Paycheck Baits Punch Hooks 5pk

Paycheck Baits Punch Hooks 5pk

Manufactured by Gamakatsu, the Pay Check Baits Punch Hook is one of the best hooks ever made for punching and flipping heavy cover. Notably, the eye of the Punch Hook is actually welded closed, keeping braided super lines from slipping out the side of the hook. There's also no need to worry about straightening out hooks and missing bites either, an exclusive forging process ensures the Punch Hook is extra sharp and super strong for maximum penetration on hooksets. Each pack of Paycheck Punch Hooks comes with five shrink tube barbs.

Perfect for use with the Paycheck Baits Punch Skirts, the Punch Hooks' unique design actually helps increase the hook up percentage of the Punch Skirt Texas-Rig.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These things are absolutely amazing! I don't even buy flippin' hooks that already have the barb on them anymore because I have so much more faith in the shrink tubes it's a ton of "fun", I guess would be the word, to make your own barb. You literally cannot mess these things up unless you just start with the intention of butchering the barb. I just pinch the tube on the little barbs that are already on the hook and start burning it with a lighter while slightly rotating the hook and then quickly fold back the tip of the rubber and booyah I have a 100% full proof barb that is not going anywhere...EVER. After rigging a soft plastic I can pull down on the bait with as much pressure before ripping the bait and it doesn't budge one bit. GREAT GREAT GREAT HOOKS!

From: Zach: North Florida

Comments:  The best hook for flipping and punching.

From: Mike: Central, FL

Comments: Awesome hook for punching mats. None better. Welded eye works great with braid and a snell knot. 1 1/2 oz weight, punch skirt, 4/0 paycheck hook, sweet beaver....when they hit, they come in the boat!

From: Pat: Stafford, VA

Comments: Best hook for flipping . . .PERIOD! 4/0 snelled with skirt and Beaver, no drag and hold on!

From: SwampNinja: Margate, FL

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