The Shimano Citica 200 E Series is built upon the same platform as the Curado E Series which means a lower profile, reduced weight and compact size. The Citica E also enjoys the same high spool capacity as the Curado E Series and with Super Free technology built into this reel you will need every yard of line for long casts. The Citica E features five ball bearings and HEG Gearing for smooth power and torque. The Citica E still retains it's economical price but boasts a ton of features you would only expect to find in high-end reels. The weight of the Citica E has dropped 2.2 ounces from the D Series in part to the smaller frame, lightweight graphite sideplates and drilled handle shank.

Key Features:

Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System
Variable Brake System
1/8 Turn Easy Access Sideplate
Recessed Reel Foot
Ceramic Line Guide

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Tackle Tour Editor's Choice Award
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Reel Specs
Bearings: 3+1
Line Cap: 8/180, 10/155, 14/110

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Really sick reel, especially if you got it on sale for a hundred bucks like me!!!

From: Tyler: MN

Comments: I absolutely love the Citica reels, this model is great for jigs and soft plastics, I have 5 total of the citica series, 2 of these, and 3 of the 200d. Both great reels, and both great for the money, can't go wrong with these.

From: Luke: USA

Comments: This reel is sweeeeet! For $99, you cant go wrong with this reel. It casts smooth and far. I can throw a 5" senko weightless about 30-35 yards with 10lb line. the only con of this reel is that it "rattles"  a little bit when you use it. It doesn't affect the performance of the reel at all, but it's noticeable.

From: Austin: GA

Comments: I have 2 of these reels, sad to see this specific model being discontinued. They're very light and I can throw even 1/8 shaky heads on them with ease other then the backlash that happens from time to time with such a light lure. My only gripe is the braking taps seem to wear out if you're adjusting them too often and they won't stay locked down after that. Still an amazing reel despite that fact,wish they still had some right handed models lying around at this great price point.

From: John: Evans, GA

Comments: I demoed this reel about a year ago and ended up going with an Abu, which is a great reel too. But I prefer this one, which might just be a matter of taste. I feel more confident with this reel and the way it lays line on the spool and casts--overruns seem easier to control and fix. The Abu seems to just keep spinning, no matter the thumb control you're using while casting. I admit that I'm no expert (only been using baitcasters for maybe three years), but this one just seems to have the right degree of control for me. And it seems to me like reels with dual brakes give you a false sense of security, leading you to take your thumb off the spool during the cast. This one does require a bit more care that way, which I think makes one a better caster. Plus, I seriously doubt this reel will ever fail, just rock solid. For the price, it's a steal.

Comments: My first casting reel.  Its a great reel.  Simple to use.  Easy to adjust.  Casts far and fits well with other rods.  The only problem I am experiencing is that some of the breaks move on its own.  Need this fixed soon.

From: North St. Paul, MN

Comments: I love this reel for using 14lbs fluorocarbon. Casts so far. And its at a great price point!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: I wasn't so sure about buying a Citica, I was hoping to buy a Caenan but I'm so glad that I bought the Citica. It will be your BEST reel for the money and it's on sale now 99.88 so go ahead and spend that extra 10 bucks and buy yourself a Citica

From: Dillon: Hallsville, TX

Comments: I usually dont leave reviews on purchases but this reel deserved it! I have it paired with a Abu garcia veritas, great combo, highly recommend this reel, smooth cast and retrieve and easy to use

From: Green Acres, FL

Comments: I now own 4 Citica's 2 Curado 200's, 2 Curado 50's and I have to say they are all great reels. If you put a blindfold on and fished the Citica's side by side with the Curado's it would be hard to tell the difference. The Citica's for the money, is the best buy of all. The Curado's are fantastic reels but if you are a little lean on cash the Citica's will catch any fish that you go for. They are smooth as silk and will cast little crankbaits as well as a spinning reel. Pull the side plate off and adjust the brakes and you will never have to worry about the backlash that torments us all. Take it from me and all the other customers, The Citica's rock above all of the reels that cost the same ore more. They are fantastic reels.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Just got mine in the mail!  When i saw this on sale for $99, i knew i had to get it!  I have had 2 other citicas in the past and they are the work horse of the baitfishing reels for me!  I have 2 curados and an okuma citrix, but my citicas are what i do the majority of fishing with!   Paired me new one with the Tec Spec from field and stream (6ft med heavy)...first day out, caught 6 bass, ranging from 1.5lbs to the nice 4lber!  SUGGEST THIS TO ANYONE COMFORTABLE WITH BAITCASTERS!

