Designed specifically for the needs of West Coast big bait fishermen, the Okuma Guide Select big bait casting rods do just what they are designed to do, throw big swimbaits. These rods were built from the ground up for just one purpose but it can double as a nice saltwater or muskie rod. The blanks are built with IM8 graphite with a graphite weave overlay on the lower section of the rod up to the first guide for added stiffness. The action is medium; the blank bends well into the mid section when flexed like a good swimbait rod should, but the power is heavy. These rods will load up nicely with a heavy lure and cast it very easily. When you‚re really reaching back for a long overhead cast, you‚ll appreciate the rounded butt cap which makes it easy to palm and grip the very base of the rod for more leverage. There is plenty of power to set the hook even at the end of a long cast but enough give so your hooks won't tear out every time a big bass lunges.

The Okuma Swimbait Rods also feature an exposed butt section to lighten up the rod and give you added sensitivity with the rod tucked under your arm. Okuma has used the cutting edge Fuji Alconite Concept Guides on this rod for their long casting ability and Fuji reel seats. There are nine guides plus the tip-top on these rods. With two power ratings available in the Okuma Guide Select big bait rods you'll find the one that's right for you. The extra heavy will handle the biggest wood and rubber baits and the heavy will handle medium to large lures. These rods will not be optimal for smaller and lighter swimbaits. If you‚ve been wanting to add a heavy duty big bait rod to your arsenal without breaking the bank, this is the rod for you.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i fish this thing almost every time i go out. easy storage with the telescoping segment. I picked up the 7'11 heavy model and i can throw everything from a swim jig to a two ounce wooden rat and more. ive fished striper boils with this thing too and you can boat flip 3-4 pounders no problem. The butt handle is very nice as well, lets me really chuck those baits far.Great rod for the price.

From: Nikko: Oakland, CA 10/3/15

Comments: I just bought the 7'6 heavy & I gave diawa lexa300 and I am having an issue with it staying attached to the rod.I have hooked up to more then 5 fish and when I reel it in it the reel poops off the rod I have it tighten down as much as it can. I have gotten the fish on the shore thankfully by having pull the line in by hand just don't no why I would be having this issue any feed back would be great.I really like the rod a lot but don't want catch a fish of a life time and lose it due to this issue.

From: Paul: Methuen, MA 8/22/15

Comments: purchased the 7' 11" xxheavy for swimbaits. This rod is like a baseball bat, but I can cast big baits all day and my shoulder doesn't hurt. Had it for two weeks now hooks and lands big fish well. Cast a mile. I would recommend mono to absorb some of the shock from the hook set. Feels decent in the hand paired with a lews wide spool. Try it. You'll like it.

From: Jared: Athens, GA 8/2/15

Comments: Purchased the 7'11 Heavy a couple months ago and couldn't be more pleased. So far I've thrown 10 inch triple trouts, spro rats, Deps 175 and 8 inch Hudds and have had no issues. Caught tons of fish and the rod handled beautifully. It's very comfortable in my hands and tosses swimbaits a country mile paired with a Lexa 300HS-P. Highly recommend this rod, I have no complaints

From: Blake: Placentia, CA 5/14/15

Comments: Per usual with Okuma, the quality is great. However, before buying, you must consider the handle length compared to other swim/big bait rods. From reel seat to rod tip, the 7'11" is only half of an inch longer than my St. Croix 7'1" MHs.

From: James: St. Louis, MO 5/7/15

Comments: Got the 7'11" heavy model for throwing all around swim baits (6" hudds, 8" hudds, deps 175, lunker punkers, etc.) and it handles them all nicely. would definitely recommend as a beginning swim bait rod.

From: Christian: FL 3/23/15

Comments: I'm not a professional fisherman or anything but I've caught my fair share of fish and I've had this rod for 3 years. Don't even use swimbaits on it. I use 1/2oz crank baits and 1oz jigs. Caught carp and catfish on this rod. Works. Good for the money.

From: Arion: USA 10/21/14

Comments: I got my 7'11" XH a couple months ago, i couldn't be more pleased with how well this rod performs. It is a straight tank and handles 4 and 5lbers with ease, it almost makes em feel like a dink haha, little exaggeration there, but no this rod loads perfectly and has tons of sensitivity to feel that light swimbait bite. And it casts smooth as butter. I will surely be ordering different power 7'11"'s down the road, this rod is unbeatable for the price range, or even excluding price range haha. THANKYOU OKUMA FOR YOUR OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT 9/26/14

Comments: I now own two of these telescoping rods. They have performed flawlessly. I throw both swim baits and "A" rigs with them. I had a Dobyns, but with only an eighteen and a half foot Skeeter, storage was an issue. I would have to put them in the non-boaters rod holder. It is so nice to pull them in and store them in my rod locker now and telescope them when I need them. I throw them with Curado 300's.

