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2013 ICAST "Best of Show" Freshwater Reel Winner, the Shimano Chronarch 150 CI4+ Series Casting Reel is packed with Shimano's latest technologies, including X-Ship Gearing, CI4+ material, and the SVS Infinity Casting System.

-CI4+ Frame
-CI4+ Side plates
-Recessed Reel Foot
-High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
-Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion Gear System (SF)
-Dartanium II (Cross Carbon) Drag Washers
-7 Bearings
-6 S A-RB BB
-1 A-RB Roller Clutch Bearing
-SVS Infinty Break System
-Magnumlite spool
-Septon PV Grips
-Disengaging Levelwind System
-QuirkFire II Clutch Bar
-Made in Japan
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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About This Reel

Weighing in at only 6.5oz, the Shimano Chronarch 150 CI4 Casting Reel takes reel performance to a whole new level. Lighter and more advanced than ever before, its CI4+ construction allowed Shimano to greatly reduce its overall weight, while still maintaining incredible rigidity and strength. Actually 250% stronger than the original CI4 material, CI4+ is also over one-and-a-half times stronger than Shimano’s normal XT-7 graphite and is over 20% lighter as well. Since CI4+ does not contain any metal, it is impervious to rust, making the Chronorch CI4+ a great choice for fishing saltwater or brackish water.

The patented X-Ship Gearing also increases cranking power more than 205 to help you tame the hardest fighting fish. Its eight S-ARB bearing system (7+1) keeps things running smoothly, and its new SVS Infinity Casting System delivers a wide range of precision brake adjustments, consistent brake force, and easier access. Winner of the 2013 ICAST “Best of Show” in the Freshwater Reel category, the Shimano Chronarch 150 CI4 Casting Reel delivers the high-end performance anglers have come to expect from Shimano.

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award
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Reel Technologies

catnameCI4+ Construction
catnameDartanium II Drag
catnameHEG: High Efficiency Gearing
catnameMagnumlite Spool
catnameQuickFire II Clutch Bar
catnameRecessed Reel Foot
catnameSepton Handle Grips
catnameSF: Super Free
catnameSVS Infinity Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: I have around 15 bait cast reels and this is still one of my favorites (own 3). It does everything well (skipping, casting, pitching) so pick one up while it's on sale. 

From: Paul: Texas 2/9/17

Comments: Got mine when it first came out & when I started to bass fish. Really didn't know how good or spoiled I was getting because of this thing. Now I have 2 & couldn't be happier. Still able to throw light baits far and has now dropped its performance in 4 years! Great reel!

From: Tou: Tulsa, OK 2/5/16

Comments: awesome craw! Only one I use other then maybe rage tail craws. Durable, nice action, and life like with great scent. What more could you want. I use it as a jig trailer mostly.

From: Noah: Wilmington, NC 12/25/15

Comments: This reel is incredible. Smooth retrieve, strong drag, palms like a dream. When I hit the lottery, I'm buying a few more!

From: Justin: GA 12/11/15

Comments: This is a great reel. Would spend the money anytime. It is great parts & i have had mine for 3 years & has been working great ever since i have opened it. Great job shimano

From: Ryan: Riverside, IL 12/6/15

Comments: This reel is phenomenal! Just got mine a few days ago and even without replacing the stock bearings this thing can flat out cast. Switching over from Lews it took me a few casts to dial in the different braking system. I'll still use Lews reels but I'll be stocking up on shimano products as well for next tournament season. Having confidence in your gear will give you more confidence all around, thus making you a better angler. If you're into or thinking about getting into tournament angling then I highly suggest you buy this reel. If you're fishing more for recreation there are cheaper options that will get the job done. Lews LFS isn't bad at $99 for recreational use.

From: Jessie: Moore, OK 10/24/15

Comments:  Bought the 6:2:1 initially for throwing squarebills & it works perfectly for that with the extra speed, but later learned this reel is perfect for throwing soft plastic swimbaits. Throws a 5" Basstrix Paddle Tail with 1/4 OZ belly weighted hook a mile. This reel is the perfect all around reel. I'll be buying a bunch more and this will be the only reel I use moving forward.

