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Looking for the ultimate in lightweight spinning performance, look no further - the new Shimano Stradic Mg FB is here at a great price. Shimano sought to make significant improvements in how spinning reels functioned with their newest line of high-end spinning reels. And not just adding a ball bearing or fresh paint job, Shimano identified three critical areas for improvement: gear durability, casting performance and line management.

The Propulsion Line Management System and the Paladin Gear System with durability enhancement are the two major forces behind Shimano's innovation. The Propulsion Line Management System is comprised of five components, which all work together to reduce line friction and twists - allowing the angler to cast longer and at the same time drastically reducing the chance of backlash and wind knots. The Paladin Gear System, on the other hand, uses a special cold forged aluminum drive gear and a hardened brass pinion gear, providing superior durability while enhancing the smoothness Shimano is known for. Shimano's tests have shown this combination of metal and cold forging is actually more durable than a stainless steel gear system. Cold forging the metals instead of the conventional method of forging allows the metal to retain its original strength without sacrificing the molecular structure (altered when metal is melted). The end result is unbelievable molecular density and gear smoothness, all while using a minimal amount of metal to reduce weight.

The Stradic Mg FB has a host of other features, which combine to make the Stradic an excellent choice for all light tackle needs.

* Aero Wrap II oscillation
* Magnesium Frame & Sideplate
* Aluminum Rotor
* Aluminum Spool with Titanium Lip
* S-Concept
* S-Rotor
* S-Arm Cam
* Machined Aluminum Handle
* Septon Handle Grips
* Maintenance Port
* Floating Shaft
* Repairable Clicker

Reel Specs
Bearings: 5BB,1RB
Line Cap: 2/270, 4/140, 6/110
Bearings: 5BB,1RB
Line Cap: 6/200, 8/140, 10/120
Bearings: 5BB,1RB
Line Cap: 6/230, 8/170, 10/140
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Comments:I have been using the 1000 size Stradic for 8 years. These are fine reels that I would recommend to anyone. Although it is smaller than the 2500/300 series reels, it isn't an ultra-light. I have found it large enough for anything I have caught on spinning gear, including many 4 and 5lb Bass and an incidental 10lb Northern Pike. In 2007 I had a repair done at Shimano Canada's warranty repair shop. They had no problem supplying parts or servicing my 6 year old reel. I can honestly say they were a pleasure to deal with.

From:Garry2r's: Ontario, CA

Comments:Had this reel (1000 series) for about 4 months now and I love it, used mainly for shakey head and weightless rigging. I paired it up with a 7'2" med. light Crucial and it works very well. I even use light 1/16oz jigs for trout/pan fish and the reel cast perfectly. My next purchase is going to be the newer CI4 model in the 2500 series. A++ rating.

From:James: USA

Comments: I purchased one of these from you recently. Wish I had held out for this price though. Anyway, I really like the reel. It works well for perch and crappie and I've even landed a few bass with it.

From:Ed: Henderson, MD

Comments:Very petite reel. Don't expect it to be a full size. I love the reel and it does everything it says it will. For the price, you cant go wrong. Thanks Tackle Warehouse!


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