From: Dennis: Hiram, GA 3/16/14

Comments: Perfect rod to find out if you like swimbait fishing.  MH is perfect for 6" BBZ 1 but it backlashes too easily for 8" Hudd's.  The XH is better for 4+oz lures.

From: Adam: USA

Comments: Love this rod....have the 7'11'' with a shimano cardiff 400 and i love it. Can throw everything from my triple trout to a deps 250

From: fishermanx14: Bullhead City

Comments: i got this rod like a month ago and i got extra hvy and i love it it throws big baits with no problems and how they made the handles feel awesome! it a great rod

From: everett: CA

Comments: 76-H is a Chinook slayer up her in Oregon,throws a #6 blue fox great, throws the 6" Hudd well too, the thing is tough, don't get a Lamiglass.

Comments: I bought the 7'11 ex Hevy for throwing big swimbaits in AZ and CA. I put a shamnio cardiff 400A on it with 20lb mono and i love it. Very good rod and can throw some very large baits very easily.

From: David: AZ

Comments: Nice rod.  I bought the extra heavy version for flathead fishing.  Caught a 37lb fish the first night I used it and it handled the catfish fine.  I was using 30lb P-line. I was impressed with the quality of this rod for the low price.

From: Jon: Wy

Comments: I have the 7'6 MH paired with a Calcutta 400b and I have caught multiple fish over five pounds with this rod. great rod for the money.

From: South Florida

Comments: the 7' 11" XH rod is the best all around big bait rod made. Can't beat the price. I own three of them now!

From: Reuben: Fontana, CA 

Comments: Just unpacked the GS-C-761MH. Looking forward to using it. Made pretty well and rigid, and I was surprised how light it was.

Comments: Just broke my 7'11 today by pulling on the line to put the hook in the hook keeper.  The drag was set very low on my Cardiff 401A. The rod shouldn't have broken that easily.  Wont buy again.

From: Charles: Chatan, Okinawa, Japan

Comments: this is a great rod for swimbaits. great rod you get your moneys worth.

From: Matt: Orange, CA

Comments: Let's put it this way: I excused myself from a pro staff position with a top Muskie rod maker and replaced all my Muskie rods with these.  Best rod for the money. Period.

From: Joe: Cary, IL

Comments: I own the 7' 6" Heavy rod. Well made and has proved it. I use it for 6-8" swimbaits. No issues, loads up well. Have caught 17 lbs Sea Bass, 12 lbs Sheephead and Calicos up to 5 lbs. easily! This stick is great for the price! 

From: Dougie Doug: Ventura, CA

Comments: My buddy has one of these and I tried it, super smooth and lightweight, easy throwing 2-3 ounce spoons. I fell in love with this big bait rod, going to get one for myself.

From: Bobby: Long Beach

Comments: Bought this rod a little over a year ago but never had the chance to use it till yesterday. It broke the first time out on a 5 pounder? I should have spent the extra money on a name brand rod. Rod looks decent, nice guides on a crappy blank.

From: DB: CA, USA

Comments: I actually use this rod for rockfish and lingcod, it's sensitive, yet very  tough and durable. I love this rod.

Comments: I own the 7'6" XH rod. I can cast all day with this rod and its sensitivity is superb!!

From: Dustin: Oceanside, CA

Comments: Okuma Big Bait Rod 7'11" Heavy. Superior quality swimbait rod that you cannot beat for price range.  I use it to throw 6" Hudds and am extremely happy with it. Handled a couple 5lbs. bass with ease.

From: Steve: Los Angeles, CA

Comments:I own the 7'6" XH rod. This is a great rod with a lure rating of 2-8 oz. and it seems to handle lures within its rating very well. I have even thrown lures as light as 1oz with this and it handled the duty but did not excel at it. I just caught a 40lb striper off of Manasquan with this rod and it more than handled the duty. I would recommend this rod for both price and quality.

From:Bret: Levittown, PA

Comments:Very well built for swimbaits. One of the first rod series made specifically to handle the big baits. And they are still deliver one of the best values in the market. Sensitive, very ergonomic, and light weight. With the selection the Guide Series provides, you can fish anything from 5" tourney baits to 14" wood baits. Great inshore rods too, and Ive even managed a few nice sized tuna on them. Great rods, great price!

From:Chris: So.Cal, USA

Comments:Purchased the 7'11" MH and have used it to throw Strike King Series 6 crankbaits for smallies. I can cast these lures with ease and can power in big smallmouth.

From:Chris USA

Comments:I bought this rod and they very next day I broke it on a 4 1/2 pound largemouth on the hookset, I wouldn't recommend this rod to anyone.

From:Matt: Ferndale, WA

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