From: Andrew: Arlington, VA 9/15/15

Comments:  this is one of the best reals I have ever owned. It is tough enough to pull bass out of the grass on Toho and Okeechobee. I love this reel so much I keep buying more.

From: Justin: OH 7/25/15

Comments: This shimano it very light & egos are awesome so comfortable & well balanced. Couple tries getting the brake & magnet set up working right & it was game on throw slower and smoother to go farther. casting is incredible. reeling in feels strong & positive. Very accurate caster & gets smoother every time i use it Brings the fun back to casting  For someone that doesn't want just a bait caster but doesn't need a 500 reel this 269 i promise feels like the more expensive brothers and at mid price point to wont go wrong

From: Mike: Locust Grove, CA 6/22/15

Comments: CI4+ = Great. Lefty retrieve 6:2:1 paired with G Loomis CBR845 Deep Cranking Rod. Smooth and strong. Plenty of backbone to stick em and work em up from deeper water.

From: Andrew: Arlington, VA 6/13/15

Comments: Absolutely love this reel - I've been fishing the heck out of it for months now. Feels great, great aesthetics, awesome brake control, and casts a mile. 

From: John: Gilbert, AZ 3/25/15

Comments: these things are smooth man. wow. I got the white chronarch when it first came out and that things a beast, and i thought it couldn't get better. oh baby it did. this pig is lighter and a sweet drag. just picked up 2 more. instant classic

From: Joey: USA 2/8/15

Comments: I've had this reel for awhile now and it's not bad at all. casts light and heavy lures easily and far (was able to cast a third of roboworm on a 3/0 light wire hook on 14 pound flouro) the breaks are great and the drag is super smooth. my only gripe with this reel is that it doesn't feel as smooth as the chronarch e's imo. but does everything else fantastically

From: Mitch: MN 10/30/14

Comments: These are fantastic reels. Not PERFECT, but still wonderful. They feel wonderful from an ergonomic standpoint both in terms of weight and shape. The drag is perfectly smooth when battling big fish that need some give. The ability to micro-adjust the centrifugal brakes on the outside is very handy. These chronarchs cast both heavy and light baits further with less effort than anything else I own or have tried. I do find the need to make micro adjustments with the outer dial if I go from casting with the wind to casting against it. If I don't, the line starts to get a bit out of control. That said, this is still the finest bait casting reel I've used to date.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 10/23/14

Comments: The smoothness and lightness of this reel makes it a real treat for chucking hardware all night long. The new braking system and adjustments for Shimano is excellent and very versatile. You can simply open and turn on 2 internal pegs and forget about it or if you want to fine tune for every lure the option is there - I mentioned this due to some on-line comments I've read that it's too complicated and over-engineered and it's NOT. I'm extremely happy with this reel and finally Shimano simplified their braking system. I've landed over a dozen Chinooks this season with the CI4+ and 2 were over 25 lbs and the drag system is super smooth. Thanks TW for the excellent service and timely delivery - 10/10 for consistency.

From: Roberto: Ontario, Canada 10/18/14

Comments: I picked up two of these from TW. First thing, the range of adjustments you can do for the reel are nothing like any Shimano I have had before. I think this is a good thing because rod actions are evolving and the ability to fine tune is necessary to cast each bait effectively. I have not had them very long, but I am very impressed. I broke down the reels to do a little degreasing, adding of carbontex drag washers and BigGreenFish bearings as I do with all my reels so I can accurately compare them to my other reels. Worth the money IMHO.

