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About This Rod

Combining the expertise of two of the best in the business, the Shimano Jackall Poison Adrena Casting Rods are Shimano rods designed by Jackall Lures. Featuring technical actions, tapers and lengths designed for specific applications and lure types, Shimano and Jackall were able to combine their unique perspectives from both rod building and lure design to create a rod series with all the attributes you need for a given technique.

The new Spiral X blanks feature an advance construction in which Shimano rolled carbon tape both on the inside and outside of the blank, forming an X pattern. This unique construction process allowed them to create a lightweight, thin-walled blank with reinforced strength attributes that are exceptional under heavy loads. Advanced CI4 reel seats, made out of the same material as the Chronarch and Stradic CI4 reels, further contribute to the overall lightness of the rods, while also increasing sensitivity transfer. A new Carbon Monocoque butt section helps further decrease weight and improve sensitivity by eliminating a lot of the material, such as glue, cork, winding checks, etc. typically found in rod handles. Never be out classed with the new Shimano Jackall Poison Adrena Casting Rods.

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award
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Customer Feedback

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Comments: I bought the 7'4" Extra heavy rod to throw swimbaits. The rod is beautiful, well crafted and light for a swimbait rod. Love this rod for 1 to 3oz swimbait and even oversized top water lures. My one complaint is the rear handle. It does look great and I'm sure it does lighten the rod and provide better sensitive but when I'm throwing big baits it feels like the rod wants fly right out of my hands. Very slick and hard to get a solid grip when hurling big baits. I may put an over wrap on it or learn to deal with it. Overall I'm extremely impressed with this rod, especially for the sale price.

From: Jake: ME 10/4/16

Comments: Fantastic sticks. I have multiple models however the most recent purchase is the 7'6" XH. This thing is pure joy to fish, fast tip makes pitching and flipping a easy task. Plenty on backbone to rip them from the grass. I could not be happier. And man this thing is good looking. I am so hopeful Shimano continues this line in the future.

From: CG: TX 10/27/16

Comments: The rod is made in China so I was a bit hesitant to spend money on it but I eventually did. I inspected it from top to bottom upon arriving, Wow, total quality/craftsmanship! Everything from the carbon monocoque butt to the sic guide to the tip is perfect! I have even more expensive rods like St. Croix and G. Loomis, it's on par with if not better! I took off my favorite reel from another pole, the metanium mgl & put it on the rod and tested it in the backyard. Casting distance is improved about 10%, it's just as sensitive like my St. Croix tournament bass series rod. It's pretty light for a 7,4' heavy rod. The overall diameter is smaller then other heavy rods due to the spiral x design. Looks like a medium power rod visually until you read the markings & find out it's a heavy rod. The only thing I don't like about this rod is not having a hook keeper built in. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. Got mine on sale so saved about $180.

From: John: WI 9/1/16

Comments: This rod is absolutely incredible. I purchased the 7'2 Heavy about 4 months ago & I literally can use it for everything. The weight, balance, sensitivity & even down to the looks amaze me every single time I use it. I have it paired with a Shimano Alderbaren & it is a match made in heaven! The price is a little high, but it is worth every single penny. I plan on buying a few more as soon as I can! 


Comments: beautiful work of art, these rods. Have the 6'10" medium & the 6'10" MH. Both tips recover fast. Both were bought to be used as general purpose rods. I feel as though it excels in topwater & jerkbait applications up until 5/8oz for the medium, and 1oz for the mh (though it would be stretching it for the mh) but wait. These rods are very sensitive, so I cannot just say they excel in topwater & jerkbait applications. They can throw weightless plastics, jigs, etc for bottom applications that require sensitivity. If you are not fond of XF action and want a bit more forgiving tip for loading when casting plastics, this is the rod for you.....Okay I give up, these rods have a nice parabolic bend that kicks in when there is a fish on, which keeps the fish pinned. Use it for shallow-med depth diving cranks. premium components, the most comfortable reel seat I have experienced to date, along with how light the rod is makes the flagship rod of Shimano America a true keeper in my arsenal.

From: Paulito: San Diego, CA 3/22/16

Comments: Got a 6'10 MH, and have to say it's phenomenally breathtaking. SUPER light weight, esp paired with a Chronarch ci4. Tested on a few jigs, lipless, square bills, chatter & spinnerbaits varying from 1/4oz-1/2oz. Have to say it is quite versatile IMO. Enough flex for a reaction bait bite (though maybe you'd want a blank with glass for cranking), and yet still SUPER sensitive to throw your jigs/plastics in short casts.

From: Jacob: Connelly Springs, NC 3/12/16

Comments: I have both 6' 10" medium rods. They are very light and a quality product. The regular one is a little stiffer than the typical medium rod. The mg for crankbaits is more along the line of a typical medium. You could pitch plastic the with first one. I use both for senkos/flukes and pair them with the abu garcia mgxtreme reel. Incredibly light combination which makes detecting the smallest of bites easier than one would expect.

From: Paul: Haughton, LA 3/7/15

Comments: Very nice rods...Have a JDM feel to them and the two piece model reminded me of my steez 8'

From: 3/8/14