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The new CORE reels by Shimano are designed to be the ultimate, lightweight baitcasting reels. Made with magnesium frames and sideplates, and Magnumlite spool construction.

-Ultra-Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Sideplate
-Ultra-Lightweight A7075 Aluminum Spool Construction
-Magnumlite Spool Design
-S A-RB Ball Bearings
-A-RB Roller Bearing
-High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
-Super Stopper
-Super Free (SF)
-Variable Brake System (VBS)
-Reduced Mass VBS Hub
-Escape Hatch
-Dartainium Drag
-Cold Forged Aluminum Drag Star
-Clicking Drag Adjustment
-Aluminum Cast Control Knob
-Rubber Shielded Cast Control Knob
-Tapered Ti Levelwind Insert
-Cold Forged Aluminum Handle Shank
-Drilled Handle Shank
-Septon Handle Grips
-Recessed Reel Foot
-Lightweight Aluminum Drive Gear
-Paddle Grips
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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About This Reel

The Core reel from Shimano is designed to be the ultimate lightweight power fishing reel. Constructed with a magnesium frame and sideplates this reel weighs in at an astonishing 6.1 ounces. The HEG gearing gives this reel plenty of fighting power and the 11lbs of drag will allow you to tame just about any fish. There is no question mark when it comes to durability with the Core. Tackle Warehouse staff tested this reel for three straight days with braided line on Lake El Salto. This reel handled hundreds of casts, hooksets and fish.

Not only is this reel extremely light it is extremely comfortable to hold during the cast and retrieve. The all new 100 size frame design is ergonomic and becomes an extension of the rod. The 6.2:1 gear ratio gives you burn back retrieve speed and combined with the HEG gearing you can move fish quick and efficiently. The Core represents the next generation of Shimano magnesium reels.

Tackle Tour Ultimate Enthusiast Award
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catnameA-RB: Anti-Rust Bearings
catnameA7075 Aluminum Spool
catnameClicking Drag Adjustment
catnameCold Forged Handle Shank
catnameDartainium Drag
catnameDrilled Handle Shank
catnameDrilled, Cold Forged Drag Star
catnameEscape Hatch
catnameHEG: High Efficiency Gearing
catnameMagnumlite Spool
catnameRecessed Reel Foot
catnameReduced Mass VBS Hub
catnameS A-RB: Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings
catnameSepton Handle Grips
catnameSF: Super Free
catnameSuper Stopper
catnameVBS: Variable Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: Recently fished a tournament with this reel and it handled many different lures flawlessly. It's super light weight, smooth, and powerful. This is a very versatile reel and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Nuff said!

From: Delby: USA 4/20/14

Comments: Amazing reel!! I landed a 20lb 1oz hybrid bass with this reel the second time I took it out. Reel handled great and the drag allowed me to tire the fish out and bring him in. I pair it with a 6'10 13 Envy and fish my shallow to medium cranks with it. The reel is an absolute featherweight and allows you to fish all day without fatigue while still having the strength and smoothness to tackle any fish in the lake.

From: Unknown: USA 4/17/14

Comments: I use this core 6.2.1 reel on a 13 fishing omen 7ft med hvy rod for spinnerbait has to be the best spinnerbait combo ever.the castabilty of this reel is awesome. the drag can handle any fish. thank you tackle warehouse for this great setup. put some sunline sniper line on and you are set baby. LOVE IT!LOVE IT!LOVE IT!

From: David: Charles City, VA 4/3/14

Comments: highly recommended reel. i have a chronarch, a quantum smoke , and a johnny moreis carbonlite i bought all three reels around the same time and the chronarch is the only reel that is still in perfect condition that still runs as smooth as it did the day i took it out of the box which made me buy another shimano and the core is betond smooth i couldnt ask for anything better im beyond satisfied with this reel and have come to the conclusion that im never buying anythimg else but a shimano. cant wait to see how the new chronarch feels very excited for that reel.

From: pittston, pa, us

Comments: Wow. That one word describes it all. I have been an Abu guy my whole life but after my gen 3 Revos started taking a dump on me after only a few months of use I figured I would give Shimano a try. Quieter, smoother, better feeling drag, and further casting than my Gen 3 Revo Premier with Boca orange seals installed. After hooking into my first fish, 3lb 7oz, I couldn't believe how much more connected to the fish I felt compared to my Revos. This has completely changed my mind about buying Abu again. I even get discounts direct with Pure Fishing (Abu) as a collegiate angler and would rather just get Shimano from TackleWarehouse now.

From: Brad: Nebraska

Comments: This reel literally puts a smile on my face with how far it casts. It will blow your mind, a "country mile" doesn't even begin to describe what this reel is capable of. Shimano puts great quality and thought into their higher-end reels and it shows. I would love to have a Core 100mg on all my rods, but I couldn't be happier with the two I have!

From: Ralph: No. FL

Comments: So I hadn't even had this reel a whole month and when fighting a fish, not even a very big one 2.5lbs, the screw that goes through the handle shank and drag star jumped threads and the handle was soooo crooked and the drag star was really offset too. I don't know if I got a defective nut/screw or shimano doesn't put very durable material in that part of the reel. Now I get to wait 3 weeks so shimano can hopefully get it right this time. Other than that, this reel is boss.

From: South GA

Comments: This reel just came in yesterday and haven't gotten a chance to fish it yet cause i'm waiting on my Powell Endurance rod to come in. But first impressions this thing is insanely light, I love all the glitter on the reel and this is the smoothest five bearing reel money can buy. Shimano is definitely the only reels I will ever buy, all my rods have shimano reels on them because I have yet to fish another reel that feels, performs and looks as good as a Shimano!

Comments: Just arrived in the mail today paid $271.06 also purchased a Daiwa Alpha Ito AI 2005 JDM reel for $190.88 can't wait to get on the water again. It feels like a feather in my hand shimano is still one of the best reels made in my book.

From: Tbass: Loganville, GA

Comments: Very light smooth retrieve cast very well & has strong drag . Hate the line capacity, wish it holds some more line .

From: Fishkiller01: NYC, NY

Comments:  I also CAN NOT believe anybody would compare this reel to an ardent.  Shimanos have held up to fishing a few hundered days a year.  These reels are workhorses.

From: Jeremy: Punxsutwaney, PA

Comments: cant believe someone compared this reel with an ardent... anyways yeah its pricey but you get what you pay for.....shimano's are tanks and can take a beating and still function like day one - this reel has great drag, smooth retrieve and cast great - what else can i say.

From: Sickman: NY area

Comments: The reel feels great but I don't like paying $350 dollars for it plus I like my Ardent XS1000 a lot more it is $100 cheaper and throws farther. The reel is too small for my hand and I have come to not like Shimanos.

From: Taylor, GA

Comments: Awesome... cast like a champ, tough, easy access to the brakes, and light... A Chronarch in mag!

From: Ker: Florence, KY

Comments: Super light and super tough, one of the best reels on the market, Tackle Warehouse is a great on-line store to get all the best stuff!!!

From: MrBond007: East Lansing, MI