okuma Citrix and 20lb fluoro as my swimbait rod for pike,it has amazing backbone allowing me to horse double figure pike to the boat in a rush,its super sensitive and light.Great product,will be ordering the 7'med hvy to try with some spinnerbaits.

From: Jason: London, UK

Comments: great rod i got the 7 ft medium rod for jerkbaits and ive had it for two weeks and have been throwing nothing but the luck e strike rc stx jerkbait every day but sunday for 3 to 4 hours and it has held up to the multiple 3 pounders i caught and the one 5 pounder!

Comments: Best rod i have ever used. After thirty years trying all brands this is by far my favorite. I know some have had problems but I have never. I own 7 carrot sticks and the 7'3 is my favorite. Most versatile rod I have ever used. Catch anywhere from 20 to 40 bass a day between 1 to 8 pounds and the rod is sensitive and powerful. Caught a 6 and 7 last weekend and muscled them into boat on 55 lb braid. Thanks E21

From: Brian: Plano, TX

Comments: One of the greatest rods i have ever owned. Very Very Very light the only bad thing is the green end but who cares about looks. the eyes on it are amazing small for great accurate casting great rod i love mine

From: Arroyo Grande, CA

Comments: straight up one of the lightest rods i have ever felt held and used in my life well worth the money

Comments: If you buy anything from e21 be aware that they have the worst customer service i've ever seen. Only way you can contact them is email. Besides that Great rods, I have six and have broke lnly one from falling on it. If you get some I would suggest you move the hook keeper to the back side like the older style.

From: Prattville, AL

Comments: My first wild black was a 6'9" Med Hvy, on my 3rd cast I hooked a small 2# bass and popped it in the boat with the rod like I have done a thousand times with all my other rods and the rod shatterd in to five peices. I returned it back to T/W and they replaced it right away. The replacement rod was a 7' Med that the ceramic eye in the tip guild fell out on the first time out and YES the hook holder really sucks. Its really a shame E21 didnt do a better job of testing their product because the rod is the lightest and best looking rod out there.

From: Pat: Plumas Lake, CA

Comments: The rod is very light and have not had issues with it handling fish. I caught a 30-35lb black drum on this rod and the fight lasted 30-40 mins and the rod did just fine. The hook keeper is bad and I took it off and one guide did need re-glued so its a fair rod.

From: Jimmy: Biloxi, MS

Comments: There are a bunch of fine rods out there in this price range. Why deal with unexplainable breaks...ridiculous hook keeper location and won't communicate with customer??? No thanks!!

From: David: TX

Comments: bought the 7'6" to flip with loved it the first time out! Turns out the 2nd time out it exploded into 8 pieces on a hookset into a 2 pounder.....pass on this one

From: NF

Comments: The only way to get a response is to go to their facebook page unfortunately  , thats where i had to go to get some questions answered ..

Comments: I love this rod I own 15 Carrot Stix and I broke my first rod, it was a Wild Green by casting a 1/2 oz. Jig the first cast.  Customer service sucks, I have called for a week already and left messages and still have not heard anything.

From: Danny: TX

Comments: great rod hook keeper is in a terrible spot and is garbage had to put black tape over the end of it to keep from ripping my shirts and cutting my hand it is super sharp and very dangerous

From: Jordon: Ashley, IL

Comments:  I really like these rods but a weird design putting the hook hanger below the cork. The hooks will damage the cork. E21 has terrible customer service. I have called 15 times trying to find out information about the 8'XXH rod and I still have not received a call back from E21. You would think they would show interest to the customer interested in their product but they don't because it has been two weeks now leaving voicemails with the company. Wake up E21 and show some customer service!!!!!!

From: Ray: NC

Comments:Love these rods i have 3 of them now and plan on  getting more , i do wish they would have put the hook keeper in a different place like others have said but the rods are nice , very light , strong and balanced well.

From: Brian

Comments: Love the feel of the rod but I had to cut off the hook hanger because it was sharp. WHY would any rod company put a hook hanger under the cork handle? The hook digs into the cork and tears the cork up... TERRIBLE location for a hook hanger. Other than that, the rod is nice..

From: Michael: Hickory, NC

Comments: I got my first black carrot stixs and I was very happy! I used it and caught many fish with it the first time out with the 7'3"MH. This rod is stiff as most HEAVY action rods that I have tried from the Loomis, Shimano and Daiwa companies, but it worked out great with my jigs, texas rigs, and carolina rigs. I will try these for frogs too, in the future because this 7"3"MH is stout and is super lightweight to fish with all day. The ONLY complaint is the huge hook keeper in a terrible position on the rod! It should have been placed in front of the reel seat to be out of the way. If you ever use baits with treble hooks, it will tear the cork up with the hook hanger position.... I had to use pliers to cut the hook hanger off because it cut my hand, it is so sharp. I added the after market fuji hook hanger above the reel seat, so now all is fine. These are really nice rods.

From: Markell: NC

Comments: Just purchased my Carrot Stix and I like it.  Their prior models have been known to snap, but I hear that this one is better and stronger.  We shall see

From: Joel: Boca Raton, FL

Comments: Got a 7'3 Med Heavy, gotta say i have no negative comments about this rod. Its light, it has good action/backbone, and i really cant say that ive had an issue with the Hook keeper, but i guess to each their own.

From: Kurt

Comments: Good location for the hook keeper, but use the drop shot style not this huge ugly thing.

From: Josh: MI, USA

Comments: looks way better in person, extremely lightweight and feels great in your hand

From: TJ: VA

Comments: good rod but the hook keeper and hook keeper placement are garbage, other then that i love it.

Comments: I haven't tested it on the water yet, but I purchased a 7ft MH and I have to say it is easily the lightest, well balanced, comfortable, and sensitive casting rod I've ever used. Will be field testing this weekend on Caddo Lake. I have it paired with a BPS Pro Qualifier 6:4:1. Lighter than Veritas and Bucoo rods. Looks nice too! Only thing is the hook keeper below the handle. A little wierd to get used to and tough to get hook in at first, but I figure after a good use it will loosen and be more comfortable. Good luck guys!

From: Austin: Bossier City, LA

Comments: Used the 7'6" Heavy for the first time last week. A lot of backbone on a rod that is as light as I have ever seen. Will be purchasing this rod and the 8" XXH in the near future.

From: Mel: Davie, FL

Comments: excellent rod and have never had a problem with a carrot stix, i just dont like the placement of the hook keep. keep it simple

Comments: I bought this rod, way light looked good then took it out to the lake and now taking it back to its home at sportsmans warehouse! I hate the micro guides on this thing, the first eye is way to small in my opinion and the lines hits to much while casting reducing the distance on your cast, and is loud, I like the micro quide conception on bait casting rods but I dont know about them on spining rods!

From: Matt: St George, Utah

Comments: love this rod, extremely light. Only problem is I really wish that it came with cork instead of eva foam.

From: Tristan: VA

Comments: This rod is extremely light and has amazing feel. It also looks great too. We will just see how well it holds up.

From: Kirk: Teutopolis, IL

Comments: great rod lightest and most balanced rod out there alot better than previous models better guide conception guides stay put.

From: Diamond Dave: Lou, KY

Comments: i like trying different rods but i always find my way back to my carrot stix. These and falcon bucoo rods are the best rods for the money.

Comments: Good rod and great feel

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