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Casting Reel Technologies

4 Turn Easy Access Sideplate

An improvement over the already easy-to-use Turn-Key access. Anglers only have to flip up the Turn-Key on the sideplate, then rotate it 1/4 turn to open the sideplate for quick VBS Adjustments.

8 Turn Easy Access Sideplate

Yet another improvement on the Easy Access System. This sideplate only requires 1/8 rotation to unlock the sideplate for the fastest VBS access.

4x8 Digital Control Brake System

The original DC system had one pre-programmed braking curve on the DC circuit board inside the reel. The eight settings along this curve worked by increasing or decreasing the amount of braking force. It was an excellent, all-around curve, ideal for most bass fishing or inshore applications. However, the original DC system was not ideal for slow spool speeds, such as when skipping or pitching. The pre-programmed curve also didn't fully compensate for windy conditions or surf casting. So Shimano developed the next step in the evolution of DigitalControl, the 4x8 Digital Control Brake System. For this new system, Shimano thoroughly analyzed casting mechanisms for various environmental and mechanical conditions. Then they divided these situations into four different modes and created four profiles to handle them: Extreme Distance Mode X, a very specific profile that allows for more than 50,000 RPM; Long Distance Mode L, an all-around profile for most fishing applications; Accuracy Mode A, an excellent profile for skipping or pitching; and Wind Mode W, a profile for casts into a headwind. Each Mode has eight different brake-strength settings for a total of 32 brake settings.

Products Using This Technology

A-RB: Anti-Rust Bearings

A-RB bearings are stainless steel ball bearings that have been through the A-RB treatment process, which makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings. Providing easy maintenance and increased bearing speed, their no shield design allows for easy flushing of debris and easy lubrication, and lighter viscosity lubrication reduce friction and allow the bearing to spin faster and longer.

A6063 Aluminum Spool

By using A6063, Shimano is able to increase the corrosion resistance of the spool. This is especially important with the use of today's braided super lines, which tend to stay on the reel longer and retain water.

Products Using This Technology

A7075 Aluminum Spool

Shimano combined lightweight A7075 aluminum with an aggressive porting pattern to produce an extremely light weight spool. This allows for low startup intertia for casting lightweight baits and an overall increase in useable freespool.

Assist Stopper

This is a backup system to the Super Stopper that consists of a traditional pawl and ratchet. Should the Super Stopper roller bearing slip due to cold weather or over lubrication, the Assist Stopper kicks in to provide a solid hookset the instant the roller bearing begins to slip. Most times the angler will not even know this feature engages. The Assist Stopper also greatly reduces the chance of permanent damaged to the Super Stopper, allowing it to continue to function as designed.

CI4+ Construction

CI4 stands for Carbon Interfusion with the 4 referring to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom. Ultimately, this means CI4 is reinforced Carbon Fiber. The new CI4+ is the next generation of Shimano's CI4 material and 250% stronger. It is over one and a half times stronger than Shimano's normal XT-7 graphite and is over 20% lighter. Because it does not contain metal, it is also impervious to rust. So, as a result of its strength and weight, it allows Shimano to create an extremely lightweight reel with very precise tolerances.


When engaged, the clicker increases the tension in freespool and activates a clicking alarm to alert you when a fish bites.

Products Using This Technology

Clicking Cast Control Adjustment

The micro-click mechanism in the Cast Control serves two purposes. The first is that it prevents the cast control from backing off when set at light settings. The second purpose is to allow the angler a point of reference when adjusting the cast control setting.

Products Using This Technology

Clicking Drag Adjustment

The micro-click mechanism prevents the drag from backing off when set at light settings, and provides the angler a reference when adjusting drag.

Cold Forged Aluminum Spool

These spools provide increased strength and durability over diecast aluminum or graphite spools.

Products Using This Technology

Cold Forged Handle Shank

Cold forging allows more metal to be used in a much more dense construction. This means the handle can be made in a smaller profile with more strength, and also allows for deeper anodization for protection from the elements.

Dartainium Drag

This drag material provides a wider range of drag settings, along with the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

Dartanium II Drag

Building upon the success of Dartanium, this cross carbon drag washer gives greater durability and higher max drags.

Drilled Handle Shank

Reduces the weight of the reel without sacrificing strength.

