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Get more bang for your buck with Sedona Spinning Reels. Available in a variety of sizes, the Sedona FD incorporates top-of-the-line features like Propulsion, Super Stopper II and Fluidrive II.

-Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, Power Roller III, S-Arm Cam
-Varispeed Oscillation
-Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
-Lightweight Graphite Frame Sideplate, & Rotor
-Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
-S-Concept: S-Guard, S-Arm Cam
-Ported Handle Shank
-Rubber Handle Grips
-Fluidrive II
-Super Stopper II
-Repairable Clicker
-Approved for use in Saltwater


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About This Reel

The appetizing price makes the Shimano Sedona FD Spinning Reel a great entry-level reel, but the premium features packed into the Sedona make it great for any angler looking for a reasonably priced spinning set-up. The Sedona is a quality spinning reel with excellent durability and backed by Shimano's solid warranty.

Among the many features standard in the Sedona FD, the Propulsion Line Management System, helps significantly reduce line twisting and friction for longer casting and less tangles. The lightweight Graphite Frame, Sideplate and Rotor, combined with the Cold Forged Aluminum Spool help keep the weight down. The Fluiddrive II and Dyna-Balance systems make sure the reel maintains its Shimano smoothness and power. Great for "finesse fishing" and light tackle because of the advanced engineering and premium components, the price makes it a great reel for anyone who just wants to fish.

Click here to see some video on Shimano reels with Jeremy Sweet at ICAST '08.

Reel Technologies

catnameCold Forged Aluminum Spool
catnameFluidrive II
catnamePropulsion Line Management System
catnameSuper Stopper II

Customer Feedback

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Comments: I own 2 of these reels in the 2500 size.  I use one for trout fishing spooled w 6 lb pline cxx. The other has 15 lb pp ss8 on it. While the trout outfit still sings smoothly, the other outfit with the 15 lb braid is completely shot. I use it for walleye and hybrids  on a 6''6 medium action rod, and last night, after just over a yr of use, it seized on me while walleye fishing on lake hopatcong in NJ. I'm incredibly displeased w shimano right now. This is the second shimano reel to seize on me in the last two seasons after only a little of a years use (moderate use). The other reel was that seized was the  3000 series Sahara. If buying shimano, go straight to the stradic. I wouldn't even try the saros. I'm a shimano lifer. Ha gotta pay to play!

From: Jigman13: Helmetta, NJ 5/18/15

Comments: I love this reel and I believe it is absolutely the best spinning reel available if your on a budget and at the $60 price point you can't beat it.  I have a 4000 FD and use it strictly for flats fishing from a kayak. I have no trouble landing reds, trout, tarpon or snook.  It is still as smooth as the day I bought it.  I have never done anything to it other than rinse it with fresh water after every use and wipe it down.  I have it on a 13 Fishing Omen Green 7'2" Med Hvy spinning rod with 20 lb braided line. Great reel if your on a budget.

From: Kelly: Oviedo, FL 4/14/15

Comments: This is one of the best spinning reels going. This is all I own when it comes to spinning reels, incredibly reliable. I have not ever had a problem with one of these reels.

From: Daniel: Knoxville, TN 2/21/15

Comments: this reel is a great value. Read some of the professional reviews about it. There is little line twist, it's reliable, it's powerful, it's durable inside and out, the drag operates smoothly, it cranks smoothly, and it cranks very fast. You can take slack out of your line in a heartbeat. No company makes spinning reels with a higher gear ratio. The only bad thing about this reel is that it's kind of heavy. But that's a minor issue, especially with it being a spinning reel. And I've heard people complain that the bail wire is too thin... Well, yesterday I was fishing my neighbours' gravel pit and my feet slipped out from under me. I used my right hand to stop my fall. Since I hold my rod with my right hand, I landed on my reel. Nothing on the reel got broke, bent, or damaged at all. Including the bail wire. I constantly drop my pole/reel, rarely clean/oil it, fish it at the creek/river daily, and with all the hell I put it through, it still works like the day I got it.

From: Ben: Middletown, OH 9/9/14

Comments: I've had this reel about a year now. Not my favorite. I use it for light t rigs and drop shots and tubes. The reel is heavy, the bail feels really cheap, does not cast as far as I'd like to see, don't think it's worth $60. Maybe worth 30-40. A better spinning reel for the price would be the Lew's speed spin. Much better reel. Do not buy the Sedona. If you really must buy a shimano, go big or go home and buy the stradic ci4+. Definetly worth the money.

From: Bigbassmaster1: USA

Comments: Great reel for serious begginers or to add another spinner to your collection. I purchased the 2500 with 8lb mono. Reel feels solid and smooth retrieve. I notice people talking about weight, but I dont feel like its a problem. Maybe compared to higher end models for the Pros. . . Lets face it $60 for a solid spinner from Shimano?!

From: Sean: Salem, OR

Comments: got this reel last year. overall its decent. the handle keeps falling off and the bail is bad.

From: Matt: Naperville, IL

Comments: I bought the 2500 model and put on 8 lb mono. I'm thoroughly pleased. As others mentioned, it's very smooth. I use it while pitching finesse worms and wouldn't hesitate installing 30 lb braid for pitching anything else. Wish it came with 2 spools. From low end to high end rods you'll be happy with this choice of reel. Well worth the $$$.

From: Steve: Lady Lake, FL

Comments: Love the reel. won me money. only con is it is heavy.

Comments: i have had this reel for about 6 months now and it is one of the smoothest reels i have. i have this paired up with a abu garcia vengeance with 12 lbs berkley fluro 100% line and it is a great combo and caught many bg ones with it. i definitly recommend it

From: Matt: IL

Comments: great reel especially for the money i have it on a shimano clarus 7'medium light for drop shots the combo works perfect very smooth especially sense it only has 5 bearings

From: Tyler: USA

Comments: love this reel great casting distance and great power i have this paired up with a 6'6abu garcia vengeance mediumlight and this combo is ultimate for finesse,dropshot,shakyhead and small jerkbaits great reel

Comments: Great reel! I have owned one for 3 years now and it has seen so much hard use I'm suprised it still works - And for 60$ too!!! I have to say the gears did start to grind a little bit this past season at the end, but I greased her up and now she works great. Great price!

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: best 60 dollar reel ever!got mine with the st.croix mojo bass best combo ever

From: John: NY

Comments: I was originally looking for a reel that was little more higher end until I tried my friend's Sedona. I was really surprised about how smooth the entire reel felt. So instead, I opted for the cheaper route and I can't say I made the wrong choice (plus I had some extra money for more tackle :p). Overall a very nice reel for the price!

From: Tristan: San Jose, CA

Comments: awesome reel. Love it. It's super smooth. will be buying more of this reel. Take advantage of it, not as super great as the stradic but for the price it's a steal.

From: Dan: Maplewood, MN

Comments:Awesome Buy! I love how smooth this reel is. I got the 4000 and paired it up with a 7'3 Mh carrot stix, excellent combo for tubes, senkos, and shaky heads...Gonna get the 2500 for my drop shot rod next!

From:MJ: Endicott, NY