The Abu Garcia C3 reels have been the casting reel that others have been compared to for years. These reels are nearly bombproof; they can take a beating and still deliver the performance you expect. Abu Garcia's secret is in the simplicity of the design used to build these reels. The C3 series of reels feature non-adjustable internal centrifugal brakes and an adjustable spool tension knob, so adjusting your reel for optimal performance is simple and easy. The classic round style is easy to use and you can still palm the smaller sized reels for casting comfort and control of your rod. If you need a reel that is simple and easy with a proven record, the Abu Garcia C3 series fits the description.

Reel Specs
Bearings: 3 + 1
Line Cap: 12/205
Bearings: 3 + 1
Line Cap: 14/245

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I had two of these reels in storage after going to the sleek low profile Revo Wench and the first thing I noticed when I went back to it as a back up was how the pawn gear tracks with the line when casting! Most reels do not do this and the end product is longer cast and fewer backlashes. Cant beat them for the money.

From: Scott: Big Spring, TX, USA

Comments: a friend gave me one of these 5 months's the first baitcaster i have ever used.i like it but i drool when i see one of the newer models.this reel casts fairly well,but backlashing does happen once in a's big and kind of bulky but it does the trick !!

From: Bob: Kerrville, TX

Comments: I have a few of the 5501 and 6501 size reels that I use for swimbait fishing. These reels will last you years with no problems. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on Calcuttas.... never again. The value of the Abu C3's is unbelievable

From: Dan: Nor Cal

Comments:  Picked one of these up after continued failures with Shimano. Had one of these workhorses years ago and it never failed me on big bass and stripers. Wasn't expecting much performance wise at the no frills price but I just got back from testing this thing and I'm blown away. Retrieves were fluid and smooth (not what I remember from the old can openers) and the the anti reverse felt very solid and sure. New handle definitely nicer and beefier than the old ones. Like the beefy drag star as well. What really surprised me was how well it cast-as nice as anythingFeels good to be back with the OG of round baitcasters. I strongly recommend guys take a look at this reel before dropping 4 times as much on a supposed high end shimano or daiwa. Seems like one of the few instances where a classic actually improved and wasn't degraded. Thumbs up!

From: J: OC, CA

Comments: I own 6 of these reels of which I have had for nine years. Only problem was that I wore the roller bearing out on one of them this spring. Otherwise, these are the toughest reels on the market.

From: Scott: WV

Comments: This reel is very solid and smooth, cast amazing. The line doesn't seem to click when the drag is pulled out like it does on the old 5000 and 6000 (from the 1960's) I have. No biggie tho. Highly recommend this reel!  I know it'll last a lifetime.

From: Wendell: KY

Comments: Bought three of these for carp tournaments in western NC. These are the best reels ive ever used. They can easyly hold 20 - 30lb carp and poower them in. Will never use any other round reel for carp again!

From: Troy: Asheville, NC

Comments: have this reel on a 7'0'' medium heavy fenwick ironhawk, its a frikin winch!!! amazing distance and never backlashes when tuned right, its an all around show stopper, great reel for even the lightest of baits or throwing heavy muskie lures. wouldnt trade my c3 for anything!

From: Corey: New Milford, PA

Comments: pure sexy! got it last season and i fishing it hard all season in the saltwater! i fish for stripers in the SF bay and it casts great. i barely had to grease it and stayed still stayed strong. only problem i seem to have is that there is grease leaking out of the handle and it seems to never stop, even when i take apart the handle.

From: John: CA, SF

Comments: the workhorse of all casting reels, for fresh or salt water fishing. no other reel brand or model comes close to the performance AND ease of maintenance of the abu c3 and c4 family of reels.

From: Rob: Park Ridge, NJ

Comments: i dont have one of these reels, but my dad does and he seems to love it, i have fished with it before and its great and im proaly gannna buy one, its biult solid, it cast far and has a really smooth drag system. i have that abu garcia revo sx and that is also a wonderful product.  ABU GARCIA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

From: Jared: USA

Comments: I bought a 5501C3 because my Shimano Cardiff 201A's thumb bar broke the first time out with it.  The 5501C3 is not quite as smooth as the Cardiff on retrieves, but it is built much better.  Every component on the Abu is solid.  The casting distance and casting control is much better resulting in long distance casts and fewer backlashes in the wind.  The drag is also smoother and stronger than the Cardiff.  I anticipate that this reel will last me for many years to come.  Shimano makes the best spinning reels out there, but I'll never purchase another Shimano baitcasting reel.  If you want value and equipment that works day after day, this is the reel to buy.

From: Henry: Houston, TX

Comments:I have 4 of these reels. I have fished with Ambassadors for 39 years and this is the best one!!!! Don't buy any other reel, this one is the BEST!!

From:Clark: Rockwall, TX

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