4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait 3/4 oz - $5.99

Next time you decide to hit the lake under moonlight, make sure you have the right tackle to make your excursion worthwhile – the 4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait. Quite possibly one of the best nighttime spinnerbaits on the market, the 4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait is built using premium Sampo swivels, a dazzling #6 Colorado blade, and a custom built head. The 4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait’s specially designed head features a dorsal fin along the top that adds stability and allows it to track true at any speed. Long after the sun has gone down you can count on the strong-thumping attraction of the 4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait to help you bag insomnia stricken bass.  

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4x4 Nighttime Spinnerbait 3/4 oz

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  • Black/Blue
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  • Black/Blue Pink Tips
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  • Nightstalker
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