Drilled, Cold Forged Drag Star

Provides strength with light weight, while its unique design provides comfort when adjusting the drag.

Products Using This Technology

Easy Access Sideplate

On reels with this feature, to access the VBS system, a set screw on the handle side of the reel is loosened and the opposite sideplate rotates open. From here the VBS weights can be adjusted without having to remove the spool or any other parts of the reel, for easy, worry-free adjustment on the water.

Products Using This Technology

Escape Hatch

By flipping a switch, the sideplate swivels downward, giving the angler quick access to adjust the VBS weights. The switch is located in a position that is easy to use, yet remains out of the way to prevent accidental opening. The sideplate is smooth for comfort when palming the reel.

HEG: High Efficiency Gearing

HEG consists of not only the gears, but also the frame, setplate, and handle-side sideplate. First, Shimano increased the size of the drive gear and the pinion gear to offer increased leverage and power. By using a one-piece frame that incorporates the setplate and adding a one-piece stamped sideplate, Shimano has eliminated flex in the drivetrain that causes normal gears to bind under pressure. By eliminating the flex and increasing the leverage, Shimano is able to provide high-speed retrieves and deliver an incredible amount of torque, while maintaining the smooth, silent retrieve Shimano reels are famous for.

Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System

The Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System is designed for anglers who require longer casts and can sacrifice line capacity to do so. The Lo-Mass spool features a large arbor that is cross-drilled to reduce its weight. By moving the arbor of the spool outward, the mass of the spool is closer to the rim of the spool. Like a lightweight bicycle wheel, where most of the mass lies in the tire, the majority of a Lo-Mass spool lies in the arbor and the line it is spooled with.

Magnumlite Spool

This spool provides extremely low startup inertia for increased line control and casting perfomormance even when using lightweight baits or lures. This is accomplished by using lightweight aluminum alloys, extremely thin walls, and a unique design that moves the mass of the spool outwards.

Metal Series

The metal construction showcased in some of Shimano's finest reels now appears throughout their line of Metal Series products. Metal frames not only keep moving parts in precise alignment, they also feature the use of the latest anodizing, plating and painting techniques for beautiful and durable finishes.

Micro Module Gear System

The new gear set makes use of smaller teeth and more of them. This means that ther are more contact points between the drive gear and pinion gear. The result is a more efficient gear train with less gear feel, and much smoother retrieves.

Non-Disengaging Levelwind System

On wide-spool reels with a non-disengaging levelwind system, the levelwind remains engaged during the cast, allowing the the levelwinded to track back and forth with the line as it flows off of the spool. This eliminates the drastic line angles caused by a disengaging levelwind system that can cause extreme friction, which can lead to short casts or frustrating backlashes. By doing this Shimano is able to increase the efficiency of the cast, allowing for more distance with less effort.

Products Using This Technology

Oversized Clicking Cast Control Knob

The large size is easy to use, while the clicking adjustment allows for precision settings.

Products Using This Technology

Platinum Service Plan

With the Platinum Service Plan, when you register your warranty you will receive coupons for discounted clean and lube services ranging from half off to free. All Platinum service plan reels are assured a 48 hour turnaround time from Shimano or any Authorized Warranty Center; shipping excluded.

Products Using This Technology

PV Power Paddles

These oversized padle grips provide extra power and remain comfortable after a full day of deep cranking.

Products Using This Technology

QuickFire II Clutch Bar

The most advanced clutch system from Shimano to date. Makes one-handed casting even faster and easier.

Recessed Reel Foot

By recessign the reel foot further into th frame, the reel sits lower in the reel seat. This allows for a much more palmable feel when the the reel is mounted on a rod than traditional frame designs.

Reduced Mass VBS Hub

Reduces the weight of the spool, increasing free-spool and reducing startup inertia.

S A-RB: Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings

These bearings have been through the same process as Shimano's A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing's rotation.

S-Compact Body

Power - Rigidity - Durability. The S-Concept Body results in a reel that feels one size smaller in your hand, plus offers durability from a cold-forged aluminum for year-after-year fishing use. The 'B side (no handle)' sideplate is part of the one-piece, contributing to both rigidity and in-the-hand palming comfort.

