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Anglers who have experienced the tungsten difference know the extra sensitivity this dense, hard metal can give you over softer, less dense lead or brass. When you drag a tungsten weight along the bottom, you'll be able to distinguish between bottom compositions; sand, gravel, rock, mud, and wood, much easier than with any other conventional bullet weight. Along with extra sensitivity, the smaller diameters of tungsten weights allows them to slip through snags much more easily than lead. Tru- Tungsten has perfected the tungsten bullet weight. They are able to machine this metal into a true bullet shape so your weight slips through cover easily and they have rounded and polished the central hole eliminating the need for a plastic insert. Using tungsten weights with your Texas-rigged worm will give you the bottom contact advantage and using the Tru-Tungsten weights when you're flipping will enable you to penetrate thick cover with a weight that is much smaller in size than the lead counterpart.

Now you can buy the weight to match your bait color for a better-looking package that will be more attractive to pressured fish. Get the Tru Tungsten color advantage!

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For larger sizes see Tru-Tungsten Denny Brauer Flippin' Weights.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great Weights.  the best on the market.  I am glad Picasso is now producing them.  same exact weights.   

From: Joe: NJ

Comments: great weights! cant say enough about them.

Comments: Great weights.Too bad they went out of business.

From: Kris: Leeshurg, GA

Comments: Love these weights! Alot smaller and better than lead weights, they also feel the bottom very well overall amesome weights!

From: Jake: Clemson, SC

Comments:I love the way these feel the bottom! They will tell you if they are there for sure, and what type of bottom it is...you can feel it! Nice for the environment if you are into this or not. Just wish TW can keep the supply that I need in stock more often! (Goes to say they are a HOT Item!)

From:Michael: Ojai, CA

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