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Shimano Curado 200 I Casting Reel - $179.99

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Tougher, stronger and more powerful than ever before, the new Shimano Curado 200 I Casting Reel lives up to the Curado's reputation of baitcasting excellence and reliability.

-SVS Infinity Brake System (Infinite Cast Control)
-Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D)
-Super Free Spool
-Escape Hatch
-Cross Carbon Drag
-Offset Handle Design
-Center Clutch Design

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
CU200I Right 6.3:1 7.4 5A-RB + 1A-RB 10/155, 14/110 $179.99 3+
CU200IHG Right 7.2:1 7.4 5A-RB + 1A-RB 10/155, 14/110 $179.99 03/29
CU200IPG Right 5.5:1 7.4 5A-RB + 1A-RB 10/155, 14/110 $179.99 3+
CU201I Left 6.3:1 7.4 5A-RB + 1A-RB 10/155, 14/110 $179.99 3+
CU201IHG Left 7.2:1 7.4 5A-RB + 1A-RB 10/155, 14/110 $179.99 3+

About This Reel

The legacy continues with the new Shimano Curado 200 I Casting Reel.

Tougher and more powerful than ever before, Shimano placed a major emphasis on durability with this next generation reel.  Featuring the latest in Shimano reel technology, it also boasts improved casting performance, a whole new level of versatility, and smoother functioning.

Shimano’s new X-Ship technology greatly improves the Curado I’s gear durability by providing more precise gear alignment between the pinion and main gear, especially under heavy loads. This translates into vastly improved power and gear efficiency, and it also reduces friction between the spool shaft and main gear for enhanced casting performance with lighter lures.

The new SVS Infinity Brake System picks up from there, providing infinitely adjustable, consistent spool control and brake force. Its externally adjustable dial features six settings (1-6) that furnish a level of precision previously impossible with traditional cast controls. Shimano’s new S3D Stable Spool Design also improves casting capabilities even further by greatly reducing spool vibration.

No matter what application you prefer - saltwater or fresh - there is a new Shimano Curado 200 I Casting Reel ready for the task. Available in three gear ratio and tougher than ever before, the new Curado I leaves no doubt why the Curado has earned a reputation as one of the best reels in the business.

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catnameEscape Hatch
catnameSF: Super Free
catnameSuper Stopper
catnameSVS Infinity Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: Hard to beat this reel!!  Amazingly smooth!  If you really dial this thing in you can bomb it 40+ yards!  The biggest thing for me was, IT IS HARRRRD TO BACKLASH, I mean you really really got to screw something up!  Just use some KVD Line & Lure conditioning and you will almost never backlash and will sling them out thier!  Never have used it for pitching and flipping but if I were you and you wanted to flip or pitch, go with the Curado 70 it is a whole lot better at casting those really light lures!

From: Tyson Defiance 2/10/17

Comments: So I bought 2 curados a few months back and I am sticking with curados  and citica's now since there practically the same they can cast light lures so well and I hardly ever backlash. They also are extremely smooth I use 1 for jigs and 1 for cranking I can throw those finesse jigs and light crank baits no problem go ahead and pick one of these up you won't be mad.

From: Zachary: Benicia California 2/5/17

Comments: I've had 4 of these, 3 200IPG and 1 200I. Two of them have been great reels, very solid and powerful. The other two have been terrible. Loud on the casts and grinding when reeling. Have not been able to solve the issue. I guess it's a coin flip on whether you get a good one or a bad one.

From: Unknown 1/11/17

Comments: This reel holds its own against all the high end reels. For the money this reel will be hard to beat !


Comments: The best Curado yet! I skipped the G series after fishing with a friend's and being less than inspired. this Curado is simply great. Tight, smooth, and casts better than any Curado yet. I have been buying Lew's lately because i have have been impressed with way they cast and feel. The Curdo I trumps my Tournament Pro's in just about all areas and casts like my BB1's. I am not to saying there is anything wrong with those two reels because they are both fantastic reels. Shimano simply hit this one out of the park.

