6th Sense Crush 3D Eyes

6th Sense Crush 3D Eyes

Take your custom lures to the next level with the 6th Sense Crush 3D Eyes. Easy to attach, the 6th Sense Crush 3D Eyes come packaged on a smooth laminate card and can be placed on your lures with a small drop of super glue. Offered in a range of lifelike colors, the 6th Sense Crush 3D Eyes will enhance the presentation of your hard body baits, spinnerbaits, and jigs with a realistic detailing. 

Size Quantity
4MM 108
5MM 112
6MM 100
7MM 108

4 Colors

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    Model No. 3DE-B-5MM
    Size Stock Qty
    5MM 1
    6MM 7
  • View Large
    Model No. 3DE-G-4MM
    Size Stock Qty
    4MM 8
    5MM 9
    6MM 5
    7MM 4
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    Model No. 3DE-R-4MM
    Size Stock Qty
    4MM 10+
    5MM 10+
    6MM 10+
    7MM 10+
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    Model No. 3DE-S-4MM
    Size Stock Qty
    4MM 6
    5MM 10+
    6MM 7/30
    7MM 9

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