Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Casting Reels

The tradition continues with the new Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Casting Reels. Delivering silky smooth operation with power to spare, the new line of C4 round reels embodies the trusted durability and engineering that generations of anglers have come to expect from Abu Garcia. Featuring a high-speed 6.3:1 gear ratio, each reel also comes equipped with Abu Garcia’s Duragear II Gear System for increased gear strength and durability. A Six Pin Centrifugal Braking System works in conjunction with the Synchronized Levelwind System for improved line lay and smooth casting in a variety of conditions. Also equipped with a robust Carbon Matrix Drag System that dishes out 15lbs of max drag, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Casting Reels offer the smooth performance and renowned durability that has kept anglers come back for years.


-Advanced Carbon Matrix Drag System
-Four Stainless Steel Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearing
-Compact Bent Handle and Drag Star
-Six Pin Centrifugal Brake System
-Synchronized Levelwind System
-Duragear II Gear System
-Made in Sweden


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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
C4-4600 Right 6.3:1 9.3 4SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 2 $139.99
C4-5600 Right 6.3:1 10.0 4SS + 1RB 12/240 In Stock: 3+ $139.99
C4-5601 Left 6.3:1 10.0 4SS + 1RB 12/240 In Stock: 3 $139.99
C4-6600 Right 6.3:1 10.9 4SS + 1RB 12/320 In Stock: 3 $139.99
C4-6601 Left 6.3:1 10.9 4SS + 1RB 12/320 In Stock: 3+ $139.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had a 6600 since this spring and it was used a while before I got it & I'm very happy. No bass fishing but mainly carp up to 12 pounds and a few channel cats up to 15 pounds. Held up great & will be getting a heavy action rod for some swimbaits come next spring. Definatly recommend these reels to someone looking for a quality round baitcaster.

From: Jason: KS 12/31/15

Comments: I bought this reel two years ago & the thing has withstood everything I've thrown at it, being banged around in a truck, dropped in the dirt, completely submerged in water. and it's still smooth and casts a mile.

From: Connor: Ocean Springs, MS 8/17/15

Comments: About 8 months ago I decided I need a reel to fish for calicos and throw swimbaits and 1+ ounce spoons on so I got the c4 6600. I spolled it with 50 pound power pro braid. I've put the reel on lighter rods and fished wieghtless senkos and dropshoted it looks stupid on big rods but it works. I've thrown everything I could think of on it and I have yet to get a bad backlash. I've caught probably 20 calico bass to 5lbs. 35+ largemouth up to 8lbs. 2 5lb smallies and a hand full of bluegill and sandbass on it. I'm not easy on my gear I've dropped it in the sand and abused it in the salt. Besides a few scratches it still works fine no noise whatsoever smooth as when I bought this reel.

From: Luke: San Diego, CA 7/27/14

Comments: I've got 2 C4's. 1 sounds VERY noisy in casting & the other is fine. I've owned them 2 years, fish year round, and throw 1/2 to 5/8 oz lipless into the next zip code. Sent 1 back in 4 months after crank handle was loose as if main gear "may have failed". Sent me new reel. Although heavier than my Revo's, I like the amount of line retrieved per reel crank (30") with full spool. Both reels are loaded with 12# Trilene Big Game. I DO NOT baby my equipment and fish tournaments regularly.

From: Steve: Lady Lake, FL, USA

Comments: The C4 arrived on Oct 11/13. Spooled it with 10lb Berkley Big Game mono and paired it with a MH Compre. This is my first Abu. I Like round reels and Abu has a rep. for durability and ease of maintenance/modification. On the second day of use, landed a trophy smallmouth (at least for me!), (20 inch, 4.5lb). No problem with the reel, tho the drag was a little jerky, so might replace the washers or may try greasing them! Will eventually do some upgrades. Certainly is a lot easier to work on then my Calcutta!!

From: Troy: NS, Canada

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