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22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbaits - $59.99 to $74.99

Extremely versatile and effective, the 22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbait solves many of the problems anglers encounter when fishing a "big bait," which is part of the reason it's been a favorite with tournament anglers, trophy hunters and guides for years. Delivering an extraordinarily life-like S-curve action at any speed from blazing fast to a super slow, the Triple Trout's speed versatility provides an array of options on the retrieve. Also, if you rip the bait then give it a little slack, the lure actually does a 180 and turns backwards, which is something few lures can do.

Capable of swimming at any depth, the Triple Trout's lipless design eliminates the issue of broken diving bills, and the its tail also features a simple screw-in attachment for quick and easy replacement. Another notable innovation is the bearing swivels that attach the hooks to the bait's body. This allows the hooks to rotate independently, making it harder for fish to leverage and throw them during the fight. Designed by Scott Whitmer, one of the pioneers of swimbaits as we know them today, the 22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbait is a quality swimbait that has been catching fish from coast-to-coast.

22nd Century Length Weight Class
Triple Trout 6" 1.5-oz Slow Sinking
Triple Trout 7" 2.25-oz Slow Sinking
Triple Trout 8" 2.75-oz Slow Sinking
Triple Trout 10" 4.5-oz Slow Sinking

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Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award
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Comments: got the 8" blue trout and love it! Already stuck a few good fish on it the second day I fished it. I replaced the stock crappy VMC's with 1/0 Owner ST-36's. I would recommend size 1's more. Occasionally the back hook gets stuck on the bait which ruins the swim. A size 1 would not make it over the top. I'm going to try size 1 ST-58's on it. This is not a pretty bait. This isn't a 3:16 that you barely fish and sell for double retail. The back joint will get chips from hitting the water and when you burn and rip the bait through the water. These baits are made to be fished hard and catch fish. The swim is amazing and it is very easy to keep at a certain depth depending on retrieve speed. Get one!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: This is not a good looking bait at all. It is built purely for performance. From the swimming action all the way down to the swiveling hooks, this flat out catches fish. It is my go to bait. Awesome for night fishing.

From: Trip: Simpsonville, SC

Comments: I bought the purple trout even tho I was not impressed with the pic on the t.w. website.  This bait is much better looking in person. lol 

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua NH

Comments: Flat out fish catcher!  I was throwing the 7 inch bait in a pond where there are no trout and the bass were inhaling it.  I caught fish as big as the bait and some some 5-6 lbers too.  It's that good!  Burning it on the surface is by far the best and funnest way to fish this.  I would recommend this bait to anyone.

From: Jaime: Central CA

Comments: Fished 316 freestyle and triple trout for years and the triple trout out fished the freestyle everytime.

From: Mike: Jersey

Comments: Just got the bait in. got the 8in purple trout. amazing action best hard swimbait out. caught fish as small as 1lb and a couple over 6

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: I have a 6, 7, and 8 inch and really need to add a 10". I sanded down the 6 inch bait and had it custom painted in a baby bass color and have caught a ton of fish on it from 1 lb to 7lbs. I always thought these were wooden baits but they are made out of a resin. Great baits, you really cant beat the swimming action or construction on these.

From: Dan: CA

Comments: Best hand made swimbait out there. I use them on Muskies as well as Largemouth and they get bit!

From: Mike: Auburn, WA

Comments: The BBZ doesn't come close in technology. This bait is old, but it's still around for a reason, and worth every penny. What about rotating hook anchor points on bbz? Fins add to the weakness of the bait. The fish chew the fins off my BBZ's first outing. It's only improvement is exactness, and we all know the fish don't care for exactness. The BBZ and the Triple are good for different reasons. Don't get me wrong I love the BBZ's.The Triple swims wider and more exaggerated. It is better for finding the fish. The striper love this lure. I just caught a 4lb largie on my new Triple the other day too. That BBZ is a lug to cast all day too compared to the triple trout. Youc an do triples on 20lb but I'd recommend 25lb or better for the BBZ.

From: Tacklejunkie

Comments: Good swimbait, swims very good, and its very versitile. The only problom I have with it is that it looks like a toy. Maybe some fins and a better paint job would be worth the crazy price for it. I think the BBZ-1 is a good replacment for this older bait.

From: Jacob: Milan, MI

Comments: This bait finally paid off for me. Hooked into a MONSTER 20lb striper at DVL after a trout stocking. Was the fish of a lifetime! Will never forget. I'll have to sell the farm and buy stock in Triple Trout baits for a repeat. You won't believe it until you buy one, get out and make it happen!

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

Comments: Some of the highest quality and best action swimbaits on the market. I need to purchase more soon!

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

Comments: Hands down the best swimbait a money can buy! I own six of the 8" and two 10". They all track true and have never had a problem with one breaking or not tracking right. They catch the two and three pounders and catch the giants as well! Mr Whitmer created a winner in this one

From: Jimmy: Santa Ana, CA

Comments: the tripler is the s***, it gets hammerd. Just find the color they want and pound it all day, you'll see throw, the 10"  for the donkeys. 

From: Mieger: Castaic, CA

Comments: The baddest swimbait out there. It gets bit any where and never even herd on one breaking but a lot of big fish get caught on it. Swims true, won't roll and 180 with ease check them out well worth it.

From: Lake Rat: Castaic, CA

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

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22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbaits

6 Available Colors

  • Blue Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 2+ $59.99
    7" 2+ $64.99
    8" 2+ $69.99
    10" 2+ $74.99
  • Green Ligthning Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 3+ $59.99
    7" 2+ $64.99
    8" 2+ $69.99
    10" Yes $74.99
  • Purple Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 2+ $59.99
    7" 2+ $64.99
    8" 2+ $69.99
    10" 2+ $74.99
  • Scaled Hitch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 2+ $59.99
    7" 2+ $64.99
    8" 2+ $69.99
    10" 2+ $74.99
  • Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 2+ $59.99
    7" 2 $64.99
    8" 2 $69.99
    10" 2 $74.99
  • Yellow Perch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 2+ $59.99

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