Mustang Re-Arm Kits - $17.99 to $74.99

**Please Note- the MA7270 has taken the place of the MA7172. Same item and application, just with a new model number.

The Mustang Re-Arm Kits are for use with Mustang Survival PFD's.

Ground Shipping Only!

  MA2010 MA2012 MA2014 MA5183 MA7170 MA7202 MA7203 MA7214 MA7270
Designed for MD2010 MD2012 MD2014, MD2015, MD2016, MD2017

MD5183, MD5183BC, MD5153, MD5153BC

MD3000, MD3003, MD3004, MD3020, MD3025, MD3090, MD3091 MD3083, MD3084, MD3087, MD3053, MD3054 MD3081, MD3082, MD3085, MD3051, MD3052 MD3183, MD3184, MD3153, MD3154

MD3001, MD3002, MD3017, MD3019, MD3031, MD3032

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Mustang Re-Arm Kits

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  • MA2010
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $19.99
  • MA2012
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $27.99
  • MA2014
    Stock Price Qty
    02/08 $29.99
  • MA5183
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $74.99
  • MA7170
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $17.99
  • MA7202
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $28.99
  • MA7203
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $20.99
  • MA7214
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $65.99
  • MA7270
    Stock Price Qty
    2+ $23.99

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