From: Flattown Basser: LA 4/7/16

Comments: X-Ship, SVS, S3D, Wide spool keeps gear ratio from drastic change at end of cast. Drag washers, handle, materials, all good. Simple design for bearing upgrade, maint., & overhaul. All excellent features for $.

From: Outcast: USA 3/17/16

Comments: This reel outdoes any of lews reels. Even their top of the line baitcasters. Shimamo is the way to go. I had a lews team LITE speed spool & it has nothing on this reel.

From: Bill: FL 3/27/16

Comments: I own two lews bb1 pros and made the mistake of going with this reel instead of getting another bb1 pro. Lews is just a far superior reel, super smooth, far casting & the configuration of how it sits & feels in the hand is amazing. This is reel is solid and does its job but lews, even in salt water bass fishing, is the best out there.

From: Morgan: Newport, CA 12/9/15

Comments: I got two of these during a sale & feel that they are a step in the right direction for the company after the much maligned G series. The design, components, features & overall feel of the reel are very nice. Its not super light, but not heavy like the D series either. I had to replace the gears & pinion after two months in one of them which is not a great sign, but not the end of the world either. I give them a 7 out of 10 when compared to other reels at the price point as they are very fishable, but still room for improvement.

From: Kevin: Washougal, WA 12/8/15

Comments: This reel is quite phenomenal. It has a very solid construction. It's not entirely light, but that's not a huge issue. The best thing I have to say about this is the casting. Shimano really put R&D in to that SVS braking because wow! The reel launches your lure a country mile & it just feels super smooth when the line peels off of the reel. The retrieve is also very nice. I feel that my hands are a tad small to palm it 100% comfortably, but it still feels nice to hold. My first intro to shimano was a caenan and I loved that one. Curado 200i however is way better. 

From: Snakehead_Stalker: Philadelphia, PA 11/5/15

Comments: I have at least 6-7 Curado reels that date back to 2003-2009. These are very practical and affordable bait casters that are durable and dependable. I still use 2 Curado CB-100's for flipping/pitching. I sold two older cranking Curados at a KY fishing store, and received 80% buy back for the used reels. I don't fish as often as serious tournament anglers, but even those competitors give Curados high marks for their value and dependability. These reels are good investments for their price.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 9/10/15

Comments: I really like my older Curado e reels but after the Curado g was introduced I thought I would never buy another Curado. I still can't understand what Shimano was thinking with the g series. When the Curado i became available I was very skeptical but I decided to give it a try. Sure glad I did. The Curado i casts a mile and retrieves smooth as silk. I engage only 1 internal brake and set the external brake to 1 and I can't make this reel backlash. I bought a 2nd Curado i and I like this as much as the first one - I'll be getting more.

From: Larry: Toano, VA 8/6/15

Comments: I love this reel but the hatch button underneath the sideplate drives me crazy. Its sneaky the button moves up and will eventually open giving u a bad backlash if u dont keep ur eye on it. Other than that button I cant find anything wrong with it.

From: Brian: Akron, OH 6/23/15

Comments: I have three of these reels and I like them, but the hatch switch underneath the reel likes to creep up and the hatch will open and give u hell. I think this was a bad design and should be corrected. Other than that this awesome and I like them.

From: Brian: Akron, OH 6/21/15

Comments: I have an old Curado 200E5, and it's an awesome reel. The I is every bit as good but with a better braking system. It casts both light and heavy baits very well and is butter smooth. The SVS infinity brake has an external dial that makes quick adjustments for when the wind changes or you change casting directions a breeze. Some people have complained of this wheel having a whining or screeching sound when casting, but you just have to oil the brake pipe slightly every few trips to keep things smooth.  I usually start with the dial on three and sometimes scale back to two for a little extra distance, with two internal brakes engaged. I have the 5.5:1 model and I use it for deep crankbaits. It's paired with a Halo 7'11" MH Deep Crankbait Rod, and let me tell you, it LAUNCHES a big crankbait a mile, at least 15 yards farther than my old Lew's Tournament MG, which isn't a bad reel by any means. All in all, the casting distance, ease of controlling backlashes with the SVS Brake & the smoothness of the reel makes it as good as the Old E or better, and better than any sub $200 reel I've ever fished.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 6/17/15

Comments: Awesome reel! The Curado continues to impress. This reel takes a beating constantly and hasn't failed me yet. Super easy to use, handles big fish with ease and the braking is top notch. Shimano Reels are B.A.!!!!! 

