Winner of the 2010 ICAST - Best of Show in the Freshwater Reel Category - the Shimano Stella FE Spinning Reel Series takes spinning reel performance to the next level yet again.  As Shimano’s showcase spinning reel series, all of the technology and features Shimano has at its disposal are included in the Stella FE Series - including Shimano’s latest, industry leading technology.  Featuring Shimano’s X-Ship Double Bearing Supported Pinion Gear, the X-Ship system increases the gearing efficiency and power, providing anglers with ultra-light handle rotation.  Combined with Shimano’s Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, anglers will notice out-of-the-box smoothness year-after-year, and a revolutionary E.I. surface treatment on the cold forged aluminum spool greatly resists corrosion - key for saltwater use. 

The Stella FE Spinning Reel Series incorporates a long list of proven Shimano features, including the Propulsion Line Management System, which virtually eliminates any line twist and increases casting distance, as well as, SR Concept, Rigid Support System, Aerowrap II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II. All four Stella reels also feature 14 S A-RB shielded anti-rust ball bearings, lightweight magnesium frames and sideplates, a waterproof drag and Septon Handle Grips (paddle grips on the 1000, flat T on the 2500, and Saltwater T on the 3000 and 4000).  With the new features and proven track record, the Shimano Stella FE Spinning Reel Series deliver top-of-the-line performance.

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Winner of the 2010 ICAST - Best of Show in the Freshwater Reel Category - the Shimano Stella FE Spinning Reel Series is Shimano's showcase spinning reel series - with all of Shimano's latest industry-leading technology.

- Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement
- X-Ship Double Bearing Supported Pinion Gear: Ultra-Light Handle Rotation, Increased Gearing Efficiency and Power
- Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating, S-Arm Cam
- E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection on Spool
- Aerowrap II Oscillation
- SR-Concept: SR 3D Gear, SR Handle, SR 3BB Oscillation, SR Balanced Body, SR Floating Shaft, SR Boltless Mg Body, SR One Piece Bail Wire, SR Slider
- S A-RB Bearings (Shielded A-RB)
- Magnesium Frame & Sideplate
- Aluminum Rotor (1000 size is Magnesium)
- Cold Forged and Machined Aluminum Spool with Titanium Lip
- S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Guard, S-Shield Roller Clutch, S-Arm Cam
- Rigid Support System: Rigid Support Drag, SR Slider
- Machined Aluminum Handle
- Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread In Handle Attachment)
- Septon Handle Grips
- WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)
- Maintenance Port
- Fluidrive II
- Dyna-Balance
- Super Stopper II
- Repairable Clicker
- Approved for use in Saltwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i bought the stella 4000fe and i think its the best reel money can buy.  I fish about 6 times a week 2hrs a day and i only use lures with this reel so i am always casting and retrieving. probably about 80 to 100 casts per outing, and i had this reel for about 4 monts now and the gears feel like i just used this reel for the first time! had the penn conquer 5000 and it only lasted a week before i felt the gears start to grind. ):  if you want quality buy a stella or sustain!  (also bought the sustain 4000fg) which is another awesome reel, not quite as smooth as the stella but smoother than the other stuff out there.

From: Tony: Cocoa Beach, FL

Comments: this reel is barly worth $350... its just a spinning reel i understained for a bait caster but a spinning rell... really? its a good spinning reel i got 1 from a copntest but i dont think its worth $700.

Comments: I own a Stella 3000 FE, 2 Stradic CI4s, a Sustain 4000 FB, and 2 Stradic FGs.  Based on countless hours of handling each one of these reels, each level up has a definite difference in smoothness of drag and gear.  The Stella is like butter.  I thought I would never pay this kind of money for a reel... Until I used one.  It's the only reel I use now.  It's also super light.  It's a great reel and I highly recommend it.  I use mine on the Florida gulf coast for inshore salt.  Regularly catch snook, redfish, trout, flounder, pompano, mackerel and mangrove snapper on this reel with ease.

From: Brian: Tampa, FL

Comments: best reel ever used its completely smooth pared up with a carrot stik and nothing compares to it.

Comments: I put a Stella 1000 on a G Loomis NRX rod and I can't picture a smoother well ballance rod and reel. Yes it was spendy but perfection usually is.

From: David: Fort Dodge, IA

Comments: im sure its a nice reel and i fish at least 4 days a week. I would never spend this amount of money on a reel. Do yourself a favor buy a stradic or saros and spend the rest on a new tv.

From: Scott: Upstate NY

Comments: I own a Steez and a Stella FE, no comparaison, the Stella is much more superior ( drag, smoothess, feeling,quality)

From: Bob: Ont

Comments: You need this reel on your rod! I currently own three Stellas: two 2500 FDs, and one 1000 FE. the two FDs are paired up with two st.croix legend extreme rods and the FE is paired up with a Gloomis NRX rod. All my reels spin like a Rolex ticks and I wont use any other reels. Liquid smoothness and reliability is what shimano is known for, this reel is the best i have ever owned. Give it a try you wont be sorry.

From: Brian: Akron, OH

Comments: Own STELLA 4000fa/2500fa/1000fd/3000fe/2500fe &1000fe. Also own other shimanos stradic/sustain/stradic CI4. Caught a 60 lb catfish on 6lb. mono with 2500fa. These reels hold up and catch everything. The FA's are great, the FD's amazing, but the new FE's are truely incredibly SMOOOOTH! Spin the handle and it moves so fast you can not count the times it makes complete rotations. Yes they are expensive, but I've fished from the Florida keys, to the Gulf Coast of Texas/Louisiana, and freshwater too. ZERO breakdown/failures; ZERO! and some of my stellas (FA's) are over 20 years old. Best spinning reels of their size on market. Lastly, check the weights: 1000fe 6.0 oz, 2500fe 7.0oz, 3000fe 7.1 oz. Tackle Warehouse has 1000fd at super nice bargain price right now. Want the "Best of the Best". Pick up a Stella FE.

From: TC: Sunny San Leon, TX

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