Match the hatch done to perfection! The Live Target Smallmouth Bass is an excellent lure choice for tournament anglers looking for their last cull. With the Live Target Smallmouth Bass' unique profile and remarkably realistic detail, this one-of-a-kind bait will be the 'buzz' at the weigh-in station. The Live Target Smallmouth Bass hosts a weight transfer system, enabling the angler to cast farther with pin point accuracy, even in windy conditions. The tight wiggle and moderate flash appeal are strategically synchronized to trigger aggressive strikes. The Koppers Live Target Smallmouth Bass is available in 2 sizes and 2 colors. Tie one on and feel the rush all the way to the podium.

Live Target Length Weight Depth Class
LMB70D 2.75" 3/8oz 7-8ft Floating
LMB70M 2.75" 5/16oz 4-5ft Floating
LMB82D 3.25" 1/2oz 8-9ft Floating
LMB82M 3.25" 1/2oz 4-5ft Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Whenever the paint chips off. I carefully take a red sharpie and fill it in. makes it look like its bleeding or is injured

From: Brandon: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Gary has the right idea.  This lure should be fished more like a jerkbait.  For a crankbait, the action leaves a lot to be desired and the castability is subpar.

From: Chris: North Haven, CT

Comments:Can't say enough good about this bait. I fish in a premier Smallmouth lake and Let me tell ya. This thing catches fish. I fish it more like a jerkbait than a crank and it really does perform. The finish is a bit weak. they tend to chip where hooks hit the body a little easier than most others. Thats a sacrifice I don't mind though.

From:Gary: Smallmouth Haven, MI

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