From: Cory: Phoenixville, PA

Comments: I just upgraded from my Daiwa Strikeforce to this reel. Ive got to say this reel is the best bang for the buck! It is so smooth its unbeleivable! I spooled it up with 40 LB Berkley Fireline braid and it cast a mile! Plus almost never gets backlashes and if i do get a backlash it is small and I get it because Im not pro and casting yet! Overall this reel is amazing and anybody beginner to pro should pick it up!

From: Kris: Virgil, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I bought it looking at all the great comments and boy you guys are all right this reel with stood bass at El Salto. Biggest bass I got with it was a 10.4lber. It also with stood a 20lb pike. I have had it for a year now and if I took it to El Salto again it would work like you just bought again.

From: Ryan: CA

Comments: The best reel for the buck. I own the curado 200e7, 200e5, and 300e. I go to the citica time and time again to catch fish. It's what I'm confortable with. The curados do cast better and feel better on the retrieve but the citica outright catches fish.

From: Kingnomphaj: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I struggled with whether to get this or a Curado. I chose this after reading all the reviews online I could. I think I made a good choice. This thing cast a mile even a 1/4 ounce bait, once you get it dialed in. Had a little trouble casting into the wind but I think it was more the crap line I had on there than the reel. I have since changed line and it cast flawlessly. What else would you expect from Shimano. If you can't or don't want to shell out nearly $200 for a Curado get a Citica ad you won't miss a beat.

From: Larrick: Washington State

Comments:  I bought one of these reels last year and put it on a Powell 703, and it still works flaulessly. It casts like a dream and once the breaks are set right no backlashes. I bought a Curado last week after being talked into it by my partner and I wish I had saved the money and just bought another Citca, so for 99$ plus discount im ordering one now. Can't beat the reel for the price!

From: Ryan: Palmdale, CA

Comments: great reel ive had it for bout a month now and it casts very good it actually cast better than my 200 dollar pflueger patriarch, definitely worth the money especially on sale for 99! i paired it with a Falcon BuCoo Micro Guides and it works amazingly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

From: Robbie: Pensacola, FL

Comments: Sorry folks but I must disagree, the Citica 200D was and still is the best Citica built. The aircraft grade perferated alluminium spool and five, count them, five SS ball bearings alone make it an outstanding fishing device. I can't understand how Shimano can
re-introduce an inferior model and call it new and improved. They've probably been heiring too many locals in the american offices.

From: L.J.: Sac, CA

Comments: By far a better reel then anything else I have ever used before. Mainly a Revo guy, but this blows them out of the water.

From: Tommy: MN

Comments: I had one on a St. Croix Mojo Bass and even my die hard Diawa buddy thought it was an awesome reel especially for the price. I just bought a second one for a Shimano Cumara I own and have been working it hard and it's met every expectation I've ever had for it and much more!

From: Jordan: Illinois

Comments: I out cast all my friends with this reel, and some of them have quite the line up of combo's. I can't wait for the new one supposedly to be introduced at Icast.

From: E: Sota'

Comments: john this info might help you, if you open the side plate there is brakes in there that you can engage and disengage.  that will help you alot in casting distance and minimizing in backlashes. I had this reel on a kistler helium and it was a great light weight combo..... now its a the the bottom of lake monicello in texas.