Products Using This Technology

Septon Handle Grips

SF: Super Free

The Super Free bearing-supported pinion gear system (SF) was designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft during the cast. In standard baitcasting reels, when the clutch bar is pressed down, the pinion gear is freed and can actually drag on the spool shaft, creating friction and limiting the length of the cast. With SF, the pinion gear is supported by a ball bearing, and when the clutch is disengaged the pinion gear and spool shaft are kept in precise alignment. The result is zero friction on the spool shaft for increased freespool.

Super Stopper

Super Stopper II

The latest generation of the Super Stopper. It uses a one-way, stainless steel roller bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power.

Products Using This Technology

SV Power Paddles

These are the largest of the paddle grips and provide extra fish fighting power when battling big bass and feisty inshore species.

Products Using This Technology

SVS Infinity Brake System

Shimano's newest innovation in brake system technology, SVS Infinity provides easy-to-manange, consistent spool control and brake force. With brake weights that use 'inner friction' against the raceway during the cast, SVS Infinity controls spool speedfor precision casting especially when using lighter lures. The external adjustment knob provides quick, precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch baits.

Titanium Levelwind Insert

This levelwind insert is coated with titanium, improving the durability of the insert by increasing abrasion resistance. It also reduces friction on the line for increased casting distance and reduced line wear.

Products Using This Technology

Turn-Key Access Sideplate

By flipping up the Turn-Key on the sideplate and rotating it counter-clockwise, the sideplate can be opened for quick VBS adjustments.

Products Using This Technology

VBS: Variable Brake System

VBS uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to aid in controlling the cast. The individual brake weights, when turned on, are forced outward at the beginning of the cast when backlashes most often occur, causing friction that reduces the speed of the spool. Once the spool speed begins to slow, the pressure lessens, allowing the spool to continue spinning. The result is a much more consistent spool speed that is easier to manage and takes advantage of the reel's maximum casting distance. Settings range from zero weights turned on for true freespool and up to 6 weights turned on for extremely windy conditions and maximum cast control.


It's all about leverage. Shimano repositioned the reel handle closer to the body to increase cranking leverage, rigidity and torque. There's less side-to-side tilt when you're either fighting a big bass or working a big crankbait down deep, or throwing extra large baits to bass, muskie, striped bass, red fish, and calicos.

Products Using This Technology


More than just a support bearing, X-Ship is a combination of a cold forged main gear married with a brass drive gear. The two metals don't eat away at each other, providing longer lasting performance, as well as a smoother, more powerful retrieve.

Spinning Reel Technologies

A-RB: Anti-Rust Bearings

A-RB bearings are stainless steel ball bearings that have been through the A-RB treatment process, which makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings. Providing easy maintenance and increased bearing speed, their no shield design allows for easy flushing of debris and easy lubrication, and lighter viscosity lubrication reduce friction and allow the bearing to spin faster and longer.

Products Using This Technology

Aero Wrap II

Aero Wrap II is a worm gear oscillation system with a specially designed pitch to create optimal oscillation speeds for the Propulsion Spool Lip design. It provides uniform line lay and winding shape to prevent loss of energy during the cast, while providing longer casts than other oscillation systems. So, casting distance increases with less effort required.

CI4 Construction

CI4 stands for Carbon Interfusion with the 4 referring to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom. Ultimately, this means CI4 is reinforced Carbon Fiber. Its is over one and a half times stronger than Shimano's normal XT-7 graphite and is over 20% lighter. Because it does not contain metal, it is impervious to rust. So, as a result of the strength and weight, Shimano can create extremely lightweight reels with very precise tolerances.

Products Using This Technology

Cold Forged Aluminum Spool

These spools provide increased strenghth and durability over diecast aluminum or graphite spools.

Direct Drive Mechanism

The drive gear is directly attached to he handle, which means power is transmitted more efficiently with less vibration while increasing durability.


This feature eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness. By using computer balancing, an approach similar to car tire balancing, Shimano is able to redistribute the rotor weight to create smooth rotation and eliminate vibrations caused by the reel.

EVA Handle Knobs

Lightweight and comfortable to the touch.

Products Using This Technology

Fluidrive II

Building upon the successes of Fluidrive, which provides extremely tight tolerances and control in the cutting process, Fluidrive II polishes the gear surface to maximize tooth contact. This increases the efficiency of the retrieve for more power with less effort.

Machined Aluminum Handle Shank

For increased strength and power.

