ABT Lures "DD" Dirty Donkey 6.5"

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A must-have for serious trophy hunters, the ABT Lures "DD" Dirty Donkey delivers an unbeatable walk-the-dog action and a high-quality construction that flat-out catches. Poured by hand with a proprietary urethane resin, the ABT Lures "DD" Dirty Donkey is precisely shaped to create a true 90-degree march and durable enough to withstand the most bone-crushing blow-ups. 

Along the front, the ABT Lures "DD" Dirty Donkey features a cupped chin that slaps against the water as it is fished, producing a strong “blurp” noise that draws bass to the surface. Fitted with razor-sharp Owner stinger hooks and a feathered rear, the ABT Lures "DD" Dirty Donkey creates a big disturbance that attracts even bigger fish.

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"DD" Dirty Donkey 6" 3oz Topwater #1 Owner Stinger

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Not sure what a BBZ in the last review has to do with this bait but if your looking for a walking/glide type of top water bait this is the one. Had a dozen fish first time out with this bait and 2 were over 7 lbs. you can walk this bait with ease, fish it with a jerk and a pause and you'll be amazed at the length of the glide. after fishing this bait a half a dozen times this is definitely my go to top water bait. Awesome job ABT.

From: Pappy: Ahwahnee, CA 7/6/14

Comments: This are great. I caught my first swimbait fish on the spro. Which was a while ago. I have seen fish follow this bait all the way to the shore many times. I love this bait but I don't throw it as much. I would throw it a lot more if it was 8 inches. I am planning on getting the 8 inch. My friend has the 8 inch BBZ and catches hogs. I prefer you get this bait before moving on to the 8 inch.

From: Dennis: CA 6/20/14

Comments: Awesome big fish topwater bait! Wider back and sits lower in the water than the Punker. The cupped throat makes a rippin/blurpin sound that is a game changer. Great color choices and excellent feathers/hooks. The wood Punker just got punked!!!!

From: Charley: USA 6/12/14

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