4x4 Randall Tharp Signature Series Jigs

The brainchild of flipping aficionado, Randall Tharp, the 4x4 Randall Tharp Signature Series Jig is built with a unique shape that makes it great for both flipping and skipping. The forward-weighted design allows the weedguard to be positioned at a steeper angle so it lies right along the top of the hook point. This modification along with a semi-recessed line tie greatly reduces snagging, and also increases hook up ratios by causing less interference. Additionally, the bottom of the 4x4 Randall Tharp Signature Series Jig is shaped to resemble the hull of a boat, which gives it the ability to skip effortlessly across the surface. Built with a flat-eye Gamakatsu black-nickel hook, the 4x4 Randall Tharp Signature Series Jig offers anglers an awesome jig for both flipping and skipping ­– all in one high-quality package. 

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great jig. It is everything Randall says it is in the video. I am the worst at skipping jigs under docks. This one makes me look good.

From: Tim: Harvard, IL 10/24/15

Comments: This is a killer jig with an awesome head design that makes it very versatile. 

From: Hale: AL

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