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK 10/15/14

Comments: great reel. After our whole season of use this reel is still as smooth as the day I bought it, this reel is so good that I bought a second one a few months ago. Lightweight and casts great

From: Josh: Brampton, Ontario Canada 10/13/14

Comments: Have had this reel for 4 months and used it for Pitching jigs and beavers exclusively. when I would cast a jig out(to swim it) with all the settings backed off, the reel would make a clacking noise. I never thought much of it until A day ago when i cracked a 6lber and my handle spun backwards making clacking noises. I caught the fish but I pulled on the line after and around 7lbs of pressure the reel would clack and the handle would spin backwards. Its a shame cause I really liked the reel.

From: Matt: FL 10/7/14

Comments: I think this one of the best everyday reels on the market for this price at the moment! Is it that good? Yes it is! It casts a mile, its strong, the braking system is phenomenal, its light weighted and its... Shimano... Only 1 little downside, the CI4 scratches easily.

From: Michael: Capelle, Netherlands 10/2/14

Comments: I just bought a new C14 Shimano and a Revo Premiere 3 series. They both were very smooth and weighed within half ounce of each other. Final impression is that the C14 is a fine reel but a bit over engineered for me. I could see a lot of wasted fishing and tournament time having to adjust internal brakes for different wind and lure types and weights.

From: Jim: Huntsville, AL 8/10/14

Comments: love this reel! It's smooth, powerful, great casting, good feel in hand while palming it. After spending a lot of money i found what i was looking for, one side note got a lemon from shimano and a lemon from lews took a month for shimano, lews has 3 day turnaround on warranty issues. Buy the chronarch its great!

From: Scott: Little River, SC 8/5/14

Comments: I love this reel! The size of this reel is great. It looks good and it's lightweight. Paired up with the right rod and it balances out perfectly. It casts really far, and far surpasses my old Curado's. It can even handle lighter weight lures much better than other reels I have used. I love the new SVS braking system. I love being able to adjust on the fly with the click of a wheel. If you're on the fence about whether to spend the money on this reel or not, just do it. You won't be disappointed!

From: Seth: Pittsburgh, PA 6/27/14

Comments: I was skeptical about this new coronary at first, and it took a while to get used to the svs braking, but man am I glad I bought it. 6 months later its my favorite reel to pick up. Casting is effortless with no backlash, the reel is smooth, and paired with the right rod, its a pleasure to hold all day. Shimano did good with this one.

From: Daniel: Statesboro, GA 6/18/14

Comments: My wife got this for me for my birthday. I love this reel. Smooth retrieve, excellent drag, and cast extremely well if you set the brakes right. Well worth the money.

From: Bronson: Sacremento, CA 6/7/14

Comments: Ergonomics: very easy to hold and control when not palming, and then palming brings out the great ergonomics of the body shape. Handle grip material is septon, and their shape is fine. It's as light in weight as you can want; Winding is very smooth, though I only have a few months worth of use right now. Drag: close-or-on-par with other carbon or greased carbon drags that I own. Casting: excellent and predictable. It's better than the Curado 50E when dialed in. Throws lightweight lures well enough that it doesn't matter in bass fishing. I don't quite like the new SVS but it works fine enough. Overall this is a much-better-than-good-to-great reel, well worth the money.

From: Joe: NJ 6/2/14

Comments: At first I wasn't that impressed with this reel but as I started to use this thing more and more only one word can describe it effortless.. It may not be the smoothest but it casts sooo damn good who cares I barely flick my wrist and it zoomed a 3/16 shakeyhead 30 yards it's unbelievable.. My favorite reel wish I could change all my reels to this one

From: Peter: NH 6/2/14

Comments: The best reel I ever used. I like this reels more than all my Curado 200E. Very smooth, strong and light. Use it's with G.Loomis MBR 844 GLX an BCR853. Excellent combinations for senko and punching.

From: Alex: New York City, NY 5/23/14

Comments: All I can say is wow I took the reel out today right after I got and caught I 6ib and a 5 with a frog this thing cast smooth and far it's ridiculous love this over any of my lews and abus going back next week and getting 2 more it's worth every penny.

