When the Boze Sumo Frogs were introduced they created quite a stir among West Coast anglers by winning them money in tournaments all over the West. The secret to their success lies in the increased hook-up ratio they provide. The body of the Sumo frog curves well under the ultra-sharp hook points, with light pressure, the hook points will become exposed for a solid hookset. However, this doesn't mean they will collect weeds or debris when retrieved. In fact, they are excellent at coming across moss and grass without hanging onto any of the salad. Long flowing legs give great action on the mats, especially in open water where they dance and wiggle enticingly, attracting any nearby bass. Bass will also key in on the large, prominent eyes. There is a Boze Sumo Frog in a color that will catch fish holding in cover in any lake in the world. Throwing frogs and rats can be a real big fish producer, and the Sumo Frog can help put some kickers in your livewell. For really thick mats, try adding a couple of small bullet weights or glass beads for a bigger impression and some sound that can trigger strikes.

NOTE: This is 'Kermit', the frog that was used to catch a huge bag on day two of the 2004 Bass Master Classic. The Sumo Frog accounted for some HUGE blowups in the Classic and really put some toads in the boat. Tackle Warehouse is the only place on the web where you can find all 14 colors produced by Sumo!

Boze Length Weight
Sumo Frogs 2.75" Body plus 3" legs 5/8oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought three of these frogs when they were on sale. Not bad, but I probably wouldn't pay more than what I did for them. They draw good strikes and have a good hook-up ratio, but all three tend to fill with water very easily. Planning on gluing the holes shut, but it's definitely a nuisance to have to squeeze the water out after every cast or two.

From: Kamden: IA 7/16/15

Comments: I hated this frog when I used it. For one it is too big, and every time I would set the hook I would just come in with a wad of grass. May have got a bad apple, but the hookup ratio sucked. Snag Proof/Spro are much better. Just my two cents.

From: BJ: Fayetteville, AR 6/13/15

Comments: I orderd the chartruse escape color, loved it.And I dont know why anyone would bend the hooks out I caught a small 2 pounder out the weeds with no problem his little mouth was more than enough to chomp down the body and get hookd strait threw the lip. Great frog does take on a little water which I didnt mind I just squezed the water out the body ever couple of casts but that can be fixed with super glue like most all frogs. Unfortunatley I must of got a fray in my braid somewhere because I lost tge frog from a backlash on a cast my line snapped and frog flew like a 100ft away.

From: Brian: Keystone Heights, FL 3/17/15

Comments: everyone seems to like this frog, but i hated it. i went to bend the hooks up and one of them snaped of... i wouldnt buy them again.

Comments: Bar none the best frog on the market... casts like a dream, is durable and hooks up really well. The blk one and the green one are your best buys.Only frog I will use.

From: Karl: Chicago, IL

Comments: Don't skimp on your Frogs.  Live Target are the best.  They cost a little more but the soft body, quality hooks, and lifelike design improve the number of bites and percentage of hookups.  I've used Sumo Frogs, Spro Frogs, StrikeKing frogs, etc.  Nothing is better than a Koppers Live Target.

From: Greg: Lake Champlain, VT

Comments: I caught my 9lber bass with a sumo frog.  Bass swallowed the thing whole and my hookset made the two hooks rip right into the bass's upper mouth.  Lucky I was using suffix 832 braid in 50lbs too, cause that bass drove into the thick stuff.  Got her out, weighed it, pictures, and released her for next time.

From: Yajkuza: Sactown, CA

Comments: good frog but still prefer the livetarget over this one. iv had the same livetarget frog that came out at icast 2010 and have had no problems with it sence the day i got it till now it still works great. only thing is the color has worn down but that happens over time and still catches fish. weight has stayed in fine. people the complain about tears and weights falling out eather dont have the right equpment for frogging or the are smashing the frog of rocks and logs and snagging them up and trying to rip them out.