From: Alec: IL

Comments: Disappointed I got this reel after having many Diwia & Pfluger  baitcasts reels Some for 7yrs never had a problem I have had this reel for 1yr My cheap Diwia  Rojo can out cast this thing . If you get any loop in the line when reeling it will catch on the little ear that sticks up on the thumb button so I shaved that down. I started getting lot of lash & found I could no longer tighten the cast control knob seems I need new washers & from what I read I am not the only one with this problem Sure stuff wears down but 1yr that is lame.

From: John: USA

Comments: I don't submit alot of feedback regarding the items that I purchase, but I felt like I owed it to Shimano to write a positive review for the Citica.  The Citica really is an amazing reel with an unbeatable price.  I own several more expensive reels, and the Citica continues to be my go-to/work-horse reel.  It's versatile and durable; it has a very smooth retrieve; and it can cast a mile.  Thank you Shimano for a great product; and thank you Tackle Warehouse for great service.

From: Martin: Abilene, TX

Comments: i have had this reel for about 2 months now and i use mine for inshore fishing for trout, flounder, and red fish. it handle very well and is extremely smooth. some one i know has a curado and this is almost as good. i paired mine up with a falcon bucco and its amazing great job shimano

From: Nick: Louisiana

Comments: Great reel, used it from everything to c-rigs,texas rigs, frogs, swimbaits, topwater, spinnerbaits, crankin, hard braided line usage, you name it, its been there done it!

From: Matt: Miami, FL

Comments: Man finally get a quality reel. Better than anything I have ever had. Had to choose between a Revo and a Curado. I felt the Citica and Curado (before I ever touched the grips) and the two reels are excatly the same other than bearings grips, and the spool. Lined it up with Seagur Fluro, and once the breaks were set good this thing was a dream....Just hopeing it will last as long as a Curado.Great job Shimano

From: Anthony: California

Comments: I have fished the Citica 200E for two long seasons. I have literally beaten this thing like no other, yet it still fishes great. It's everything you'd expect from a $120 reel and more. I've used it for everything frogs and flippin' to throwing light lures on 12# Yo-Zuri. I would highly recommend this reel to anyone looking for a great reel for a great price. I wish it came with the Power Knobs like it's older brother, though that's my only complaint.

Comments: I had the orginal Bantam Citica and Loved it.  The Citica D came out and they were a tad on the heavy side but still good.  The Citica E however, blows them out of the water.  Best version of the Citica YET!!!  They're so good, I'm phasing out my older Citicas.  Best and most reel for the money PERIOD!!!

From: David: Sauk Centre, MN

Comments: I have used these reels for two years now and i have nothing bad to say. Very good reel cast smooth and reels smooth as well. The best for the money.

From: Adam: Princeton, WV

Comments: This reel is GARBAGE. Tried to set the breaks and the plastic knob broke off. After I fixed it no matter how many times I adjusted the spool breaks I kept getting back lashes. It now sits at the bottom of Old Hickory Lake near the Lone Branch boat ramp if any one wants it.

From: Kenneth: Lebanon, TN

Comments: I had a few problems at first but once you get the breaks set right it casts just as far as my curado not as smooth as the curados but overall, I like it.

From: Ian: Longview, TX

Comments: Great reel! I have two. Caught a 11 pounder crankbaiting this year. This reel pulled the big momma in with no problem. Get ya one and get me another one too!

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: I absolutely love this thing. I paired it with an Abu Vendetta and have to say they make a good combo. The only remotely bad thing is that if your not careful the brakes can pop off their brackets.

From: Erik: Minnesota, USA

Comments: I tried the new citica for the first time the other day.  It is a nice reel for the money.  It seemed to cast every bit as smooth as my Curado E's.  The retrieve was smooth but noisy.  The grinding noise seems be coming from the gears or bushings. Not sure which, but it was noticeable. The rubber handle knobs don't seem to grip as well as the septon knobs on the curado, especially when wet.  Really noticeable when they are fished side by side. This reel is a good alternative to the Curado.  Not as refined, but still a great reel.  Its a Shimano, so you can't go wrong.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: Best reel i have ever used. i upgraded the bearings to abec 7's Cast 70 yards and I have caught 11Lb. largemouth on this reel you have to buy it.

