Versatile and sporting a unique solid-bodied design, the Owner Ribeye Swimbait can be rigged in a variety of deadly, bass-attracting presentations. It comes complete with protruding ribs for added water disturbance and a paddle tail for an enticing swimming action. The Owner Ribeye Swimbait also features a special joint in its body construction, which increases tail kick, while still promoting the bait's tantalizing side-to-side action. Each Owner Ribeye Swimbait also has the added benefit and fish attraction of Owner's Tasty Scent and Seducing Action systems.

Because the Owner Hooks and Owner Soft Plastic baits were specifically designed to work together, they combine to impart an ideal action and presentation - providing anglers with a marked advantage over other mix-and-match soft plastics and hooks.

When rigged with Owner's Weighted Beast Hook, the weighted shank acts as a keel at high speed retrieves, while also helping the Ribeye get down faster and into the strike zone. Unlike hollow belly swimbaits, the Owner Ribeye Swimbait won't spin or roll over when rigged with a non-weighted hook. The non-weighted Owner Beast Hook is perfect for slower retrieves, helping the Ribeye achieve its great side-to-side action. If retrieved slow enough or with the rod tip up, the Ribeye Swimbait actually wakes on the surface with tail kicking and splashing - calling to bass from far-and-wide. The Ribeye rigged on the Owner Flashy Swimmer is another great option. The combination acts as a great "search bait" similar to a spinnerbait, making it easy to cover a large amount of water in a short time. Available in a variety of perfect fish catching colors, rigging techniques for the Owner Ribeye Swimbait using recommended Owner hooks are illustrated on all packaging.

Length Quantity
5-1/2" 4

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments:This Ribeye swim bait is a very versatile and very productive lure. I can make long casts with this lure and call out the bass to come eat it. Or, I can pitch this bait in-and-around emergent cover and get those bass to really react and devour it. When bass take the Ribeye, they absolutely kill it! Very, very fun catching them on this bait!

From:Matt: Massachusetts, USA

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