Fishing Guides

  • Selecting the Right Rod
    In this guide we discuss rod terminology, parts, and how to determine what you need.
  • Fishing Frogs, Toads, and Rats
    In this guide we discuss the baits, techniques and gear needed to specifically target frog fish.
  • Crankbaits
    This guide highlights the equipment to effectively fish crankbaits and increase your hooking and landing percentage.
  • Flipping and Pitching
    If you want insight into the rods, reels, lures and techniques used for pitching and flipping be sure to check out this guide.
  • Drop Shot Fishing
    In this guide we dissect the drop shot technique and the many applications for this presentation.
  • Texas Rigging
    In this guide we go in depth into what might be the most popular rigging setup in all of bass fishing.
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