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Shimano Sellus Crankbait Casting Rods

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Shimano Sellus Crankbait Casting Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-17lb 1/4-3/4oz 7+Tip Sellus Crank B
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14" $59.99 3+
Sellus Crank B

Shimano Sellus Crankbait Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-20lb 3/8-1oz 7+Tip Sellus Crank B
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14" $59.99 3+
Sellus Crank B

About This Rod

Delivering technique-specific performance dialed in for fishing crankbaits, the Shimano Sellus Crankbait Casting Rods offer Shimano's legendary quality and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. The 24-ton graphite blanks are lightweight and sensitive with the moderate actions you need for proper lure presentation and maximum hooking capabilities, and newly designed, proprietary Shimano Reel Seats put you in direct contact with the rod blank, while furnishing a lightweight, sturdy base for your reel. Low profile Aluminum Oxide Guides also offer increased durability and the long casting capabilities you need for fishing crankbaits, while custom shaped EVA split grip handles furnish all day comfort and further reduce weight. Stylishly assembled and packed with performance, the Shimano Sellus Crankbait Casting Rods do it all for a price that won’t hurt the pocket book.

Additional Features:

- Laser Etched Technique Butt-Cap
- Multipurpose Hook Keeper

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)


Customer Feedback

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Comments: The rod has too much play and sensitivity is near zero. The reel seat is the biggest issue...the real will feel like it's coming loose while fighting a fish. When I tried to tighten it more, it stripped immediately. This rod inspires zero confidence.

From: Julien: Ontario, Canada 1/9/17

Comments: I bought the 7ft med for smaller crankbaits & now I use it for 3-4 inch swimbaits & it is perfect.

From: Jon: Porterville, CA 11/16/16

Comments: I've been using this rod for several weeks now & I love the action on it when used with a crankbait it's very sensitive & for the price it's perfect. I'd recommend if you love cranking raps!

From: Bloopy: USA 5/10/16

Comments: This rod is garbage. The sensitivity on this rod is as bad as an ugly stick the only good things I can say is that it is a very light and strong won't snap on you, I paired it up with a shimano canen, at least it looks good but I'll be replacing this rod next season, no doubt!

From: Mojo: CA 6/25/15

Comments: I bought the 7" med because I broke my Powell Diesel glass cranking rod. I like the rod, but the action is nowhere near the Powell with crank bait. I like the action with spinners/swimbaits. For the $ I would recommend it, but the Powell Diesel is a much better rod

From: ED: OH 6/28/14

Comments: I bought this rod because it was light and looked great. I have owned many rods from the cheapest to extremely expensive such as the Diawa steez. I recently had broken two rods so I needed a new one I got the 7,0' med and for the first couple months it was great but unfortunately as I used it more and cout more fish a couple problems emerged. Since I was cranking I was using a florocarbon. Let me tell you the line guide at the end of the rod was cut down and basically sharpened by the line rubing it. Every time I threw a big high resistance crainkbait it would fray the line and when I set the hook it would cut and break the line until the insert popped out and I had to replace the guide. Once I did the rod worked great. Other than the quality of the guides I would say in the price range nothing can compare other than maybe the Powell diesel. All in all I do recomend the rod but look into a better guide for the tip.

From: Johnny: NH 3/2/14

Comments: I have to say, when I initially bought this rod I was skeptical considering it was in the $50 price range. All I can say is WOW! This rod performs exceptionally well. It is sensitive, strong, and light. There are obviously rods which are way better than this, but for $50-$60 the Shimano Sellus is a great choice. Highly recommended!!

From: Matt: Ontario,Canada

Comments: I just got this rod in the mail today, and I have to say that it's pretty nice. You'd really expect it to cost more than it does with the quality you get. The blank is a kind of strange pearly kind of white, but I'm not complaining about it or anything. My one concern is that one of the guides makes a weird clicking sound whenever the rod flexes. I'm really hoping it doesn't snap near that guide like the Vendetta did. The rod has a very nice parabolic action, as is expected from a crankbait rod. It's very light, comfortable, and has fairly good balance. Overall a great rod, can't wait to take it out for a spin.

From: Bay Area, California

Comments: When i first unboxed this rod i was very surprised to see how light and thin it was. It has a very strong backbone and feels like a higher end rod. If you are looking for a good rod and are on a budget, don't let the price fool you.

From: Jesse: IL

Comments: Absolutely love this rod. ive used it for a while now and it holds up great. matched it wit a 5:3:1 gear ratio crankin reel and your set. BUY THIS ROD YOU WONT RREGRET IT


From: RICK, OH

Comments: great rod for the money. i have this in 7ft. MH and it is my all purpose rod. i never leave home without it. great buy.

From: Tyler: Cincy

Comments: Awesome rod, and the price is right. Tackled some nice winter bass with some jerkbaits this season. Looking forward to getting the flipping stick!

From: Christian: CA

Comments:  I just bought one of these in MH 7'0.  I like the action on it because its a little more stiff than a lot of the crank bait rods out there which I feel are too wobbly.  Its nice and light but it could be balanced a little better.  I have a Chronarch E on it and the colors are an exact match but it doesnt balance out as well as it probably should.  A slightly longer handle or a heavier reel would probably take care of it but its really not that much of an issue.  I've heard some people comparing these to the Abu Garcia Veritas rods.  I have one of those too and there is no comparison.  The Veritas is much better.  The sellus crankbait rod is a solid buy for the price

From: St Louis, MO