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Affordably priced and packed with premium Shimano features, the Shimano Caius 200 Series Casting Reels offer the smooth, consistent functioning that anglers have come to expect from Shimano.

- Aluminum Lo-Mass Spool System
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- High Speed 6.5:1 Retrieve
- 4 Bearings - Total
   • 3 Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
   • Roller Clutch Bearing
- New "Easy MAG II" Brake system
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- Quickfire II Clutch Bar
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Drilled Handle Shank
- Ceramic Line Guide
- Recessed Reel Foot
- Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon & Braided lines
- Approved for use in Saltwater

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About This Reel

Delivering Shimano’s proven level of quality and dependability, the Shimano Caius 200 Series Casting Reel is an excellent entry-level reel with very similar tooling and the same platform as the Citica G and Caenan reels. Aggressively priced, it comes loaded with a wide array of Shimano’s popular baitcasting features, and even has the corrosion-resistance necessary for use in saltwater. It’s new Easy Mag II Breaking System also makes it extremely easy to cast, and a great choice for anglers just starting out with baitcasting reels. The Easy Mag II System allows you to easily adjust your cast control settings with the dial on the side of the reel, helping you prevent backlashes and make changes based on lure weight and fishing application. Also equipped with a high speed 6.5:1 gear ratio that is ideal for a wide range of bass fishing applications, the Shimano Caius 200 Series Casting Reel is a great choice for anglers that want to start fishing baitcasting reels, as well as, those looking for a great deal on a quality reel.

Reel Technologies

catnameDrilled Handle Shank
catnameLo-Mass Drilled Spool System
catnameQuickFire II Clutch Bar
catnameRecessed Reel Foot
catnameSuper Stopper

Customer Feedback

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Comments: Pretty good reel for the money. I recently got this reel a few days ago, it casts very far & smooth. I have it paired up with a Shimano Sellus 6 ft 8 mh jig rod & it works just as good as some of my higher end reels. Great reel for the money.

From: Alex: Birmingham, AL 10/24/15

Comments: Fantastic reel, best one at this price point. I absolutely love this reel. Minimal backlashes, smooth reeling, plus it's rated for saltwater so you can bust out some big reds and snook in the flats.

From: Zach: Orlando, FL 3/5/15

Comments: This reel is an awesome reel for BASS fishing. I have caught many bass on it, and it handles small northern pike well. However, I lost a 50 inch muskie at the boat due to a handle malfunction. I paired this reel with a Berkley rod, and it did well. Good reel for frog fishing.

From: Jack: MN, U.S.

Comments: good reel, this is my first bait caster and I was really worried. It took me about a hour to adjust it right and just to get used to it. Also this is no joke I accidentally drop the pole and reel in the water on a cast, I jumped in and got it out and work grate, I'm buying another one!  

From: Donovan: prunedale, ca

Comments: just a really nice product, cast well, auoite smooth.. Tryy it, Shimano makes great products

From: Joshua: Boston

Comments: this is an awesome reel for beginners i got it for my first bait caster and i can already cast weightless plastics a country mile with little back lash

From: Corey: US

Comments:  This is the EXACT same reel as the Caenan. The only differences are color, bearings in the handle of the Caenan, drive shaft bearing in the Caenan, and the Caenan has a Variable Brake System (not magnets like the Caius). I even bought both to show a friend they are the same, and now I have a black/silver Caenan and a maroon/orange Caius. My caenan looks like the new citica. If you dont believe me try it. Both reels work like champs. I fish the Texas Coast, and have had no problem with Black Drum, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper, and Spanish Mackeral. Shimano flat out makes great products no matter what the price range. I have curados, chronarchs, and Citicas. They all catch fish the same if you take care of them. Tight Lines!!!!!!

From: Rader: Pearland, TX

Comments: Bought this 2 months ago. And the worm gear went out on me. Send to Shimano for repair. Other than that this reel is nice. But not sure how it will last. Ill just pay the extra $20 and get a Caenan. Read alot good reviews

From: Scott: TN

Comments: I purchased one of these as well as a Quantum Resource I am new to baitcasting reels so I bought both to see what I would prefer. Although I have a limited knowledge of them I can say that honestly the Resource felt better for some reason the button on it just seemed to feel heave and required more pressure then I would like to engage it. The resource was lighter, this is still a fine reel don't get me wrong I just prefer the resource to it.

From: Bren: Alberta, CA 

Comments: ive had mine for about a year now and i have to say for the money i love it i have mine on a 7foot 2 extra heavy shimano clarus rod and its handled every thing ive thrown at it from calico bass halibut to 10 lbs large mouth yea now it kinda grinds when i fire baits a mile out but its still pretty smooth and im not easy on fishing gear i throw it in the bed of the truck and go this reel is like a cock roach it wont die if you want a good work horse reel i say buy this reel throw it on a 2 piece rod in your tool box and when you see that little pond through the trees youll be ready

From: Brad: Camp Pendelton, CA

Comments: First off, have the proper expectations. This isn't a Curado, and you shouldn't expect it to be. It is, however, an excellent reel that can cast fairly light baits with ease. It should be fine for taking fresh water bass and walleye with, however, don't think you're going to use this for stripers or big cats. It's all composite, and the frame won't stand up to the stress of a really big (teen sized) fish, resulting in gear trouble. I was in love with the old CU-101B series, made in Japan. They were great reels, very dependable, and priced right. Long gone, this is the first Shimano that compares favorably, IMHO. I have two, and they're even easier to swap baits with thanks to the new magnetic control adjustment on the exterior of the reel. OK, the color is a little funky, but paired with a nice medium baitcaster, you'll have a sweet combo that is light and reliable. Don't be scared by the crazy reviews, this little guy is a winner when used properly.

From: John: Jefferson, NJ

Comments: I've used Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifiers mostly, but wanted to try a Shimano reel without breaking the bank. Was very surprised with this reel. Great casting and very smooth for the money.

From: Kevin: Wheaton, IL

Comments:  i have a citica a curado and a caius 200 ilove shimano but i have fished with this reel for 1 month and now the gears are grinded up but its a good reel

From: Julius: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: I have always owned curado's and citica's and still do. To me they are the best for the average pocket book. I bought me the calus 200 just to use in the smaller rivers where I live. Man this reel is awesome. It will cast wieghtless worms and lizards a mile. The reel is just about the same size and weight as the curado and I swear for the money it is the smoothest winding and casting reel that you will ever purchase for 70 bucks. Grab you a couple and ou will be ready to take on any fish you want to catch. Very, good reel.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Just got it in the mail way smother and nicer than I thought it would be Cast great not sure how it will hold up

From: Rob: VA

Comments: I casted a texas rig worm so far with this reel GREAT Deal

From: Joe: Havasu City, AZ

Comments: Good reel for a great price and should be called the Caenan cuz it is the same thing almost...LOL

From: Joe: TX

Comments: VERY similar to a Caenan. The only difference is color and designed a little differently.. BEST reel for $70

From: Ziim: Maine