From: Cody: Twinsburg, OH 6/10/15

Comments: Got this reel on sale for $130 and thought I was getting a great deal. Being down here in Florida I wanted a reel I can use in the salt also. The only problem I really don't like is where they put the switch to open up the reel. I like to palm the reel so when casting, my hand ends up clicking up the switch causing the side plate to open up leaving me with a bad backlash. This happened to me 3 times within the 20 min I was using the reel. Other than that I have had no problems with the reel but it is such a nuisance I might end up returning it. Keep this in mind if you like to palm your reels like I do.

From: David: FL 6/3/15

Comments: Got this reel about two weeks ago and used it on the water about five times.... so far so good. I can feel the power behind every crank and casts beautiful. Barely backlashes with proper breaks (even on low breaking) but overall a great reel for the money.

From: Alec: RI 5/27/15

Comments: Awsome reels, way better than the e models, i got two in left hand and they out performed any other reel iv had in the 200$ rang. Iv been using them in fresh and saltwater for 4 months and haven't had one problem with them.

From: Robby: Fullerton, CA 5/13/15

Comments: Me & my dad each have one of these reels and his was making a lot of grinding and a lot of different noises. I haven't had any problems with mine yet. But So far I like mine extremely smooth & cast pretty far!

From: Chance: LA 5/9/15

Comments: I must say it's nice to be back under a great reel from Shimano. I liked the 200i so much I went & bought three. Best reel they made since the over sized D series. Hats off to Shimano on this one. Not to mention the price right now is unbeatable.

From: Trey: Rogersville, AL 5/6/15

Comments: I don't know what all the talk about noise and grinding i got 2 and both are super quiet and smooth. I love that the gears are supported from both sides and not just floating on one side like most reels it makes it sturdy, smooth, and quiet. Love it. Getting rid of my abu's for these!

From: Joe: CT 4/20/15

Comments: I have compared it to revos & the core series. All I can say is that it holds it's own.

From: Chase: TX 4/1/15

Comments: Well it cast a little above average nothing special. The spool release button is aweful. I can half press it and the handle will turn and line will come out. Also when you go to re engage the spool, the handle the handle spins nearly a quarter turn before engaging.

From: Ross: Allendale, MI 3/29/15

Comments: This reel flat out performs. Shimano for life. Have tried Abu, Lews, Quantum, and non of them compare to Shimano. This is a great improvement over the E-series Curados. My dad has a couple of them and a G-series (which they skimped on) and this blows it out of the water. More compact, lighter, and smoother than ever since they added x-ship. Two thumps up

From: Nick: NJ 3/21/15

Comments: Bought one of these, and was not impressed in the slightest. Actually other than the nice silver color and more aggressive angles, it's not near the reel the Curado E was. Noisy on the retrieve, the brakes make noise inside the sideplate, casting was exactly same as my E's. But the biggest letdown was ergonomics, finger hits the levelwind if you wrap your hand around the reel. And it's not a very smooth reel, especially compared to the Curado E/Chronarch E. Same story on the Chronarch + the plastic feel of it. Returned them both. Not terrible, but definitely not what everyone is reporting. Newer isn't always better.

From: Sam: Wichita, KS 3/9/15

Comments: The reel is rough when reeling, you can feel the gears, the side plate will not close unless you back way off of the tension knob, it makes bad noise when reeling and I was told you have to keep the brakes lubed with oil or it will make this noise.

From: Bill: SD 3/4/15

Comments: Bought an "I" in lefty & during light casting, smooth on the way out, moderate noise reeling back in. Long casting with hard swings creates lots of noise and crazy vibration from the reel, noisy on the way back in. Sideplate can't be closed without backing off the tension knob all the way out. Casting distance is nothing like what the other reviewers are saying.

