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The new slimmed down version of the original Castaic has the added benefit of Super Free Technology. If you flip and pitch jigs or plastics, the Castaic Super Free Reel is the reel for you!

- Aluminum Frame
- Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System
- Aluminum Spool
- Rubber Handle Grip
- Instagage II
- Super Free (SF)
- Variable Brake System (VBS)
- Turn-Key-Access Sideplate
- Clicking Drag Adjustment
- Graphite Sideplates
- Metal Series
- Approved for use in Saltwater


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About This Reel

The Shimano Castaic Super Free reels are unique in Shimano's lineup with its ability to instantly engage the drive train after casting for instant hooksets. Imagine that you just pitched a Brush Hog under an overhanging willow. A giant bass crushes the bait while you're trying to switch hands, crank the reel to engage, and set the hook. That bass will probably turn into a dock tale about a giant that got away from you. Now imagine you made the same cast and all you had to do was push a bar with your thumb to engage the drive train. You catch that fish, win the tournament, buy a new boat and get your own TV show. Maybe that's going too far, but the Shimano Castaic will certainly help you put more fish in the boat if you like to flip and pitch.

In addition to the Instagage thumb bar you get a solid one piece aluminum frame, the Variable Brake System to eliminate backlashes, and a high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio. The new Super Free reels provide the long casting Super Free System and the ultralight Wiffle Spool, these two features enable you to pitch weights as light as 1/8 ounce. If you flip and pitch jigs or plastics, the Castaic Super Free Reel is the reel for you!

Reel Technologies

catnameClicking Drag Adjustment
catnameLo-Mass Drilled Spool System
catnameMetal Series
catnameSF: Super Free
catnameTurn-Key Access Sideplate
catnameVBS: Variable Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: Haven't had a chance to use this yet looks sweet and smooth but its my first reel with this kind of magnetic braking and was wondering if anyone had a general setting for flippin/pitchin??

From: Joe: CT

Comments: This was my first Shimano casting reel and it pushed me away. VERY bulky and uncomfortable, hurt my fingers palming it after a few hours of pitching and flipping a jig. Im going back to quantum.

Comments: used this thing throwing flukes worms etc. not worth 170$ if u dont clean  it everytime u use is it will make LOUD noises

Comments: I have 4 of these and they are in my opinion the best flipping reel out there I had 2 of the older model castaics and finally retired them last year  I have a good friend who bought 20 of these reels the year that shimano qiut making the old green reels because he was afraid he wouldnt be able to find a reel that fit his style he now fishes everything with it from dropshots to flipping topwater to crankbaits

From: Chris: VA

Comments: The Castaic is an excellent flipping reel! If you are a right handed caster, get a left handed Castaic for the flipping technique.  The thumb bar is set up perfectly for this use.  Also, for those of you who still mourn the passing of the old green Curado B series; this is pretty much the same reel with a flipping thumbbar.  The Castaic can be used for just about any bass fishing technique, but it is at it's best for flipping.

From: Forrest: Tucker, GA

Comments: Best Flippin' reel on the planet!!!!!!

From: Chris: Chester, VA