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Shimano Curado 300 E Casting Reels - $259.99

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High speed, high power, high line capacity and low profile. The Shimano Curado 300E blends all of these qualities into one reel.

- High Capacity Magnumlite Spool
- Super Free
- High Efficiency Gearing
- Variable Brake System
- Reduced Mass VBS Hub
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Sideplate
- Septon SV Power Grips
- Drilled Handle Shank
- Cold Forged AL Drag Star with Clicking Adjustment
- Titanium IP Line Guide
- Aluminum Frame
- Aluminum Handle Side Sideplate

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
CU300E Right 6.2:1 10.5 (5SS+1S A-RB) + 1A-RB 14/190, 20/120 $259.99 3+
CU301E Left 6.2:1 10.5 (5SS+1S A-RB) + 1A-RB 14/190, 20/120 $259.99 3+

About This Reel

High speed, high power, high line capacity and low profile. The Shimano Curado 300E blends all of these qualities into one reel. The Curado 300E delivers large reel performance in a comfortable low profile reel.

The 300E is only slightly larger than the Curado 200 reel. Shimano has made use of a low profile style frame and widened the base of the reel to accommodate the deeper and wider spool. The higher line capacity of the 300E allows an angler to make longer casts with heavier lines or braid and gives an angler the ability to handle the long runs of larger fish. The High Efficiency Gearing on the Curado 300 provides fish fighting power, a high speed gear ratio and extra torque for all day chucking and winding. All the features of the HEG system are made possible by the oversized drive and pinion gears. Shimano also made sure that the drag system on the Curado 300 matched it's other design traits. The Dartanium Drag on the Curado 300 provides a wide range of settings and generates 15 pounds of fish fighting drag.

We have two videos from, "The Hunt For Big Fish" with Mr. Dahlberg fishing for Red Fish in Louisiana and Sailfish in Guatemala.

Reel Technologies

catname8 Turn Easy Access Sideplate
catnameA7075 Aluminum Spool
catnameAssist Stopper
catnameDartainium Drag
catnameHEG: High Efficiency Gearing
catnameMagnumlite Spool
catnameQuickFire II Clutch Bar
catnameRecessed Reel Foot
catnameReduced Mass VBS Hub
catnameSepton Handle Grips
catnameSF: Super Free
catnameSuper Stopper
catnameVBS: Variable Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: Great real I love it I have it on a st.croix rod  the mojo bass 1-4oz lures it's made for big baits like what I throw. This real is in my opinion the best heavy hitter reels by far I throw a 2 1/2oz bbz rat all day longer the rod is awesome it doesn't look strong but once again st. croix  has impressed me again this curado was paired up great for targeting bigger fish.

From: Derek: MA  6/17/16

Comments: New to Swimbait and A-Rig fishing I bought this because I have had Shimano reels in the past. The reel is bigger than a normal reel, however not overwhelming. It is comfortable to fish big baits all day. I paired it with the Dobyns Swimbait "fury" rod. I figured I could upgrade the rod if I like swimbaits down the road. This combination works well for me. Enjoy.

From: Ben: Pasadena, CA 3/26/16

Comments: get it. Plain and simple. It's smooth as butter. Nice sized knobs and holds a ton of line. Plain Jane six pin brakes. Nothing fancy this is just a plain old fashioned good piece of equipment that will last the long haul. Love mine

From: Andres: Houston, TX 3/12/15

Comments: To get to the point, get the lexa 300. It beats the curado In cast ability, drag, and price!

From: Bryce: Trabuco Canyon, Ca

Comments: i bought this reel for swimbaits for calico bass first thing its quit tough as heck i have landed calicos up to 5lbs and halibut up to 15-20 lbs great all around reel for saltwater and fresh love the strength  of it thanks tackle warehouse and shimano for a great reel

From: Kris: bakersfield ca usa

Comments: curado 300e is my umbrella rig and swinbait reel. casting some heavy lures a country mile. without a doubt best baitcaster for these applications. round reels are not very comfortable for me so the 300e works just right.

From: Jr: South

Comments: number one swimbait reel if ask me. like these reels better than the popular TE reels. i can palm them better maybe thats why

From: Clay: TX

Comments: Best buy ever. Thanks TW for helping find the right reel. This reel is perfect for casting and working my swimbaits. Cant find nothing wrong with this reel. No issues. Very easy to use. And very happy;) Thanks guys

From: Lisa: Twin City

Comments: Beast of a reel i love this thing for swimbaits its a very powerful reel and i highly recommend this

From: Louis: Green Bay

Comments: Best freshwater and saltwater reel. Put to test on big nasty golden dorados,bull reds,jacks,black drum,tarpon, and stripers. The drag is very smooth when fighting big beast. Spooled up w/40lb braid

From: Mike: Houston, TX

Comments: a really nice and smooth reel first time owning a baitcast reel and it was the right choice of choosing this reel i use 20lbs halo from pline and cast about same distant as my buddy daiwa luna and his shimano calcutta. Never back lash once and yes im a beginner at baitcast and this reel had never fail me

From: Souyee: Sacramento, CA

Comments: This is by far the best reel i've ever owned. Casts smooth, very light, just a genuinely great product. Perfect for swimbaits, but also a great jig or crankbait reel. Very versatile. The best reel shimano makes for the money...

From: Chris: St. George, UT

Comments: Recently took one of these to tackle the salmon in the South Island rivers of New Zealand.  With twenty pound braid and a 22g - 28g spinner, long accurate casting was a joy.  Under pressure this reel never faltered.  The drag/clutch was as smooth as you could want and worked a treat.  It created a real feel of confidence when handling big fish.

From: Ray: Melbourne, Australia 

Comments: my favorite casting reel for our big Pelagics and Barramundi.

From:Jack: Darwin, N.T. Australia

Comments:This reel is amazing for swim baits, I've also used this reel for tuna fishing. I can cast a mile with live bait, the best reel I have used in along time.

From:Jack: Reno, NV