From: Matt: Cumming, GA 5/8/14

Comments: I have the chronarh CI4+ in 7.6:1 gear ratio put on St. Croix legend tournament bass pitchin light flippin rod and 18 lb sunline shooter.  Just caught my first two bass of the year with it.  Best combo I own. Fartherest casting Shimano, I like it more than the core. Tight lines and God bless.

From: Shane: MI 4/18/14

Comments: This reel was nice until the spool got all rusted. How did this reel win icast for best freshwarer reel. The curado 200 I is 10 times better and not even made in japan. C'ome on shimano! Im so disappointed. Send it to shimano for a new spool. Hopefully, hopefully mine was a lemon.

From: Luis: TX 4/5/14

Comments: This is one amazing reel. Super light and tough with amazing casting distance. It amazes me how shimano always seems to come up with something different and 99% of the time alot better. If you buy this you wont be disappointed.

From: Ryan: Minneapolis, MN 3/24/14

Comments: I recently bought the new Chronarch and I'm amazed at the smoothness of the reel.

From: Hubie: Greenwood, SC 3/16/14

Comments: This reel is awesome. Works fine with 50lb braid, which is what I currently have on it (Swimbait rig). I don't know what the deal is with the few negative reviews on here, but it does say in the instructions that you need to oil the braking system after every use. I've only had to do it after every third outing with it. I LOVE THIS REEL. I will be buying another, and another...

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL

Comments: I received one of these as a Christmas gift, being from Iowa, I won't get to use it for a while, but my first impression was that this is a well made reel.  The handle turns very smoothly, I have it on a 13 Omen rod and it balances and palms perfectly.  All the lines are clean, and the fit and finish is excellent.  Can't wait to get this out on the water to see what it'll do.

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: I received the chronarch ci4+ for Christmas this year. right out of the box it is running terrible. not smooth whatsoever and makes a terrible noise when I attempt to crank the handle has anyone else had this problem and what should I do to fix it

From: Dan: Chicago, IL

Comments: very smooth, casts great, so far its a great little far as the negative comments go you cant make everyone happy.there always that one person thats in the minority that you cant make happy.enough said

From: Jeff: Orland park,il

Comments: This reel is the cream of the crop.  I had used mine everyday for the past couple weeks.  Easy to fine tune and casts like a dream.  Bar non best reel I have used!!!! Sooo good I just ordered a second in the other gear ratio.  Reel is well worth every penny and more!! Way to go Shimano!!!!

From: Darren: Warrenton, Va

Comments: Good reel so far. Light weight, smooth cranking, and a smooth drag (upping it a couple more pounds would be nice!). I haven't used it for bass fishing yet so I can't comment on the the casting capabilities. Broke in this reel with a 15lb chrome salmon in the feather and it handle the fish fine. No complaints so far.

From: bay area, ca

Comments: Review:AMAZING! casts a mile and a half with ease brake system is incredible and it's extremely light. i had a lew's speed spool before this and this is a HUGE improvement worth the money

From: Jon: London Ontario Canada

Comments: This is a superior reel. It is light, strong, and controllable with the turn of the dial.

From: Larry: Houston, TX USA

Comments: Great reel! This is the smoothest reel I have ever owned and the CI4+ is extremely light without feeling cheap. I have had this reel for a little over a week now, and enjoy it more everyday. The new casting controls are excellent and I have yet to have a backlash with this reel. I have had no problems with the reel clacking on casts or ticking while reeling, but I only time will tell with the durability issue. I am looking forward to many years with this setup. Super reel, you will not regret this purchase!

From: Shane: Pitts, GA, USA

Comments: it is a solid reel. bought the 7.6 to 1. my only negative comment about it is that when hooking into bigger fish the reel seems to twist a little.  maybe its the loomis GL2 I put it on that makes it feel that way but overall a very nice reel.

From: Mike: mpls mn  usa

Comments: once I figured out the braking system this reel casts light lures a mile with virtually no effort best reel I own!!!!

From: John: tamarac, FL USA