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Yum Money Minnow Hook - $4.99

Give your Yum Money Minnow the most appetizing presentation possible with the custom Yum Money Minnow Hook – a super-sharp EWG offset hook weighted specifically for the Money Minnow. Partially covered with a durable powder coating, the Yum Money Minnow Hook blends into the profile of the Yum Money Minnow, so it won’t stand out like regular weighted hooks. Fitted with a razor-sharp hook point, the Yum Money Minnow Hook is the perfect compliment for the highly praised Yum Money Minnow.  

Hook Size Swimbait Size
3/0 3.5"
6/0 5" 
7/0 6.5" 

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Yum Money Minnow Hook

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Yum Money Minnow Hook 1/4oz 6/0 3pk $4.99 03/01
Yum Money Minnow Hook 5/16oz 7/0 2pk $4.99 4