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Shimano Corvalus Casting Reels - $89.99

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The Shimano Corvalus offers a cast aluminum frame and aluminum sideplates for longer smoother life and increased casting efficiency. The Super Stopper and Assist Stopper ensures there is no back play in your spool for rock solid hooksets.

- One Piece Diecast Aluminum Frame
- Variable Brake System (VBS)
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- Two Post Quick Take Down
- Rubber Handle Grip
- Aluminum Sideplates
- Aluminum Spool
- Metal Series
- Approved for use in Saltwater


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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
CVL300 Right 5.2:1 10.9 3SS + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 $89.99 3+
CVL301 Left 5.2:1 10.9 3SS + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 $89.99 2

About This Reel

Superseding Shimano's great Corsair and Catala reels, the Corvalus has incorporated all the great features and all the knowledge gained by years of reel making into one reasonably-priced, tough round reel. The Shimano Corvalus offers a cast aluminum frame and aluminum sideplates for longer smoother life and increased casting efficiency. Super Stopper and Assist Stopper ensure there is no back play in your spool for rocksolid hooksets. Corvalus also features Shimano's VBS Variable Brake System so you can dial in and virtually eliminate backlashes. The Shimano Corvalus Casting Reel are quality round reels at a reasonable price - designed to get the job done.

Reel Technologies

catnameAssist Stopper
catnameMetal Series
catnameSuper Stopper
catnameVBS: Variable Brake System

Customer Feedback

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Comments: WORKHORSE. This is the only Shimano reel I own, and I just ordered another. I am NOT a Shimano fan due to their reels failing me in the past, but this little turkey here has held so strong, I had to get another. Huge spoons, Bammer rigs and of course Swimbaits. this reel does it.

From: Jay6: USA 2/19/16

Comments: I have two of these, the left handed 401. They rock period. I use them for flathead fishing on Cat Fight rods. Perfect combo! I recommend them to everyone I fish with. They are super smooth, very tight and solid. Cast amazing, drag is great. Nothing I dislike about these reels! They're only $70-80!!! No Abu can even compare to this quality for this price!!! Best entry level round bait caster on the market!!!

From: Marc: OH 6/9/14

Comments: awsome reel. I put this thing through hell! surf fishing, bat rays, calicos, spotted bay bass, large mouth all of it. i fish every day and all i do is wash this thing off and its still buttery smooth. out of the whole year and a half ive had this reel ive opened it up and really cleaned it 3 times not because it was rough but because i wanted to see what it looked like from all the abuse. i highly recomend this reel to anybody looking into round reels

From: Evan: Long Beach, CA 5/29/14

Comments: Great value. Sure, the cosmetic sideplate comes loose, but it has nothing to do with the functioning of the reel.  It is a solid heavy block of a reel perfect for slowing down with big soft plastics.  Heft helps to balance out heavy swimbait rods.  Handle side disconnects easily for routine cleaning too. 

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua NH 

Comments: I've had this reel for probably a good 3 years. I have 0 complaints. I accidentally hooked and landed a 100+ pound ray on mine and it took it like a champ. Don't know why you guys have so many issues and complaints. This thing that's abuse too. I fish it 100% salt water as well.

From: Randy: Long Beach CA.

Comments: i dont like this reel it is good for the first few days then it broke because i tok it ocean fishing once and it dosent do so well pulling in a big fish SO DONT GET IT AND GET A calcuta

From: Joaquin: Mission Veijo

Comments: This reel is junk. I own a calcutta te and curado e and they are worth the price tag. A guy I know purchased this reel and I adjusted the breaks and threw some casts and the sideplate feels loose. I don't like how the whole reel comes apart to get to the breaks either. The drag adjustment is plastic too. Basically its a cheap reel. Save up some money and get a better reel

From: Ron: Philadelphia, PA

Comments: This reel garbage. I took it out a couple days after I got it for my birthday at famous Otay lake and tried to fish crawdads. The reel screamed and got horrible back lash. I cut that line after getting out for twenty minutes and tried it again and the same thing happened. The reel was greasy and well oiled. Does anyone else have the same problems? If so what did you do?

From: Michael: Bonita, CA

Comments: If you are getting the 400 save up and get the calcutta. this thing is junk for big lures and fish.

From: Justin: Brea, CA

Comments: Ii put this on a 6'6" shimano clarus MH to through spinnerbaits and swim jigs. I like the reel alot, no complaints.

From: Zach: Shavertown, PA

Comments:I bought the Corvalus 200 recently and the reel is really smooth. I turned off the variable brakes and re-lubed it just because I don't like the lubes that the reels come with. The only comment I can think of is that for lightweight bait or lures it could be better with a few more bearings... but with a 1 oz. weight this reel really flies and is super smooth. The retrieve is pleasantly fast and I'm quite impressed with it. I've used it in both salt and fresh water and am pleased with the reel for the price. Drag is smooth, the movement is very smooth, it's a good choice for beginners to advanced fisherman.

From:Jerry: San Diego, CA