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Shimano Symetre FL Spinning Reels

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The all-new Shimano Symetre FL Spinning Reel delivers solid performance and feel no matter what you're pursuing thanks to long list of Shimano's most advanced features, including Shimano's new ultra-thin M Compact Body design.

-New XGT7 Graphite Frame & Sideplate
-New M Compact Body
-New Varispeed II Oscillation
-Durable Stamped Bail
-Super Stopper II
-Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
-Dyna Balance
-Front Drag
-Fluidrive II
-Propulsion Line Management System
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
SY1000FL Right/Left 6.0:1 6.5 4A-RB + 1A-RB 4/140, 6/110 $99.99 2
SY2500FL Right/Left 6.2:1 9.0 4A-RB + 1A-RB 6/200, 8/140 $99.99 2
SY4000FL Right/Left 5.8:1 11.8 4A-RB + 1A-RB 8/240, 10/200 $109.99 3+

About This Reel

Offering solid performance and feel no matter what you’re pursuing, the all-new Shimano Symetre FL Spinning Reel features Shimano’s new ultra-thin M Compact Body design for reduced weight and improved ergonomics, as well as, Shimano’s X-Ship technology for solid cranking power. A long-time favorite among spinning reel anglers, the Shimano Symetre FL Spinning Reel is now constructed with graphite in the frame, sideplate and rotor for both freshwater and inshore saltwater.


-New XGT7 Graphite Frame & Sideplate
-New M Compact Body
-New Varispeed II Oscillation
-Durable Stamped Bail
-Super Stopper II
-Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
-Dyna Balance
-Front Drag
-Fluidrive II
-Propulsion Line Management System
-Approved for use in Saltwater

Reel Technologies

catnameCold Forged Aluminum Spool
catnameFluidrive II
catnamePropulsion Line Management System
catnameSuper Stopper II

Customer Feedback

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Comments: I own a 2500 size of this reel. I absolutely loved it. I've caught numerous 7+ lb bass on it. I have even caught a 26lb striper at lake mohave. The reel held up amazing. But after 6 months the gears started to get super rough no matter how much grease or butter i put on it. Just a few days ago it broke. I tried to take it apart and clean it and fix it. won't go back together and can only cranks the handle halfway now. Super bummed. was my favorite reel. Hope shimano can fix this issue.

From: Caden: San Diego, CA 6/26/16

Comments: Owned the 3000 size for about 6 months now. Smooth drag and plenty of power. Not a fan of the curado at all but I've enjoyed this reel. On a 7' Medium Abu Garcia Volatile rod with 30# braid and 10# leader. Used for shaky head & light inshore fishing. A solid reel for $100.

From: Connor: USA 12/8/15

Comments: just got this reel a week ago tested it at a few local ponds. I could feel the tiniest of nibbles paired up with a 7'2" medium heavy extra fast compre drop shot rod. Really excited to try it out walleye fishing this weekend.

From: Corey: Toronto, Ontario 5/6/15

Comments: I have owned several of 2500 models for more than 10 years. They've performed well hauling pigs out from under docks. With 20lb braid they always gave me rock solid hook sets with a dependable drag. I was always content with the quality of the reels, but even the older models are knuckle busters. For ten years I'd wished I had bought the 3500 model for the extra finger room, but the larger model would have been too large for the 6' and 6'6" rods that I have them paired with. I recently switched them out for the Ardent Bolt. Much more knuckle room, even on the 2000 model.

From: John: NY 3/10/15

Comments: got this reel in the 3500 size and it all around a good reel. I put 20 pound braid on it and paired it with a medium action duckett and it cast pretty far. It lays line out pretty well. For 100 dollars it's a good drop shot/tube reel

From: Matt: USA 2/11/15

Comments: Not what they used to be. I own two of the new symetre reels and a new sahara and all of them have the same issue. Any time the reel gets wet they start to reel extremely hard. It then gets to the point where you almost cant crank it. The only way to get rid of it is to let it dry in the rod locker or bust out the reel butter in the middle of a tournament. Shimano really let me down with these. My last symetres last me almost 10 years of hard fishing but then I decided to "upgrade". First the curados then the spinning reels. Wont be buying any more Shimanos from here on out.

From: Joe: WI 10/1/14

Comments: extremely dissappointed. Shimano adds x ship to this reel but then replaces the main drive gear bearing with a plastic bushing! Shimanos so called concepts are such a joke!

From: Jerry: USA 9/9/14

Comments: I can definitely see how this reel could be hitting people's knuckles. If my fingers were any bigger at ALL it would hit my knuckles.  My biggest complaint with this reel is the slop in the knob. Why can't shimano put a shim in these knobs so it doesn't click and pop when reeling. My stradic fj is the same way. This reel is pretty smooth it's smoother than my stradics and sustain fg's. This will be my last shimano reel though, I'm sick of them cheapening up their reels. Why can't the keep the aluminium stem like the old symetre? Or the nice bail like the old symetre? People need to quit buying these downgraded shimanos.

