Dig In Shallow Water Anchor 8' Pole - $72.99

Please Note: Mounts not included.

Why pay a lot for a shallow water anchor? The Dig In Shallow Water Anchor 8-ft Pole is the business end of the Dig In Shallow Water Anchor System. An easy and dependable way to stop your boat’s movement, pair it with the correct mount for your boat. Easy to install and simple to use, it slides into the water quietly, and stores in rod holders or in the clips provided. Designed for the angler who fishes shallow water, it’s a simple, lightweight, affordable addition to any bass boat, skiff, kayak, etc. Environmentally friendly as well, it won’t damage grass, lake or stream beds, and even doubles as a push pole. Once you get a Dig In Shallow Water Anchor - you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner.

To check out Dig In Anchor’s lineup of mounting options, and find the right set up for your boat and mounting preference - Click Here.

-Eliminates sore back from constant resetting of you anchor
-Catch more fish by controlling both ends of the boat
-No more cleaning hydrilla, sand & mud off your boat
-No more knotted, tangled ropes/lines
-No more wearing down your trolling motor
-Works along the coast, on Lakes, in Creeks & in Rivers


-8-foot High Strength 3/4” Diameter Fiberglass Pole
-Rubber Handle, Foam Comfort Grip
-Pole Clamp (for small moves and wave action)

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Dig In Shallow Water Anchor 8' Pole

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Dig In Shallow Water Anchor 8' Pole $72.99

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Comments: I just received my pole and bracket in the mail, which come seperately. The pole apears to be of nice quality but I'm shocked that it does not come with any way of mounting to your boat which is where the scam comes in. The mount which is over $200 is the cheapesat made peice of garbage i've ever seen. The plastic insert bushing does not go all the way through the bracket, just 1 inch on either end and are slopilly gued in crooked. I'm sure it will come apart after a few uses. As someone with some fabricating experience it might cost this company $10 to make this. I do want to say that I had some trouble while ordering these products and Tackle Warehouse customer service was outstanding. It always is and I highly suggest ordering from these guys, just not this

From: Will: Waltham, MA

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