From: Thor: Sacramento, CA 2/23/15

Comments: bout this curado and wow im very impressed with how smooth and strong this reel is. Took it out striper fishing and hooked up a double and this reel handled it like a champ!

From: Josh: Fresno, CA 2/18/15

Comments: The Curado i casts a mile and retrieves smooth as silk. I engage only 1 internal brake and set the external brake to 1 and I can't make this reel backlash. I bought a 2nd Curado i and if I like this as much as the first one I'll be getting more.

From: Larry: Toano, VA 2/16/15

Comments: I own 4 Curado 200i and they will cast a mile, even light weight baits. Just used them in a tournament and caught several 4-5 ponders with no issues and no noise using 30lb powerpro and 15lb segar floro. These reels are by far the best for the money (in this price range). You'll have to spend another $100 to get better than this. Shimano made a mistake with the Gs, but made good with the I.

From: Steve: TX 1/25/15

Comments: I bought a Curado I because I enjoyed the older E series, I never bought the G series and was upset with Shimano going to crap with the Curado line. I figured the I Series would fix their mistake but I was wrong. This reel made noise while reeling, was not smooth at all and it has already went out. Maybe I just got a lemon but I'm not happy.

From: Connor: CA 1/22/15

Comments: Purchased the CU200I and CU200IPG and both made noise after a few days of use. Cleaned both reels and re-greased and oiled. Hopefully, this fixes the problem. Highly disappointed with the new curado.

From: AL: IA 1/21/15

Comments: I think the concept is great and love how the brakes are easily assessable but common Shimano. I ordered one of these reels and it made noises right out of the box. I took it apart and cleaned it, but the noise is remains. I'll go back to my Daiwa and Abu Garcia.

From: Jake: USA 11/29/14

Comments: I have 2 Curado 201e's, 1 LH Chronarch CI4+ and recently purchased 2 201i's, 6.3:1 and 7.2:1. The Curado e's are still solid performers. The CI4+ is a step above, smoother and longer casting, and the 201i's are even better. They feel more solid than the CI4+, and once the brake is adjusted (2 "on", 2 "off") you forget about it. They are paired with Kistler KLX's. The e's are paired with Ducketts. The KLXs are a step above the Ducketts, IMHO. I also have a gen2 AbuGarcia STX. Sorry for the AbuGarcia fans, but it the STX is a very smooth reel but any of the Shimanos cast at least 50% more, same bait, same rod. 

From: Arturo: Newnan, GA 9/29/14

Comments: Love this Reel! Bought 3 and 1 Ci4 Chronarch and find myself throwing the Curado more! The Chronarch will cast lighter lures better. i had lew's and got rid of them and switched to Shimano. Are Lew's Bad? no, but IMO the Shimanos out class them! I had BB1 Pro, Inshore, tournament Pro, and tournament. I kept the inshore and its like a pinto compared to lobster, the shimano being the lobster! The only gripe i have about the curado is the thumb bar, it sets up a little to high. if your not carefull you will mash it on hookset and disengage the spool, did it twice already. maybe just the way i palm it, but other than that these things are cadilacs! I bought a lemon from both lew's and shimano, shimano took a month to replace, Lew's has 3 day turn around.

From: Scott: Little River, SC 9/11/14

Comments: This reel is amazing. Very light, smooth, and powerful. But now I will say this, no reel is more powerful than the revo's in my opinion. But that still doesnt mean that this reel isnt a good reel. Best one in my arsenal by far! EXCELlENT REEL

From: Dylan: Bakersfield, CA 9/8/14

Comments: Great little reel, and as in little I mean perfect size. This reel palms just as well as my lews which are crazy compact! The reel is not as smooth as a lews out of the box but it has a more connected feel rather than lews with "no feeling at all" style. I'm gonna be honest I preferred the older 6 pin break because I find the new one to be very touchy. I find myself using 2 pins and 6 on the dial most of the time but still casts smooth and far with that setting. The best feature has got to be the x-ship, under the load of a fish it feels like I set my drag too loose because its so crazy smooth! For the money I don't think you can beat lews but still very impressive reel and one of the best reels for the buck.

