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Shimano Compre Casting Rods

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Shimano Compre Casting Rod 6'8" Medium

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Fast 6-12lb 1/8-1/4oz 9+Tip Compre Cast
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Compre Cast

About This Rod

Featuring high modulus IM-9 graphite blanks and premium components, the Shimano Compre Casting Rods ride the edge between top-of-the-line performance and affordability. Super sensitive and powerful to boot, they are workhorse rods that can withstand the abuse of serious fishing. Durable Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides at Concept Spacing offer increased casting distance and line control, and custom Shimano no-thread Reel Seats put your hands in direct contact with the blank for increased sensitivity transfer. The reel seats also tighten from below the reel for a sleek, new threadless look. Improved and update, the Shimano Compre Casting Rods continue be one of Shimano’s most popular and enduring series of rods.

Additional Features:

- Custom Shaped EVA Handles
- Multi-purpose hook keeper
- Etched Technique Specific Badge Butt Cap

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)

Customer Feedback

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Comments: I've had a 6'8" med heavy/extra fast for a few years now & it is by far my go to favorite rod. Jigs, spinner-baits, Texas rig, cranks, top-water, you name it this rod will do it. 30" plus pike, 6lb smalleys, 20lb cats, or even finesse jigs, this is truly an all purpose rod. For 100 smackers you cant go wrong. Give me this rod and a drop shot rod & i'll fish anywhere!

From: Jamie: USA 9/2/16

Comments: Just picked up a 7'2" Compre MH/XF worm/jig casting rod and paired it with a Lew's tournament pro 7.1:1 speed spool reel. I spooled on 20lb test braid with an 8ft, 14lb test fluorocarbon leader. Have not made it to the water yet but practice casting with a weightless 5" senko with a 1/0 hook in my yard, goes 90ft, measured with a roll-a-tape. Can't wait to try this setup on the water.

From: Willie: Chino Hills, CA

Comments: A true Med Hvy. Not at all an over rated rod. I was looking for a good rod as an all day comfy cushiony casting rod. I have the GLX MBR844C 7' Heavy Fast and its everything in a casting rod. Acts like a Med Hvy on the cast and is super strong on the hook set. This new Compre is tid bit heavier but it has excellent action on the load and cast. Excellent sensitivity and if you are anything like me you'll return a rod in a heartbeat if ain't right. This thing is killer rod in the Med Hvy / Fast region. Its not what the GLX is as far as sensitivity but I have to give to give credit where credit is due and its neck and neck with an IMX. For the price its appallingly close to an IMX at 89.00

From: CJ: Gretna, La. U.S.

Comments: I have the 7'2 MH XF Very nice rod,my only issue with it is the insert fell out of the 3rd guide to the top of the rod...Can't wait to get a replacement from shimano!

From: Zine:  L.A Cali

Comments: Don't know about all the complaints,these rod are great.I owh like 10 compre rods myself and my wife use them and have never had any problems have caught a lot of bass including a 10lb 13oz out of Lake Fork!!would tell anyone BUY these Rods worth every penny and more.

From: Dan: Pekin,Illinois

Comments: bought this rod 4 days ago, went fishing, cought 3 bass and on the last bass a 3LB, the tip broke in two pieces, called TW and I'm sending rod back, I wil be replacing it with something else.. Medium Fast..

From: Rick: Mcallen, TX

Comments: I have 5 of these rods and have had them for about one month now. I am a guide here in northern utah so my rods get used every day and i also am using these as my tournament rods. They have held up for the last month that i have been beating them, no problems at all. I came from fishing loomis and by no means is this a NRX but it is comparable to the GLX anyday. I leave my two Mossyback G. Loomis rods home and have souly switched to these. My couple loomis rods will be my backups from now on. Thanks Shimano for the awsome affordable rods.

From: Derick: Brigham City, UT

Comments: I just got a couple of these and i fished with them tonight and i must say that there is alot of sensitivity in this blank. I really think these are quality rods. we will see how they withstand the test of time though.

Comments: I love shimano rods but these are junk or at least the 2 I got . the first 1 was a Shimano Compre Casting Rod 6'8" Medium and 1st tourny it broke on 3rd fish , so NP I just took it 1 hr and a 1/2 from home and replaced with NP . Got home with the new Shimano Compre Casting Rod 7'2" Med Hvy and put the reel on it then pulled the line out and was setting drag for new rod , by holding the line and bowing the rod as if a fish was on it for the proper drag , and it broke in 3 places . Now I will be making that 1 1/2 hr trip again to pay a little more money and get a Shimano Crucial Casting Rods and never another one of these Compre defected things . I truely hope some peaple got a good one but 2 times and im out with these . I have 3 Crucials and there awesome.

From: Kevin: Yatesville Lake, KY

Comments: If you're looking for a rod with good sensitivity, I would NOT recommend this line of rods from Shimano. Not to mention their horrible customer service. Broke the rod setting the hook on a fish about a month after I bought it. Shimano refused to pay for shipping, and it took them over a month to do any warranty work. I'm done with Shimano. I'll stick to St. Croix and Cashion Rods.

From: Tyler: VA

Comments: I was looking for bad reviews on this rod before I bought it, but everyone seems to like it for the most part.  So I bought it, then I sent it back the next day.  I have never fished a rod less sensitive than this.  I bought the 6'8"MH jig rod and it is horrible at fishing jigs.  Mushy. I swear I was missing fish.  Everything is like a clump of grass. I was fishing water that I fish all the time, and it was as if someone sucked up all of the rocks, 'cause I couldn't feel them at all.  It's too bad too, because I really like the way it feels in the hand, it's super comfy.  Maybe for spinnerbaits or crankbaits this line of rods is fine, but not for jigs.  Oh, and somebody else mentioned the xtra fast is more like fast, I wouldn't even call it fast.  It's slooooow.

From: Gail: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: Very good rods!!! Do not let the price range fool you! These new compre rods feature the old crucial rod blank. Rods are light and sensitive. Only question i have on this series of rods are why the guides on heavy action rods are bigger than other models. All are what i call " double footed" and are noticeably bigger than what's on MH models. These are very good rods for any level angler.

From: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: I really enjoy the fact you can have so much contact with the blank. Good all around rod. There are a couple of issues though. I find myself constantly tightening the grip. It seems like no matter how tight I get it it'll loosen. The extra fast tip also seems to be more of a fast.

From: Bryan: Lexington, KY

Comments: I purchased the Compre 7'2" heavy to fish both the jig and big worm.  I absolutely love this rod and would highly recommend it.  The new Shimano design for the Compre line is really nice and for just over $100 and free can't beat it!

From: Ron: Trabuco Canyon, CA

Comments: I really like the feel of this new design, especially the fact that there are no threads at the reel seat to bother my fingers.  Don't like the design of the hook keeper!!!

From: John: Benicia, CA