From: Nick: USA 9/6/14

Comments: I purchased the 3000 and paired it with a Shimano Convergence, 7ft. Med/Heav fast action and have fished it hard for only two weekends thus far. I pitch spoons for hours pretty much all day and have been well satisfied with how the outfit performs. Like the sahara's casting distance, this Symetre allows me to fish vast amounts of water from one position with 3/8ths spoons (kamloopers). I have not caught anything that tests the X-Ship feature yet, but everything else has been a pleasure for certain! Smooth and precise describe this reel, for the money and a budget conscience mind! I'll keep you posted...p.s. The Convergence is excellent! Casts almost as far as the Scimitar.

From: Mike: WA 7/26/14

Comments: This is a great reel. I bought it last year and have had no problems with it. I fish with it 4+ times per week and push this reel to the limit. I paired it with a 6'6'' quantum rod. This is the best reel in the $100 range

From: Nick: NH 5/28/14

Comments: I recently purchased this reel after owning many Shimano products over the years with lasting quality. I paired it with a Falcon drop/shot rod and spooled it with 6lb Seaguar Fluorcarbon. I fished it in a tournament and it performed flawlessly as i expected with no issues to deal with. I have a couple of Shimano Stradics that have been good over the years and i look for this reel to provide that same trademark for years to come! Great Reel!!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 4/22/14

Comments: Nice reel and good quality. Just stay away if you have Real Man hands like me, It'l buise your knuckles. Great for you lady fingered men.Clearance is not great. I bought mine to go on my Loomis Bronzeback and the bail is just to close to the rod.

From: Hagen: TN 3/15/14

Comments: After reading the reviews here, I decided to check these out. I liked my sahara, but thought it was time to move up a step or two. So I go to my local tackle shop and try these on some different rods. Now I have big sausage fingers, and it is true, I even showed the salesman- It Does Bang My Knuckles!!! It was a bummer, because these are light weight, smooth ,and comfortable. In short it reminds me of when I was a kid and went clothes shopping- I had to get the Huskey sized pants. So, I think you need to try these on a rod before you buy them. They would be awesome, but for that. So I have to move up to the Saros if I want one to fit my fingers! LOL!

From: Tony: PA

Comments: THIS REEL IS AMAZING. For the price its a very amazing reel. It is very smooth and I have the 3000 size which is small and dose me perfect for bass up to pike! I use this reel for everything. Paired up with 20lb Braid it is the best I have seen. Give it a try! Shimano NEVER fails!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: I don't know why anyone would have any issues with holding this reel properly.  I have two now and it has worked just as well as my Stradics.  Best 100 dollar spinning reel on the market in my opinion!

From: Alan: IL

Comments: I have the same negative issue with the new compact design. I used the 2500 religiously and it was time to replace one of them. These are tiny the look like a 1500 or 1000 size and there isn't enough clearance to keep the bail from banging on my fingers and knuckles while reeling. What a shame. Time to try a daiwa or Abu Garcia.

From: Nick: Chicago IL USA

Comments: been using this reel for a long time.. great reel is all I have to say..for $100 its well worth it.

From: Clor: MI

Comments: I have always used the Sahara models and decided to upgrade last year to one of the Symetre 1000FJ models to see how they performed. It is one of the best spinning reels I have ever used. This year I ordered 2 of the Symetre 1000FL (this years new and improved model). They came in just in time to spool them up to use in 2 day bass tournament. I found out on the water on the first day that Shimano has downsized the Symetre to the point that there is not enough room between the reel seat and the first bend in the reel leg for fingers. I tried fishing with them but after half a day and a bleeding knuckle I decided that enough was enough. These reels are useless to me and anyone else who was there at the tournament that I had try to hold them normally. I assume that this is the new Shimano M Compact Body Design; and I see that they now use the same design on the Sahara series. It is too bad that changes are made without thought to the end user's needs. They take an awesome reel and cheapen it to where it is not useable. I will be calling Tackle Warehouse about these although they did not change the reel design; Shimano did.

From: Ted: Blackfoot,Idaho

Comments: I have the Symetre 3000 and already plan to get at least 1 more, maybe 2 (I generally just fish 2 spinning combos, and about 8-10 casting but I may go 3 spinning this season). The Symetre is one to buy with confidence...and IMO spending 250-350 on baitcast reels is reasonable if you have hte money. The technology is there and effects the cast; i.e. spool weight, cast control system, bearings, line guide, etc. SPINNING reels on the other hand, I just don't believe the 250$ and up reels have the technology to make them worth spending it on them. I do not think a 250$ reel will outperform the Symetre by 150$ AT ALL. The Symetre is a workhorse...smooth, great looking, tons of Shimano's top features. good light weight. just a great reel. I will stay in the 99-150 range in spinning rods for sure.

From: Tanner:  Southeastern, MA

Comments: The Symetre has taken care of my spinning reel needs for the past 4 seasons.  No complaints.

From: Jonesy: UP North

Comments: This real is awesome.. Got the 3000 with a TW gift card I received for Christmas and took it out for the first time this past weekend. Paired up with Sunline Sniper 8lb this thing is unbelievably smooth! I was shocked.. Shimano done this one right, and for $99 it is a steal. Don't hesitate to buy this one.

From: B: TN