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The year 2010 is a pretty significant milestone for TackleTour.com. It marks our 10th year anniversary and in celebration of this event, they have a pretty special theme in mind. But considering their 2009 Year of the Crank is just barely halfway complete, it's still a bit early to lift the curtain on next year. Of course, that doesn't mean they have to be totally silent about it. In fact, the one thing Tackle Tour can unveil is something many of their readers have clamored for since Ms. Casey graced us with her presence in the 2008 Tackle Tour Holiday Gift Guide. It's only fitting then that she conducts the unveiling (see video):

To help celebrate TackleTour's 10th Year Anniversary is a 2010 Calendar featuring Ms. Casey and her friends, Mari and Shayla! Printed in limited quantities, the Calendars are available to order right now!

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