From: Kris: USA 8/7/14

Comments: Super super smooth. But I just don't like the braking system. The original six pin is so much better. Why does everyone think we need to be able to adjust the brakes in several different waves? I still prefer even the G series to this one. Two pins on and no more adjustments necessary.

From: Bob: TX 7/16/14

Comments: I use this reel in a tournament in a downpour reel performed flawlessly paired wit GLoomis IMX MHF 7',wit Seagar InvizX 12lb smooth as silk casting, great braking system now I have to sell my E series just kidding,  I have the 200I 6:3:1 but will order another one this week from TWH   

From: Bruce: Pond State, NJ 7/12/14

Comments: I flat out love this reel. Great improvement/redeemed themselves after the g series. Hopefully it last overtime as well as the old ones did. Like already said before, takes awhile to get the most out of it how it has been packed with grease. I got mine in April and its July now zero problems and the most solid smoothest reel I have ever used. Been used to flip with primarily and it has all the power anyone would need. I want to get another to crank with this fall. 

From: Evan: WV 7/9/14

Comments: i ran one this weekend and over all it is a nice reel, cast a mile and is smooth as silk. but i do have to say that i do not like the release button, it is too high up and the length of pull is too long. kind of a pain if your flippin all day with it, good thing its just a borrowed reel. i would just spend the extra $20 and get a Chronarch

From: Delta Rat: Sacramento, CA 6/23/14

Comments: Finally got mine. And like all reviews say, it smooth. I was like a kid playing around with it in the back yard. I put 20lb fluoro on it and the line spool off well. I bought the hg for flipping and froging. What like about it the most, is small and palmable this reel is. I have hands and feels like a 50 size shimano. It weighs 7.4 and feels lighter than that. So for looks and works awesome. Need put it to the test this weekend. I will update that review here soon.

From: Troy: PA, TX 6/20/14

Comments: I'm having problems with line getting behind my spool on the retrieve, gear side. Don't have any idea what causes this. Have to remove spool to get line out. Not sure if I like this reel yet because it happens quite often. The last time I had to cut all my line off to get the spool back in the gear housing.

From: Pat: Green Bay, WI 6/18/14

Comments: Love this reel. I love the new breaks in it. Somebody wrote that the thing to open it got stuck but all u have to do is loosen the drum break on the side of it. The reel casts a mile with braid for froggin. Great reel shimano.

From: Jason: Livingston, AL 6/15/14

Comments: the reason why the side plate doesn't close is because the spool tension knob is too tight. My friend had the same problem, until he let me play with the reel and then I found the problem.

From: Caleb: USA 6/12/14

Comments: I purchased 2 of these reels & took them out for a weekend of fishing. The first day on the water I opened the side plate to make an adjustment and could not get the side plate to lock back in place so that reel was useless the rest of the weekend. My otherone performed flawlessly I love the new brake system and all the other new features. The only other concern I had was with the external adjustable dial. Although I love the feature & it worked great it doesn't have a clicker like the CI4  & it seems a little fragile. I'm waiting to hear back from Shimano about the other reel before I decide what to do, but I think I'll spend a little extra & go with the Chronarch CI4, it just seems like it would be more durable over the years

From: Todd: IN 6/9/14

Comments: This reel is a TANK it's practically bulletproof I've been using it since a week after it was released and it hasn't skipped a beat! It's very smooth once properly cleaned because it was packed with grease. I got the HG model for frogs,flipping, and buzzbaits and it's been a dream to fish with. Shimano redeemed themselves after this one.

From: CJ: PA 6/9/14

Comments: Very smooth, and very effortlessly casting. The only downside is after fishing this reel hard for two months I feel like an idiot for spending $100 more for my Chronarch Ci4+'s because these reels are just as good.

From: Hydrilla Gorilla: Lake Seminole, FL 5/31/14

Comments: Super long casting, super smooth, great drag, best reel for the money bar none.