Magnumlite Rotor

Made out of new CI4 material which is lighter and stronger than 1st generation CI4. It provides effortless handle rotation by reducing the weight dramatically.

Maintenance Port

The maintenance port is an easily accessed hole strategically located for easy maintenance of the reel. Using a slot-head screwdriver, the rubber sealed plug can be removed from the reel. One drop of lightweight oil or grease can be applied to the drivetrain to prevent corrosion and to protect the smooth retrieve of the reel.

Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement

Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement uses a special cold forged aluminum drive gear and a hardened brass pinion gear. Reels equipped with the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement will retain their out-of-the-box smoothness much longer than before. In fact, testing has shown that this combination of metals is more durable than an all-stainless steel drive train, and it ensures reels maintain the famous Shimano smooth functioning.

Propulsion Line Management System

The most obvious component of the Propulsion Line Management System is the new Propulsion spool lip design. Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations, it has been determined that this new spool lip design provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design, while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. It also allows the line to flow off of the spool in smaller loops during the cast, which means less slap on the stripper guide. The Propulsion spool also utilizes a long stroke design to further enhance the casting distance.

Quick Fire II

This is a system used for easy and fast one-handed casting. The line and trigger self-center, and are within easy grasp of the angler's index finger. By pulling the line and the trigger with one hand, the bail opens and is ready to be cast.

Products Using This Technology

Rapid Fire Drag

Allows anglers to quickly adjust drag to the ideal setting during the fight.

S A-RB: Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings

These bearings have been through the same process as Shimano's A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing's rotation.


The three basic ideas that are inherent in the S-Concept are Smooth, Silent and Strong. Smooth rotation and comfortable retrieve, coupled with excellent drag performance and longer casting distance, leads to Shimano reels' smooth, flawless operation. Silent operation of parts within the reel's construction represents the attention to tight tolerances, reducing excessive noise and resulting in the silent operation of our reels. Strong, solid and functional construction leads to powerful torque and durable drive trains. This gives anglers the strength and confidence they need to battle elusive gamefish. The new sizing of Shimano's S-Concept reels also offers anglers a bigger spool and smaller body, resulting in a lighter, more comfortable fishing experience without sacrificing line capacity.

Septon Handle Grips

This handle grip material is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet.

Products Using This Technology

Slow Oscillation

This oscillation system is more advanced than Aerowrap, which uses a criss-cross line lay to reduce friction. Instead, slow oscillation uses a tightly packed parallel pattern to reduce the chance of the upper layer of line grabbing the lower layer, creating unwanted friction. The result is an evenly shaped line lay, with excellent castability and control.

Products Using This Technology


The SR-Concept combines the new concept of Reliance with all aspects of the S-Concept: Smooth, Silent and Strong. The Reliance Concept, or R-Concept, means that dreams in reel design are now evolving into reality. The result of the use of the new S-R Concept in design is the development of many exciting new features, including the SR-3D Oversized Drive Gear, Rigid Support Drag, SR Guard Fin, SR Handle, SR One-Piece Bail, and All-Weather Drag.

Super Stopper II

Super Stopper II anti-reverse uses a one-way bearing that eliminates backplay.This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power. In some reels, the Super Stopper II can be turned off to allow backreeling for special techniques and situations.

TI Spool Lip

The titanium coated spool lip provides incredible durability with today's braided lines. It also drastically reduces the friction during the cast, allowing for smooth, effortless casting distances.

Products Using This Technology


Normal oscillation systems use a constant rotation of the oscillation gear that, when translated to the cam, provides an inconsistent spool speed. This results in line lay that stacks at either end of the spool. By using an oval oscillation gear, Shimano is able to alter the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed. This results in an even line lay that provides excellent castability and manageability.

Products Using This Technology

Waterproof Drag

With the use of rubber gaskets, the drag is protected against intrusion of the elements, such as water or sand.


Shimano's X-Ship takes spinning reel technology to a whole new level. Anglers will experience increased gearing efficiency and power, providing for ultra-ligh handle rotation. By using a large diameter drive gear, moving the pinion gear closer to the center of the drive gear to provide 20% mor power, and by supporting the pinion gear with two ball bearings, X-Ship provides a smooth, effortless retrieve, and also virtually eliminates the pinion gear twist and rotor flex common with most spinning reels when fighting a fish. X-Ship provides anglers with smoothness right-out-of-the-box.