From: Ryan: Woosbridge, VA

Comments: Best reel on the market for the money by far. Casts almost as well as the Curado and is 60 bucks cheaper. Im very pleased with mine, i have 3 and will be getting more!!!

From: Cody: Tallahassee, FL

Comments: The Citica is one of the hardest reels to beat when it comes to price comparison. It's smooth and durable; a great piece of equipment for any level of angler. Best of all, the drag is strong and the gears help you land that largemouth or smallmouth with ease.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: Just bought this little gem after buying a Curado 200E (which I sent back). This thing beats the Curado hands down, it casts a mile after pushing in the nylon bushings towards the middle of the brake and has a smooth retrieve, I will be buying more of these.

From: James: Rochester, IL

Comments: I recently purchased this reel to replace some older baitcasters and it is as smooth and efficient just like my older curados! I paired mine with a older Falcon (6'10" Grass Rod ) spooled with Seaguar fluorocarbon, throwing big worms and beavers! I love it! Thanks Shimano & T.W.!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments: Just bought this reel after trading in a Diawa Tierra, and all i can say is i love this reel.  I will be staying with Shimano for as long as I fish.


Comments: Started using Shimano reels this year after using Quantums for many years.  I will never be buying anything other than Shimano from now on.  I now own 4 Citicas and 1 Curado.  Very smooth, light, and durable feeling, fits great in your palm also.  Going to be trading out the rest of my Quantums for Shimanos soon.

From: Trevor: Fuquay Varina, NC

Comments:Totally the best for the money. This is the best reel that I have ever owned for what I paid for it. It casts a mile and there are no more back lashes at all. I use it for everything and I can tell you this much the Citica is tough and will take care of any type of fishing you may want to use it for. I own 4 reels now and I am going to get me a couple more. Tackle Warehouse is the best place in the world to purchase them. No taxes and no shipping costs. You can't do better for any of your fishing equipment.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments:Won this reel, its great!

From:John: Oxnard, CA

Comments:This reel is hands down THE BEST baitcaster i have ever used. I own others and after 2 or 3 casts I have to respool cause of the major back lashes. Im totally dumbfounded on how amazing this reel is!! cop it!!

From:Kelee: Round Valley, NJ

Comments:I have never used a reel like this for $100. It can be used for many things, my favorite is for the jig. It is a black/blue stone jig. We also use it for frog rods, jerkbaits, and many plastic lures.


Comments:Absolutely fantastic. this reel is amazing. for 120$ it is worth $200+ easy. It is the smoothest 4 bearing reel on the market, not only smooth but powerful. I can haul 7 pounders out of scrap metal trees and all the cover down under. Very comfortable to fish all day. I recommend to any serious bass angler.

From:Blake: Monroe, MI

Comments:Great reel, just bought 2...Casts a mile and super smooth. The differences from Curado E are: one less bearing in the reel, non bearing supported grips, grip size, SLIGHTLY heavier spool, and the drag star and handle are made differently. All of which are really minor differences, the bearing supported grips are what send the Curado E to another level of smoothness. Great buy for $120, cant wait to buy a few more!

From:Nicholas: Santa Barbra, CA

Comments:This is a GREAT REEL for the price!!! Great casting and a smooth retrieve. If I wanted anything more on this reel it would be a titanium line guide. Other than that, this reel is awesome for the price. Shimano for life!

From:Michael: Mission Viejo, CA

Comments:Bought this reel not knowing what to expect. Boy was I impressed. It doesn't differ much from the Curado. Casts amazing, great feel, easy to adjust brakes. Great reel for the money!

From:Tyler:Virginia, USA

Comments: For $120, you get your money's worth and then some. This reel casts lures well with the proper brake adjustments, even senkos. But I primarily use it for crankbaits, so casting is no problem for me. And the clicking Star Drag is great and easy to adjust on the fly. It's lightweight, smooth and has been reliable for me since Feb. Overall, a GREAT reel for $120.

From:Pete: MN, USA

Comments:This is the best reel I've used for only a hundred dollars.

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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