From: Matt

Comments: I bought several Sumo frogs 5-10 yrs back. I only used them a few times but recently decided to go hard with frog presentation and put the old Sumo's on the water along with other frogs by Koppers, Scum Frog and Snag Proof. I caught fish on all but Sumo has one advantage that no one is pointing out - they have a more durable disc of rubber around hook entry point on belly of frog and it is more durable. Koppers frog tore and weight fell out. Scum Frog entry point on belly got stretched and torn after a couple small fish. Sumo frog keeps going and catching good fish, no tears. Am buying more for sure!

From: Skip: Lewes, DE. USA

Comments: this is a good frog! it take's on a little water but it still is better than some other's on the market. the zz walker made by the same company is also a good lure. so many frog's, so many bass and so little TIME!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: I have the white escape color and caught a couple of fish on it.  The frog does not collapse as easily as others on the market.  Mine filled with water after a couple of casts. I super-glued the line tie to the nose of the frog to eliminated the problem.  The Owner hooks are very sharp!

From: Ted: Blair, NE

Comments: i love this frog. i just picked it up at cvs pharmacy and we have a pond in our backyard and i plopped it in and immediately caught a 13.7 lb lunker. only problem is that it fills up but it doesn't matter cuz the water leaves the frog after. awesome buy and cheap at that.

Comments:Great frog for the money. I love these frogs. One of the best things about them is you can catch fish all day with them and if they become a little out of shape just straighten them up and fish some more.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Last time I went out fishing all I had was a Strike King Grass Frog. After a day of fishing I had only hooked 2 fish out of dozens that hit. I just went out again today after buying several of these Sumo Frogs and they are amazing. I hooked every fish that hit and lost one that was over 5lbs. I don't see how Dean Rojas could have possibly improved on this frog that makes the Bronzeye so much better. I will never use another Frog other than the SUMO.
From: Aron, VA Beach, VA, USA 5/06

Comments: Super action - I left make Splash-it in my boat, and all I had to fish top water was my Sumo...8 fish later and 2 over 4lbs in open water, my little froggy now stays tied on my top water rod at all times. Great bait.
From: Chuck, Crothersville, IN USA 8/04

Comments: I just caught a 9.5 pounder with the black smoke color along with a 5 and two 3's in a matter of 2 hrs. This lure ROCKS!!
From: Rodney, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Comments: After first trying the Sumo Frog a couple of years ago, I will never throw any thing else for the Slop patern. The hook up to bite ratio is amazing. These frogs are the only way to go for Tournament anglers fishing heavy mat and slop.
From: Danny, Necedah WI. USA 6/04

Comments: This is the best and most productive topwater bait ever made. We consistently pull 4-5 lb hogs out of the slop in the summertime. Use it with Power Pro line, and 1 frog will last all season. Black and brown are the best colors.
From: Drew, Country: Chicago, IL 1/04

Comments: They really do have an advantage over other Frogs I've tried. The action is great, the hook is great, and it does catch big ones. I have had two tournaments where frog fishing was a factor and in the first one I caught 5 fish that weighed 18.89 lbs. with a 6.4 lunker. The second one was a little tougher because they sprayed the grass the week before but I still managed to catch 12 lbs. and lost a 7-plus pounder and a 4-plus pounder. So far I am really impressed with the Sumo Frog. The only negative comment I would say is that after several fish, the hook point starts to get hung in the side of the frog body, but that's a good problem to have I guess.
From: Jeff, Meridian, MS 7/03

Comments: I tried the Boze Sumo Frogs today and was very happy with the results. I had many more hook ups than lost fish. The white frog was a real winner. The hooks are needle sharp and the body is soft. The frog is pretty durable. After four bass, the largest being 4.8lbs, the frog had a small tear by the tie. This did not seem to have any negative effect on the frog. I was so pleased with the results that I just bought three more.
From: Kelly, Carrboro, NC USA 07/03

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