From: Dan: Guelph, Ontario CAN 5/28/14

Comments: Picked mine up today in the 6:3:1 and I love it already. Like the reviews have said, it's super smooth, but my favorite thing about it is how versatile it is. I've been an Abu Garcia guy and this is my first Shimano reel and I've beyond pleased. The price on this reel is a steal. Don't hesitate!

From: Tight Lines: CA 5/23/14

Comments: Finally got mine today. Took it out right away for a test drive. And like all reviews say, its smooth alright. I was casting the lightest to heaviest lure I could in my tackle box. It cast all the lightest lure with a med light rod about 50-70 yards. The heavier lures with med heavy rod cast a country mile. Then casting against the wind 15-18 mph here texas. And boom, backlash. But its ok this has a dial on the bottom outside so you can dial in the right settings. Inside reel when you open latch the brakes are different. You have 4 now and push them out instead pop them out. Well I only push out 2 and dial it in right fiddle with tension knob. And wallah cast against the wind, no backlashes. The Curado is back new and approved. Lets see the longevity of this reel, compared to old Curado 200e7. So far all good.

From: Chuy: Victoria, TX 5/18/14

Comments: The 5.5:1 is best crankbait reel I ever used. One it can cast your baits way out. Two its light and smooth so it doesn't wear you out. And three the price. This is super smooth when reeling in a crankbait or a fish. The x-ship makes a big difference. I even used it with a big 4oz swimbait slow rolling with having no problems casting or reeling. Amazing reel that just replace all my old "crankbait" reels.

From: Jackson: TX 5/18/14

Comments: love this reel, I have it on a 7"6 dobyns champion and it jus feels perfectly balanced it's really smooth on the retrieve I like it better then both the old and new chronarchs  it also cast light baits really well I give it a 9 outta 10

From: Tanner: Lake Charles, LA 5/17/14

Comments: Amazing reel so far. I've been testing this Curado for 2 weeks straight at my back pond. killing 2-3 ponders in pond haha. going try on some bigger fish soon at local lake. super smooth and easy to handle. its not all big bulky like some reels. I still love my chronarch 200e7 but I gotta give to this reel tho. just order a 5 gear ratio for cranking, cant wait try it. got my 7.2:1 on a 6'10 st croix rage rod. great reel

From: James: AL 5/13/14

Comments: this thing is nuts for the price point. Was skeptical of the brake system. Got windy in the afternoon, adjusted accordingly and whipped em far with ease.

From: Gully: CA 5/11/14

Comments: Got the 5.5:1 and 7.2:1 curado I's. The 7 works super with frogs, flipping, buzzbaits, and topwater. Its pretty much an all-around reel for me. Now when we fish deep I go to the 5. I use deep cranks with this. It reels so smooth and cast pretty beeping far. On both reels caught two 5 pounders. Reel them in like nothing and super smooth like the calcutta ds. Cant wait to hook on a monster with the drag lock down. Over all these reels have work out great. No problems what so ever.

From: Sam: TX 4/24/14

Comments: Welcome back to the bass world curado. Because the g series blows. These new I series are super dope. I was hoping japan made. But wherever this thing is made, it works flawlessly. Got all 3 now. Straight up champs!

From: Beto: TX 4/14/14

Comments: Nice reel, but I prefer my Chronarch E, Lews Tournament Speed Spool Pro, or Tatula (Tatula out performs them all). Totally over hyped in my opinion and I don't like the side plate release. Much prefer the previous lift and twist release. I had to buy it from a different store. I can't believe that Tackle Warehouse can't get these in stock.

From: Marc: Raleigh, NC 4/10/14

Comments: My bad. Went on shimanos website. :-( I assumed x ship and mmg always went together. I did not open up the curado and look at the gearing but I got another chronarch e anyway and I'm very happy. Might get a curado I next year if all seems well with it after a year. did not mean to put out misinformation I was just mistaken.

From: William: MI 4/8/14

Comments: I would never think this was made in Malaysia. I was pissed at first. But after testing it out at a local pond. Im impressed how smooth shimano made this reel. Ive used other reels but this smooth. Hook a 3 pounder on a frog using 50lb braid. It reel it in with no problem. Cant wait to hook on a lunker. Get reel for the price, but think we should get a discount since it not made in japan.

