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The TnA Stick Shallow Water Anchor Pole is one the most affordable shallow water anchor system on the market. It allows anglers to easily hold their position in shallow water. Measuring in at 8-feet in length, it features a heavy-duty 3/4-inch thick fiberglass construction. Incredibly sturdy and very effective, simply stick the TnA Stick Shallow Water Anchor Pole firmly into the bottom then tie the 32-inch lanyard to any of your boat’s cleats, and you’re good to go. You can also use it in conjunction with the TnA Stick 6” Transom Bracket for an even more stabilized anchoring.

Straight forward and practical, the TnA Shallow Water Anchor Pole allows anglers to stay in position in order to pick apart a piece of structure or aggravate bed fish into biting. Not only can you stay positioned in your bass boat, the TnA Stick Shallow Water Anchor also makes a great accessory for your canoe, kayak, johnboat, or pontoon boat.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Worth the money. Holds my small boat like a dream. Lightweight & strong.

From: Jay6: USA 1/4/16

Comments: I used this on my small aluminum bass boat all year, great if you don't have a few g's to drop on a power pole

From: Dean: ME 9/17/14

Comments: Works great as a substitute for a second anchor on a 21' Robalo for hanging out at the islands in the ST. Johns. I would recommend it to friends.

From: James: Jacksonville, FL 8/12/14

Comments: Looks cool but please do not advertise this 8' pole as an anchor good for up to 8 feet of water.  The pole will need at least 1 foot to stick in (more if it's choppy as the up an down of the boat will pull it out).  You also "loose" pole depending on the height of your boat.  This thing will be good to a max depth of 5-6 feet.  This is not to discourage potential buyers of this product.  It's a great idea and looks like it will work really well.  I have a similar product and am very happy with it.  Just be advised about the depth claims.

From: Jon: Up North

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