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The Peter "T" Smart Peg produced by Tru-Tungsten makes pegging tungsten weights quick and easy. The Smart Pegs come on a special designed leader that allows for quick installation on any type of line. The Peter "T" Smart Peg is designed to recess into the weight for optimal line protection and simple weight repositioning. When flipping, pitching, or carolina rigging make pegging your weights simple and effective with the Tru-Tungsten Peter "T" Smart Peg.

#3 (1/16oz-1oz)
#5 (1.25oz-1.5oz)

"The Smart Peg is simply the most intelligent way to peg your sinker. It protects your line at the most critical point of contact while keeping your weight firmly against the bait and still slides up your line when you need it to." -Peter "T" Thlieros

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Of the six Tru-Tungsten products I have tried, on one-ten scale, each was priced at the ten level, but performed at five or less.

From: Tom: Lagrange, GA

Comments: Works great as long as you follow directions. Only thing I will use for pegging sinker.

From: Josh: Smyrna, TN

Comments:I purchased the #3 Pegs which should be great for a 3/4 oz. weight but it is not big enough to stop weight from sliding on line when casting First Name:

From:Steve: Texas, USA

Comments:I made the mistake of not looking at the instructions too, slide all the pegs down make a simple perfection loop at the end (if you cut the loop like I did),then put tag end through the loop and push the peg up over loop on to you tag end then problem will be solved!

From:Steven: Rockport, TX

Comments:Impossible to feed line into peg.

From:Eric: Dallas,TX

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