From: TY: USA 4/6/14

Comments: Super thrilled with my new curado I. It has all the bells and whistles. 100% improvement from the g. Only con is not made in japan.

From: Steve: TX 4/5/14

Comments: This reel doesn't have MMG for a start, plus I think it's a very we'll made reel for the money.

From: Ray: Rylstone 4/4/14

Comments: Was torn between buying another lews tp or curado went with this reel really like it so far only had it out once for the price good buy really like my lews but would not hesitate to buy another curado

From: Ross: Tulsa, OK 3/23/14

Comments: Get this reel. Very impressed at this price point. Shimano is back! Pulled 2 5+lbs Calico Bass from heavy structure no problem! Wind N Grind!

From: CFM: SoCal, CA 3/16/14

Comments: I am a huge Lew's fan but I thought I'd try one of these new curados just because of all the hype. My initial impression was it looked and felt way better than the G series and didn't feel nearly as smooth as my Lews reels out of the box. So I strung it up, tied on a casting plug and did a little grass fishin in the front yard all I can say is wow! I was very impressed to say the least the casting is effortless and the line just flows off the spool super smooth the reel feels completely different after its spooled up can't wait to fish with it tomorrow! This thing is Sweet!!!

From: Tyler: Waco, TX 3/14/14

Comments: No lake eats reels like Okeechobee. This new Curado is the real deal. On a 7 11 Xh Punchrod Cumara. Haulin em outa the thick stuff like nothing I have used before. I will be restocking my rods with these. Thanks Shimano. You have redeemed yourself after the G Series.

From: Bob: Okeechobee, FL 3/11/14

Comments: Got this reel in the 6:3.1 gear ratio on the day it came out but never got to tested it out until today March 9, 2014. Took it to the Delta and all I can say was WOW!. This reel can cast a mile and is smooth as butter. I was throwing them 1/2 oz rat l trap a mile a way. I had this reel paired up with a shimano cumara 7'6 ML action. The setup felt just right. Before this reel I had a Shimano Chronarch ci4 6:2.1 gear ratio with the cumara now I have put the Ci4 away and replaced it with the Curado I. This reel is just awesome. Hoping to get more of this reel in the future. What a great buy!

From: Saberwolf: Sacramento, CA 3/9/14

Comments: Super happy with this buy. This Curado out does any baitcaster in the market. This reel should've been in iCast. It wouldve won imo. What I like about curado verses the chronarch ci4 is the side plate. It stays attached when adjusting breaks on the boat. But like shimano says once you fix it you never have to open it again with the adjustable dial. Over all its beefier, light, smooth, long casting, and slick looking. I would recommend this to anyone if you can find one in stock.

From: Jimmy: AL 3/9/14

Comments: Best Curado ever. Ive owned every Curado made except the G series. This Curado I is silky smooth with stock bearings. The x ship also makes a big differance. It can cast super light lures with 30lb braid a country mile like the old E but further. The drag is also super smooth a typical Shimano drag but better than before. The reel is just awesome. Can't go wrong with this at all.

From: Vic: TX 3/1/14

Comments: Walking through the big box retailer last night I saw they had one new Curado in stock. I was home with it shortly thereafter. Observations. Nice...real nice. Feels solid and casts like a rocket. Took the spool out to clean and oil bearings. It took a couple of soakings in thinner to get all the grease out of the bearings as they were LOADED. 12lb Seaguar on a 7'3" Duckett and I was whipping a SK lipless crank way out there. Great reel.

From: Rudy: Ft. Myers, FL 3/1/14

Comments: This is the longest casting reel in the $200 and under class by far. Compact, smooth and solid. Its a bargain for the performance you get.

From: John: TN 2/28/14

Comments: just an absolute workhorse and the braking system is genius.

From: Stephen: AL

Comments: Best reel Shimano has ever made, I was put on the Shimano test team to see what the new Curado could do.  Let's just say in passed with flying colors.  This reel is the real deal!!!

From: Glenn: Hammond, LA